Motorcycle accelerates to intentionally buzz past cyclist at very high speed
Motorcycle accelerates to intentionally buzz past cyclist at very high speed

Cycling is a very relaxing and peaceful sport.

Riding along a quiet country road with the sounds of the birds and the wind is a wonderful experience.

It's also a good way to get exercise and see the sights better than you might from inside a car.

This cyclist was riding along enjoying all the beauty that a sunny day in the countryside has to offer.

Except for a few passing cars, the surroundings were quiet and undisturbed.

But the cyclist began to notice a sound like an angry bumblebee behind him.

The sound quickly grew louder as the motorcycle approached.

It increased in pitch as the motorcycle picked up speed.

Turning at this point would cause the cyclist to wander slightly from the right edge of the road, toward the middle.

Drifting onto the soft gravel shoulder with such skinny tires would certainly cause a tumble.

The only choice he had was to stay as far to the right as possible and grip the handlebars firmly, waiting for the motorcycle to go past.

The majority of motorcycle riders pass in the oncoming lane, respectfully, at a reasonable speed.

But for some, it seems like a national sport to buzz past road cyclists at over 100mph, passing within a few feet and startling them or blasting them with the sudden gust of turbulent wind.

Some motorcyclists will even share stories of how they have done this, believing that it is a humorous exchange for both.

The cyclist is expected to be impressed with the speed of the motorcycle.

The truth is that the sound of a vehicle approaching from behind can be disguised by wind noise or by the noise of a vehicle from the front, so that the cyclist is only aware of the approaching motorcycle for a moment or two before it passes.

A sudden swerve, spill, or miscalculation by the cyclist would cause a fatal collision in a case where the motorcycle is passing at high speed in close proximity.

For this reason, cyclists don't enjoy being buzzed as much as one might hope for.

This motorcyclist geared down, squeezed the throttle and accelerated.

He also moved completely into the other lane, giving a reasonable distance as he passed.

It is clear that this motorcycle is traveling at least 160km/h (100mph) as he passes.

Despite the gap between them, the wind could be felt enough to make the cyclist wobble slightly.

Slowing the video down also shows that the motorcycle carried a passenger on the back.

The risk to all three in this case is a little unwise.

For those motorcycle enthusiasts who truly want to impress a cyclist, the acceleration will make a better impression if it happens after the bike is past.

It is wonderful that these two, and other motorcycle riders are also enjoying a nice ride in the country, but doing so safely is much better for everyone.

And one last point that this video makes is that high definition cameras are everywhere.

Cyclists often have them on their helmets.

If there is a collision, the evidence will be very detrimental to the motorcycle rider.

An upset cyclist can also make a complaint and provide a license plate number to police for possible action.

It should also be said that cyclists must ride with respect and proper consideration as well because nobody enjoys slow moving bikes blocking the road.