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Friday, 17 September 2021


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The confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee amy coney barrett began this morning.

And we have more information on that shooting in broad daylight in downtown chattanooga that sent 3 small children to the hospital.

Those stories straight ahead on news 12 now at 5:30.

"news 12 now at 5:30.

Your news starts now."

Good evening.

I'm andrew harrison.

Good evening.

I'm andrew harrison.

And i'm emily cassulo.

Thanks for joining us for news 12 now at 5:30.

The high stakes confirmation hearing for supreme court nominee amy coney barrett is underway on capitol hill.

If confirmed, she would expand the high court's conservative majority, to six to three.

Democrats object to holding the hearings so close to the election, but there is not a lot they can do.

Natalie brand reports from capitol hill.

Supreme court nominee amy coney barrett credited the late conservative justice antonin scalia a mentor for whom she clerked -- with shaping her judicial philosophy.

Courts are not designed to solve every problem or right every wrong in our public life.

Judiciary committee chairman lindsey graham defended his party's decision to fast track her confirmation.

There's never been a situation where you had the president of one party and the senate of another, where the nominee of the replacement was made in an election year.

But democrats say with millions of votes already cast .

The vacancy shouldn't be filled until the election is decided, especially with the future of the affordable care act, abortion rights and the election itself at stake.

President trump has made it clear he wants another of his appointees on the supreme court because he anticipates court challenges over the vote most committee members attended in person, but some participated virtually..

Including senator thom tillis-one of two committee members recently diagnosed with the coronavirus.

During her opening statement barrett..a federal judge and law school professor also praised the late justice ruth bader ginsburg despite very different ideologies.

I have been nominated to fill justice ginsburg's seat but no one will ever take her place.

I will be forever grateful for the path she marked.

" roe v wade has got to go" judge barrett's supporters rallied outside the supreme court as the hearing got underway -- let the people decide -- while those opposed to her nomination protested in front of the senate office building.

Natalie brand, cbs news capitol hill.

If confirmed, the mother of seven would be the first mother of school-aged children to sit on the high court.

Three small children are injured in a shooting.

Chattanooga police believe they were targeted.

It happened yesterday morning around 11.

Officers responded to a shots fired call at 200 west 8th street.

They found several shell casings on the road.

They were soon notified that three victims had arrived at a local hospital for treatment of non life-threatening gunshot wounds.

The victims are children ages 2, 4, and 9.

Chattanooga mayor andy berke released a statement on the incident.

He says: "i am appalled that anyone would open fire into a vehicle with three innocent, young children in it.

I know i speak for everyone in chattanooga when i say this level of violence is totally unacceptable and must end."

Reports suggest that all three victims were in a vehicle when the shooting occurred.

No official update on their conditions.

Manchester tennessee mayor lonnie norman has died after contracting covid-19.

According to sources in middle tennessee, norman was hospitalized early this month.

He died today.

Norman was re-elected to his 3rd term last august.

Former bradley and current lake forest assistant softball coach hubert conley jr. died friday during a trip to florida.

That's according to the cleveland daily banner.

It's the second time in less than four months the bear family has dealt with the untimely passing of a coach.

The 49-year-old got caught in a rip current about 5 miles east of pensacola beach.

The bear family also lost head golf coach don burke in mid-june, after a short illness.

The bradley county school district issued a statement, saying, quote, "bradley county schools is deeply saddened by the tragic loss of hubert conley.

He was a fixture and role model on the softball field and a pillar in the community.

His contagious spirit will be missed by all who had the privilege to know him."

Eric mcreynolds pleaded guilty today to charges related the 20-13 homicide of edward glenn.

That happened january 10th, of that year on o-rear street in chattanooga.

Assistant district attorney andrew coyle said mcreynolds pleaded guilty to facilitation of especially aggravated robbery and facilitation of second degree murder.

In approving the plea agreement, judge tom greenholtz sentenced mcreynolds to eight years in prison for each count, to be served concurrently.

According to the tennessee bureau of investigation, drug overdoses are spiking in hamilton county this year.

More the 250 people overdosed in hamilton county between janurary and september of 2019.

In 20-20, that number has nearly doubled.

Erlanger behavioral health hospital believes mental health issues and drug abuse tend to coexist.

Every demographic is impacted.

"i think it cuts across all genders and all races.

I think what you see the most is the older folks who prescribers tend to not want to take off the drugs they've been on for a long time.

Then the younger category, you know anything 17,18 to 28,29, where methamphetamine is a huge problem now.

According to tbi, more than 800 meth labs are in operation at any given time in tennessee.

A drive through flu vaccine clinic is up and running, for folks 18 and over, at the alstom plant on riverfront parkway.

That's until wednesday.

It's free while supplies last, and you don't even need an appointment.

The alstom drive-through is open from 1:30 unitl 5 in the afternoon.

You will need to wear a face mask.

"we recommend that anyone six months and older do get the flu vaccine unless you do have any kind of contra indications.

But again, we're only offering the flu vaccine here for anyone ages 18 and older."

People ages 6 months to 17 years, can also get free flu shots at the sequoyah health center on ridge trail road and the pediatric center located on 3rd street.

But they will need to schedule an appointment before hand.

Mckamey animal center is giving you the chance to take a furry friend home for free during an adoption event this thursday.

This event will be regulated by covid guidelines.

Potential new pet owners will be required to have their temperature taken,wear mask, and socially distance themselves.

The adoption process only takes about an hour and provides relief for the large number of animals being taken in.

We want to get as many animals as we canout of the building.we had an event like this last year and we adopted out 120 animals.

Of course we didn't have covid last year andit was an open event where people could come in and they could wander around the building and look at animals.

So, it's going to be a little bit more scripted.

The adoption event will last from 11 a-m to six 30 p-m.

Now, from the epb fiberoptics weather center, your storm team 12, 24 hour forecast.

Our 24 hour forecast shows patrick core >> after a foggy, cloudy and dance that we finally turned the corner weatherwise poorly shot lots of any sunshine in italian to try to head home for the rush hours will congestion out there and traffic is really built up 24 are comin in amman nashville and back from a birmingham as well right now around your the looking good 80 your the looking good 81 relative humidity of 56% still suddenly wind at 9 miles still suddenly wind at 9 mph ahead of the front as a look at our titan radar is dry but these temperatures are warmer than normal so 80 was a mini valley areas of the nine cleveland bac into the dayton as well your forecast for your nighttime showing couples body showers that's with the cold front heading on through and by morning as can be nice and refreshing so we will see some nice changes but at least through midnight were to stay o the muggy's i still try to not rock 72 but can't reliable spotty shower to as we head int the midnight hour estimate you hold near 700 but andrew them drier and more pleasant weatherhead will have the workouts later on i need to find 30 learning anger and her hair back row supposed to be a spent 20 years in mississippi then us a parking brake one time when i got up to my parking brake because the role model and butterflies about coming back a you grow up regularly with east brainerd over which is good and mccauley didn't do it off to further polish your skills and now you're back home in the butterflies covered back playing for the hometown i certainly hope some old friends are watching that's really big and of course my mother gets to watch every day is 81 years old to submit failures to a new two case watchers every morning susan harrison and nobody's writer and it's nice to see some of trends again to so that you spent that the illinois you kno the wrap up a little bit becaus people cut in oh meters of a good job shortening a great job when you most excited about in the coming weeks well it's nice to be on the right side again i did use the last seven years the alarm went off every morning at 230 that has a broader perspective what you do to get in the full light sleep resolve opposite very good overexcited with what you guys are doing here this that is the past we got some new things around thro out there was a just very excited hit the ground running it way to get a view shows in about art we talked about job you going to the mccauley schoo as he went on to the university of alabama was listed will personal family wife kids will absolutely 15 years wow i and 1 8080 married her tonight why we should there was married for 15 years we just celebrated that the wife and kids are going to come appear a little bit later there in school right now we don't want to disrupt their school year but all they should be appear by about maybe to fin a school find a new home it's always nice stressful it were to sell right in your is always different every single day working on the job with more vitamin you going to do this they think this is always different whatever is exciting work in a cupboard were to talk about it and just the dynamics of it in live tv there's nothin more exciting this wide world when it's only light comes on you get to talk to be and is one of the people that truly understands how it touches broadcasting is what it takes t tell the story and to tell it right and i told you were looking forward to having as part of the men's 12 healthy shipping k you do such a fantastic job in the morning so i can keep it up on the night how is donating time and want t learn more about the amounts you are not your twitter handle and also i es alma a harrison on tv on a twitter whether the other you need to modify that also need to get a df facebook page if i have it on a area that is coming and we like to have you tomorrow morning your five like to join us for real will see you i'll be here when i went for joining us and having a parent in your great job first nice people come up on produce a myself what we look at a new minimally it face of surgery scoliosis to get back on the more quickly and anything i say how plants about canadian he now he can join after priming he is yours will a we had soaking rain was left of hurricane delta most of the wee end now are starting to turn the corner and were to kind of change and shift weather patterns so instead of wet mugg and warm were gonna be cool and dry and where you have some beautiful all weather on the way and facts can get chilly before all is said and done but a toda, transitional day want to show you a view from downtown china you see those clouds getting chased off to the south and east and mary season that sapphire blue even wagon for for the last couple three days that is actually gorgeous as we look to the south and east over missionary ridge in rossville and around lookout valley as well you short range 12 casts w show all spotty showers passing through later tonight and then cooler by morning lots of sunshine returning for your tuesday should be a blue plate special the day will have more sunshine and dunmore great- looking weather through wednesday as well here's a look at our satellite and radar notice are still lots of clouds but the remnants of delta now pushing up into the north and east and were going to see what's left of this front, pastoring see just a couple spotty showers but not a whole lot going on i look at our current surface map shows high pressure down to the south finally some relief for some of the folks have really got hit two times in the last six weeks across parts of southwestern louisiana but this frontal system will be the first of about three fronts that will start to reinforce chillier and chillier air as we head into the next 7 to 10 days so here's what our local future cast any showers quickly get chased off to the south and he cooler morning that will feel great mid number 50s off to work and school should be a fantastic afternoon back into the lower the middle 70s around here will start out right around 57 to 64 to 74 will take that that is some perfect fall weather for this time of year as a look at our five say future cash shows the chilly night lot of his dropping in the 40s as we head into your nighttime and early wednesday morning but on the afternoon hike imagers back and the upper 70s so are long range 12 cash shows lots of sunshine pleasant through the midweek bu dry breezy much cooler for friday in fact we may have a frosty start in some areas to your weekend lots of sunshine will send you as our extended future cash shows temperatures still on the warm side after doesn't start for your thursday more sunshine and then we'll see those bigger changes as we head into friday morning there you see the front zipping on through and look at the cool pool of air this can be plungin down to the south and saturday morning will be the chilies of the season but will have lots of weekends sunshine highs in the 60s and a pretty quiet weather expected through the beginning of next week stay with us will have more that of a forecast from the vb 5 rockets whether center hears that storm team 12 seven-day forecast while much nicer lots of sunshine and know the fall leaves will be changing even more over the next several days mid-70s tomorrow maybe some lower 70s close to 80 for the midweek and then much cooler for friday and the weekend so will have to get out the jacket by football time friday night stay with us will have more news 12 now at 530 coming up right afte this and up next on the news 12 now 532 good news about a fun group calling themselves tennessee's lashes of one way for people to email and supply someone they care about with a splash template explain how is 12 now at 530 will show your new facebook group called tennessee splash to emergency room technicians at vanderbilt medical center set that up this summer as a way to cope with th pandemic and it is quickly grown to more than a and it is quickly grown to more than 1000 members the idea is to splash other members of the group with surprise presents now here are a few examples jonah cavalier is schoolteacher who got splashed jonah got 17 amazon deliveries in just one day he says the group helped him stock his classroom get equipment for his cross country team and stock up on some gadgets and snacks for himself christie butler posted this picture of when the amazon delivery person arrived at her house and they had to get a wheelbarrow to get all the gift in the organizer say the thought that a group focused on giving to others will help them stay closer and more connected during the pandemic you could check them out on facebook and again the name of the group is tennessee splash on chip chap and make sure join us tomorrow afternoon about the same time for more good news ... i only have breaking the night from college town crews are assigning care of what plane crash near the airport locations on sadie trails is the new blogs out of the one-way weaver crew in route were much more information just as soon as it becomes available and max tiny's house now i faxed the lahaina life report from downtown chattanooga is seen where those three children were shot early yesterday checking his guttural will be live at that in this effort will also have a statement from chattanooga mayo andy berke about violence or th scenic city and often sensitive my family had another edition of its right to their schools and personal favorite and i like now i went to the school as a special class for students and faculty is when they learned of my selloff and it's good to be fantastic in the canard of towards credit for that and it's free of charge and we just keep getting meaningless they had only ran all the threat of a to play the viola but not well fee and i started the fight like a violin