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Monday, 8 March 2021

Starkville getting some colorful murals

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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Starkville getting some colorful murals
Starkville getting some colorful murals

An artist is helping to transform some plain concrete into colorful works of art.

WTVA reporter Rhea Thornton reports.

The pandemic is bringing much gloom into our lives, but one organization in starkville is looking to bring a little bit of brightness back into it.

Wtva's rhea thornton was in starkville to speak with the organization about the project.

"30 years ago, we used to leave town on the weekends to go do something and now its completely different."

John bateman is the executive director at the starkville area arts council.

He is working on a city wide project of adding colorful artwork to previously bare areas of starkville.

John bateman - executive director of starkville area arts council: "it's been a rough year for i think a lot of folks and to see something going on, an activity, these are very child friendly murals and a lot of fun and that's sort of what we've gone for with the bright colors and just sort of giving people something energetic and positive."

One of the most recent pieces the arts council put into motion is brightening up the bridge connecting campus to downtown.

The council selected bob brzuszek as the artist in charge of the bridge mural.

He said his plan for the bridge is to create a children's game... and his inspiration came as he watched a dad and his son on the bridge from a distance... bob brzuszek - painter: "the little kid was just kind of poking along at the wall, really just looking at the wall and i thought, wouldn't it be great to give children something really to look at with little surprises along the wall."

And with that, brzuszek started creating the mural.

He said through this work, he hopes to revive life into the downtown area.

Bob brzuszek: "taking areas that are sort of bare walls, don't have a lot of color to it and providing a vibrancy to it and a life and a culture which i think starkville has a great a really great sense and people are recognizing that in the community."

Tag: brzuszek said he hopes to have the bridge finished by the end of october.

Reporting in starkville, rhea thornton wtva 9 news.

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