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Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Child of immigrant family votes for first time in Tippecanoe County

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Child of immigrant family votes for first time in Tippecanoe County
Child of immigrant family votes for first time in Tippecanoe County
Child of immigrant family votes for first time in Tippecanoe County

And for immigrant families, it comes with an even deeper sense of pride.

News 18's micah upshaw tells us about a lafayette family finally feeling like they have a voice.

Ll intro: roxana gonzalez is a mother who moved to lafayette from el salvador almost 20 years.

This election was going to be the first time she could vote as a naturalized citizen.

Well some things didn't work out in her favor this year but she's finding hope through her children.

Pkg: r: really, living in the united states is an honor, it is privilege being here in this great country.

M: looking for a life of more opportunity is what brought roxana gonzalez to america in two-thousand one.

She was in her fourth year of college studying communications in el salvador when she realized finding a job and making money there was really tough.

R: i started looking for jobs and it was really hard, sometimes just having one dollar.

It was so hard.

M: with her visa she was able to move here and start working toward her american dream.

She originally had plans to go back home.

Now with three kids all born in the states, she's here to stay.

R: i think i fell in love with this place, this is my home.

M: as an immigrant working toward citizenship, o vote and having a voice in her community is something she's been looking forward to.

This was going to be that year.

R: i was actually meeting all the criteria and tax time came and i decided, okay this is my time but then also covid came and still you have to think okay, what's important.

M: the hardships of this pandemic made gonzalez have to choose between paying for citizenship fees or putting food on the table.

But her daughter daniela who is eligible to vote this year is now standing in the gap for her family.

R: we thought that this year we would actually be voting for the first time together but due to the circumstances we won't be able to.

Nat pop -- daniela and roxana walking r: her voice is actually counting towards our...minorities.

D: it's a privilege.

I'm the first person in my family to be voting for the first time.

I like to take a little honor at that privilege.

M: daniela hopes all americans, especially children of immigrant parents take advantage of this opportunity to have a say in their government.

D: notice the privilege that you have when you're voting because there's people that want to speak so badly, want to do something so badly but they can't just got to sit back and take whatever happens and that's probably the saddest thing ever.

Ll outro: early voting is already underway in tippecanoe county.

Registered residents are able to vote in- person at any of the early voting locations.

You can find that information on our website

Reporting in lafayette, micah upshaw.

News 18.

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