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WCBI News At Six - Friday, October 16th, 2020

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WCBI News At Six - Friday, October 16th, 2020
WCBI News At Six - Friday, October 16th, 2020
WCBI News At Six - Friday, October 16th, 2020

Good evening.

Thanks for joining us.

The number of new coronavirus cases in mississippi remains above one thousand today.

The state department of health is reporting 11,16 new cases today, along with 9 deaths.

One of the deaths is in lowndes county.

598 people are hospitalized with confirmed or suspected coronavirus symptoms. 138 patients are in i.c.u.

And 69 are on a ventilator.

In our area lee county has the most new cases with 38.

Lowndes has 16.

Intro with election day now just 18 days away, voters want to make sure they can safely cast their ballots during a pandemic.

Some local organizations are making sure every vote is counted.

Our stephanie poole joins us live in the studio with more details.

Aundrea,the big day gets closer and closer.

Some are already casting their ballots..

éé community volunteers are helping elderly voters get to the polls.

éé the wheels on the bus go round and round.

This time, they're heading to the lowndes county courthouse.

" since the absentee process is going on here in the state of mississippi, we want our seniors here who are 65 years or older that they can get out and vote with no additional reason.

They can vote by absentee because of their age primarily due to covid-19."

We want them to feel safe and secure but most importantly that their vote counts."

Toni johnson is the event coordinator.

Johnson says the threat of covid-19 is a concern for elderly voters.

"when you add a pandemic like corona to the election cycle it makes people nervous.

Nobody has ever voted during the pandemic,i know i haven't.

We wanted to make sure that voters are educated, they know the rules of engagement and that they feel comfortable and safe casting their ballots."

And dozens are loading the vans... " this is the first movement we've had open since these issues are coming up and we have got to make sure we are apart of this movement."

Butt sots " this election has driven people to out their house, " this election has driven people to out their house, off their porch, out of their living rooms onto the voting path.

People who've told me they've not voted before are going to vote this time."

Butt sots " we have a duty and responsibility to elect individuals who will represent us in the state local and national level."

District 38 state rep.

Cheikh taylor says it's up to the people to vote for who they want in office.

" we want to send a strong signal that now is the time.

You can vote today, you can vote tomorrow you can vote up until election day.

We want you to vote early and make sure this is a monumental occasion .this is probably the biggest election in our lifetime."

Taylor and johnson are urging folks, even if it's not today, cast your vote in the election.

" now we do have mail-in voting and things like that but there's no greater satisfaction than actually pushing that button to make sure that you're vote is recorded."

Butt sots " we want them to feel safe and secure but most importantly that their vote counts."

Senior citizen voter assistance will continue until the end of october.

Johnson say the next stop is in meridian.


People who live in mississippi house district 37 now have a new representative.

Former lowndes county school superintendent lynn wright is sworn in today in jackson by house speaker phillip gunn.

Wright won the runoff election earlier this week against local businessman david chism.

The seat was held for years by republican gary chism who retired this summer.

As communities continue to try and adjust to the economic effects of the pandemic...local charities and non- profits face their own unique set of challenges.

The need for their services has only grown but the people who help families in need people who help families in need now must find new and safer ways to raise the funds so many rely on.

"if you live in lowndes county and you were one of the people who was blessed to keep their job and covid did not take away your job, your donations are needed now more than ever."

Doing more with less.

That is the challenge non- profits like united way of lowndes and noxubee face as the pandemic drags on.

With so many losing their jobs because of the coronavirus...exec utive director renee sanders the ranks of those in need has only grown.

"some of the people that were givers and supporters last year, they're now on the receiving end of that.

They don't have that job that they had last year."

On top of that, with health and safety restrictions standing in the way of their work place campaign, united way has had to find new ways to generate support.

"be a little bit more strategic about your plans and how to exicute the giving.

So, more electronic giving, more use of social media."

This year, united way moved their kick-off event for donors and agencies to meet online as well and raised money through a silent auction.

"it was phenomenal.

I thought it really worked out well but we didn't get that interaction, we didn't get to see that one-on- one, so it didn't pull in as much as we would've liked to."

The lowndes county sherriff's department is also adapting.

Last year, their annual haunted house raised about $15,000 that went towards bikes for over 300 kids.

"the pandemic is stopping a lot of things but we decided not to disappoint our kids in lowndes county and still have something for them."

Since the haunted house is not an option during the pandemic, the benefit committee and sheriff's department decided on a virtual costume contest.

"the committee will get together on halloween day at 2 o'clock and we will look at all the participants in the contest."

Their goal is to raise $10,000 for community benefit through the contest and a drawing for a 50- inch hd tv and nintendo switch.

These are extra steps that could make all the difference for those in need.

"that's ok.

You're worth my donation.

You're worth me working harder."

In columbus...stephen pimpo...wcbi news renee sanders with united way says she expects the number of people in need of help will double by next year.

To find out more about contributing to united way or the lowndes county sherriff's department's costume contest, you can visit our website, first look stinger much cooler air has moved into the area now that another cold front has passed, but it won't last long.

Warmer weather will return to the area by next week, as will some limited chances for showers.

Friday night: mostly clear tonight with a clay county jury finds a houston man not guilty in an arson-for-hire trial.

56-year-old billy aron of houston was arrested in august 2016 and charged with second degree arson.

The fire happened at the west point stockyard in november 2015.

In all, four people were arrested in the case.

Investigators say the scheme spanned several counties and involved federal law enforcement.

The jury returned a verdict late thursday.

Jason williams, daniel easley, and tommy williams were also charged with arson in connection with that same fire.

Jason williams is serving 15 years for burglary and grand larceny crimes in oktibbeha county.

The charges against tommy williams and easley are still pending.

Oktibbeha county deputies are investigating a dog attack in maben.

It happened around 11 o'clock this morning on chestnut street.

The victim was reportedly attacked by three pit bull mix dogs.

He is being treated at och regional medical center.

The dogs were loose for more than hour after the attack, but have been found.

Investigators have identified the owner of the dogs.

Charges ácouldá be filed in the case.

101620-gfx off top investigators in fayette county, alabama have charged a man in connection to a late september shooting that left one person with serious injuries.

21-year-old ruben hedgemon was arrested yesterday by u.s. marshals in tuscaloosa.

He's charged with attempted murder.

Investigators say his fired rounds as he was leaving a party in southern fayette county on september 26th.

One person was hit multiple times by the gunfire.

Statements from eyewitnesses led investigators to hedgemon.

He's in the fayette county jail on 100- thousand dollar bond.

Off top a shannon man is arrested and charged with theft of a motor vehicle.

Oxford police say they were contacted wednesday by the monroe county sheriff's department about a city of oxford work truck being reported stolen.

At the time, oxford police say they were unaware of a stolen vehicle.

After contacting the city, they confirmed a truck was indeed missing.

When monroe county deputies located the work truck, they say 33- year-old marcus shumpert was sitting inside it.

Shumpert was transported back to oxford and given a bond of 25 hundred dollars by a lafayette county justice court judge.

Stinger coming up next see how covid is adding to seasonal affective disorder and how you can cope.

It is never too early to start planning for christmas.

Main street columbus has announced their plans for this years holiday events.

Downtown christmas open house will be november 7th through the 9th.

The holiday farmers market will be november 21st from 9 a.m.

Until noon.

And the christmas tree lighting ceremony will be on monday november 30th around 6 p.m.

Christmas is not always the easiest for some people and winter is approaching.

The coronavirus pandemic is showing no signs of slowing.

That means spending more time inside and likely away from family and friends.

Which could put even more people at risk of a different health concern.

Meredith wood takes a look at seasonal affective disorder and how you can cope.

About five-percent of americans suffer from seasonal affective disorder - a depression that is triggered during the late fall and winter months.

The lack of sunlight, because of shorter days, affects the chemicals that regulate mood.

Dr. vaile wright/ senior director, american psychological association: "people will report feeling sad but others will often report feeling irrabatle and angry."

And this year there is concern that those prone to this depression will be hit harder.

Dr. vaile wright/ senior director, american psychological association: "we're really seeing an extratordinary year of stressors.

So it's the pandemic, but it's also the social unrest that's been happening, it's all the results from climate change, it's the upcoming presidential election."

But there is a way to cope with this depression.

Doctor vaile wright, senior dirctor at the american psychological association says it starts with having a plan.

Dr. vaile wright/ senior director, american psychological association:" things that people can do is to create new traditions like trying to maximize as much sunlight as you can get.

Making sure you are doing the things for selfcare like getting enough sleep, eating healthy, staying active."

Dr. wright also says it is important to stay connected to friends and family, even if that can only happen virtually.

Stinger weather open much cooler air has moved into the area now that another cold front has passed, but it won't last long.

Warmer weather will return to the area by next week, as will some limited chances for showers.

Friday night: mostly clear tonight with temperatures falling into the upper 30s and low 40s by sunrise.

Some patchy frost is possible, especially north of i-22.

Winds will remain generally calm.

Saturday: saturday is looking picture perfect as we remain under a mostly sunny sky.

We'll wake up quite chilly, but temperatures will warm into the low 70s by the afternoon.

Sunday: we'll be a bit warmer on sunday with highs in the mid to upper 80s.

Mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies will continue through the day.

Monday- wednesday: temperatures will continue to warm up through the week as highs return to the low and mid 80s.

A cold front will approach the area through the week, but won't quite make it through.

We'll remain under a mix of sunshine and clouds with a low chance of some showers each afternoon.

Overall, we aren't expecting any major rain.

Morning lows will be near 60.

Thursday-friday: we'll remain warm going into the end of the week as skies remain partly cloudy.

Highs will be in the mid 80s with overnight lows in the 60s.

There is a 30% chance for showers on friday as a cold front approaches.

To get the latest forecast anytime, download the wcbi news app or visit our website at

You can also get the latest weather updates on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

Much cooler air has moved into the area now that another cold front has passed, but it won't last long.

Warmer weather will return to the area by next week, as will some limited chances for showers.

Friday night: mostly clear tonight with temperatures falling into the upper 30s and low 40s by sunrise.

Some patchy frost 101620-intro 101620-pkg 101620-pkg karen mainenti has not played a musical instrument since a bad violin recital in second grade - but that changed in may..

When a friend gave her a ukulele.

"i had never touched one before -- i always thought it was really cute looking."

The manhattan artist now practices every day... with weekly virtual lessons.

It's a welcome distraction in a world of uncertainty.

"you're not thinking about anything else, you're thinking about literally where to move your fingers, what sound you're hearing, what's happening.

And i think it is a huge relief from those everyday thoughts of not knowing."

Musical instrument sales are soaring across the country as people use their time at home to try something new -- stores are seeing more women and younger customers than before.

"guitar center" saw its total sales grow 85 percent in august.

"some of the categories we've seen specifically that have been really kind of uptrending -- are acoustic guitars and keyboards.

Clearly people have had those on their bucket list as categories or as items they wanted to learn how to play."

Guitar center sales have nearly doubled for keyboards, tripled for acostic guitars..

And more than tripled for electronic drums& as learning something new strikes a chord.

"it's just been really like meaningful to bring something new into my life when you see so many doors shutting down."

Music never sounded so sweet.

Nancy chen, cbs news, new york.

Stinger spx open hris bolton here should be a very good matchup they came to great expectations they have had a great year and a new head coach theyre undefeated there seriousspx open "one of the things we've tried to preach all year is whenever someone tries to take something away it opens opportunities for someone else to be patient and create opportunities for each other.

The guys have really bought into that and are playing hard for each other.

It's been exciting."

"i feel like our kids have been through the wars.

We've played a really good non-division schedule to get us ready for our division schedule.

We feel like those non division games have gotten us ready for this stretch."

"if we win this game then it will really just show what we're really about.

It will set the tone for us.

We really want a playoff game at the house.

That's what it's really for."

"they're offense is pretty dominant.

They got a new coach who's doing a great job over there.

Their defense has been pretty good the past 3 years against us as well.

I'm really looking forward to playing them again and looking for a win.

My freshman year was the first year we played them in multiple years.

Previous years we didn't play them.

My freshman year was the first year we got back into this rivalry.

We're right down the road so it's a big game with a bunch of amory people know them.

Sometimes during the week it's a bunch of talk going on and everyone is getting excited for the game."

E will have more for my sinkhole tomorrow morning to false lows in the upper 30s and services slowly and thoroughly mentioned some clouds with some rain possible until next fridays install driver and just a picture- perfect picture perfect you are able we are about time i go


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