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Sunday, 19 September 2021

food boxes pkg

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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food boxes pkg
food boxes pkg
food boxes pkg

Example of making the best out of a bad situation.

Scott county was chosen by the u-s-d-a to take part in the 'farmers to food bank box' program.

It helps farmers who normally get food out to restaurants and schools, but haven't been able to because of the instead...the food is distributed as a "blessing" to those who need it most.

Abc 36's erica bivens has more from georgetown where 12-hundred of those blessings, went out today behind city hall.

L3 erica: white l3: abc 36 news white food boxes for families in need georgetown l3: abc 36 news white georgetown l3 erica: white erica bivens, @ericabivens: well the weather out here may have been terrible but the generosity of these volunteers certainly boosted the spirits of countless families in need.

Nat "you wanna open your back door ma'am?"

Kathy zazycki is one of dozens who volunteered to hand out food boxes monday.

Nat "volunteering to feed the people who really need it in this county and community, it's wonderful."

Nat "how many in your household?


Michele carlisle, executive director at the amen house, says when they got the call from the u-s-d-a about a food drop, it was an easy decision to accept..

Michele carlisle, executive director, the amen house: "the amen house is all about fighting hunger every single day of the week."

Nat and with the pandemic, carlisle says the need has only grown..

Nat "we have just seen a substantial rise in the middle of this pandemic with people reaching out to the amen house for food."

And there was no shortage in food... 30-pound boxes loaded into vehicle after vehicle... nat "meat, cheese, fruits and vegetables are in that box as well.

Salisbury steak!"

A gallon of milk also going out with every box..

Nat "have a great day!

Thank you" about 40 volunteers -- working in shifts -- making the day possible..

Nat "everybody says thank you and god bless.

Every single car.

They're so appreciative."

And the response from those on the receiving end?

Nats "i'm a single mom of two kids so it means a lot."

"this is amazing for georgetown to do this and this is why i love this city."

"all these volunteers are out here in the rain, helping these families, it's great."

Nat erica bivens, @ericabivens: and the group is doing another fodo box donation drive.

We've posted those details for you on our website wtvq dot com.

In georgetown, erica bivens, abc 36 news.

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