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Friday, 17 September 2021

WCBI NEWS AT 6 - 10/19/20

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WCBI NEWS AT 6 - 10/19/20
WCBI NEWS AT 6 - 10/19/20
WCBI NEWS AT 6 - 10/19/20

Restrictions for people who live in three north mississippi counties.

Find out where just ahead on wcbi news.

Demo work has begun on the tombigbee inn in aberdeen.

We'll tellyou about the next step in the process to renovate the historic parkway hotel.

We'll have that story coming up on wcbi news.

Show open as covid19 numbers fluctuate, the governor takes action for people in north mississippi.

Governor tate reeves imposes new covid-19 restrictions for three counties in the wcbi viewing area, which includes a mask mandate.

Folks living in chickasaw, itawamba, and lee counties must limit indoor social gatherings to ten people.

Outdoor groups should be limited to 50.

Masks are required while indoors and interacting with the public without social distancing.

Six other counties in the state must also follow those rules.

All hospitals in the state must maintain ten percent capacity for covid-19 patients.

Our goal in mississippi has never been to completely eradicate the virus.

It has never been to completely eliminate the virus because we don't believe, or at least i don't believe that's a realistic goal..

Our goal has always been to protect the integrity of our healthcare system.

The governor was joined by dr. thomas dobbs, head of the state department of health.

Dr. dobbs urged mississippians to get tested if they felt they had been exposed or have symptoms. coming up tonight on wcbi news at 10, courtney ann jackson will have more from today's briefing.

The mississippi state department of health reports totals for two days of covid-19 numbers.

There are 586 new cases in the state and zero deaths.

These numbers are from saturday and sunday.

Over those two days, lee county saw highest amount of new cases with 59.

Monroe had 26.

Itawamba and union counties have 20 new cases each.

Oktibbeha has 14.

609 people are hospitalized with confirmed or suspected coronavirus symptoms. 140 of those patients is in icu.

Top even thought the numbers are up overall, the mississippi state fair will continue for another weekend.

State agriculture and commerce commissioner andy gibson made the announcement this morning.

He says hurricane delta impacted the first weekend of the fair.

The fair will now be open thursday through sunday.

Organizers have been operating under special guidelines due to covid-19.

The number of mississippians wanting to vote absentee continues to grow.

In fact, the numbers are already higher than the 2016 general election totals.

Secretary of state michael watson's office reports more than 120 thousand absentee ballots have been requested in the state.

About five thousand still need to be sent out.

So far, 89 thousand 499 have been received for the general election.

To compare to 2016... more than 110 absentee ballots were requested.

Of those, nearly 103 thousand were accepted.

The deadline for in- person absentee voting is october 31st.

Alabama's unemployment rate creeps back up, even though more jobs were added to the economy.

September's seasonally adjusted rate is six point six percent.

That number was five point six percent in august.

The alabama department of labor says fluctuations in the jobless rate are expected, as the economy recovers during the pandemic.

Nine thousand jobs were created last month and that number could increase during the holiday season.

Tupelo police are looking for the people who fired as many as 30 to 40 shots sunday night.

It happened in haven acres around 10:30 p.m.

Investigators say the shooting happening in the area of beasley drive.

No injuries have been reported.

If you have any information, you are asked to call the tupelo police or crimestoppers.

A starkville man is accused of holding up two people outside an apartment complex.

26-year-old johnathan hagens is charged with two counts of armed robbery and possession of a concealed weapon.

Oktibbeha county deputies were called to 21 apartments on saturday night about the alleged robbery.

Investigators say hagens had a gun when he went up to two people at the complex.

No injuries were reported.

Hagens remains in jail.

Two people are injured in an east columbus weekend shooting that could be tied to an underage party.

Columbus police chief fred shelton says the shooting happened on brown street on friday night.

Two juveniles had non life- threatening injuries in the gunfire.

Shelton says there was a large house party nearby and officers believe that's where the argument started.

The victims were released from the hospital.

However, investigators tell wcbi that those teens are not cooperating with the investigation.

No arrest has been made.

If you have any information call golden triangle crime stoppers.

First look stinger after a short taste of fall-like weather, the warmer air and humidity will be returning over the next several days.

We'll remain mostly sunny through thursday, but clouds and rain chances will increase thursday night and friday.

Monday night: aside from a few centered people who live on gillespie street in starkville say their quiet neighborhood looks and sounds more like a major thoroughfare these days.

A group of neighbors took their concerns to the starkville board of aldermen, saying traffic has increased on their street since medians have been installed along highway 12.

They say to avoid the medians and other traffic control devices, drivers are are turning onto gillespie street as an alternative.

The group says more traffic has brought noise and speeding drivers.

City engineer edward kemp told the board the goal is to maintain efficiency and protect neighborhoods.

Off top the mississippi lottery continues to payoff for drivers across the state.

Eight point two million dollars went to the mississippi state treasury in september.

That money is from net proceeds from the games.

The mississippi lottery corporation made the announcement today.

So far, 26 point five million dollars have been brought in from the lottery.

The money is earmarked for road projects throughout the state.

Demolition work has begun on an old motel in aberdeen that has been on the decline in recent years.

The demo work means that aberdeen main street can now focus on revitalization of the adjacent parkway hotel.

As wcbi's allie martin reports, the project is expected to be a positive impact for the city.

Nats demo the tombigbee inn was built in the late 1950s, next to the parkway hotel.

Now, the l shaped structure is coming down.

"it's almost like a dream come true, because we are demolishing the old motel part."

Earlier this summer, aberdeen main street, with help from local and out of state donors, purchased the property, with plans to renovate the old parkway hotel, built in 1923 "we hope to have four apartments upstairs, some suites and rooms, fine dining."

Standup bridge with demo of the tombigbee inn underway, the next step in the process can begin.

Now, an investor and developer will be sought, to renovate the old parkway hotel.

It is a major project, with a lot of potential and some incentives for those willing to take it on.

"the building is a historic building, it comes with a million dollars of tax credits from irs, that will make it attractive to investors.

" the project will not only help preserve an aberdeen landmark, but it will also help revitalize downtown and is expected to draw customers from the nearby federal building.

"the reason we did this is to beautify downtown, but also it's got a commercial side to it, we are hoping, with the court system opening backup, and we will have restaurants, people in here, places for people to stay when they are in court, or at least for attorneys to use."

It is estimated the project to rehab the parkway hotel will take three to four years.

In aberdeen, allie martin, wcbi news and it is estimated the project to rehab the parkway hotel will take three will take 3 to 4 yearscolumbus developer chris chain has helped aberdeen main street come up with a plan to present to potential investors.

Stinger a louisville man asks for help and holds out hope.

His story when wcbi news at 6 continues.

Intro intro it's been an uphill it's been an uphill battle for over 20 years for louisville native telvin coleman.

Coleman has been dealing with a severe kidney disease that has continually impacted him physically and mentally.

But through it all he is remaining positive, and hoping soon he will have a kidney donor, before it is too late.

"how can i say..

It's it's been an uphill battle for over 20 years for louisville native telvin coleman.

Coleman has been dealing with a severe kidney disease that has continually impacted him physically and mentally.

But through it all he is remaining positive, and hoping soon he will have a kidney donor, before it is too late.

"how can i say..

It's a silent killer when it comes up on you" the year 1997..

Coleman was in college with dreams of securing a degree.... life was going as planned... but something seemed to be off with coleman over and extended period of time.

Sot - telvin coleman - louisville " i was working at a job and on the job, i always fall asleep and my mom she noticed it too because at home i wasn't acting like the person i usually be.

So at work i went to sleep, they sent me home that day.

So i went home and my mom said somethings going on you not right."

So coleman decided to visit a doctor..

Where he was diagnosed with kidney renal failure.

A kidney disease, according to professional health website urology health dot org..

That happens when your kidneys are no longer able to filter and clean blood..

Which can then cause levels of waste products to build and can be deadly if not treated.

Sot - telvin coleman - louisville "you have to pray every day.

Because you don't know that it's coming along until you do your lab work and different kind of other factors that factor into this.

But i approach it every day like it's my last day because you don't know."

Coleman....a father of two... a grandpa..

A man built on family... says this disease has only brought him closer to his loved ones... "man it brought me close to family.

I mean family period.

My whole family is a big support to me.

Everybody in my family always asking me how i'm doing are you doing ok?

You know that's the main thing family is the key and also god is the key getting through this."

And getting through this has come with numerous challenges over the years... sot - telvin coleman - louisville "it's like finding the right blood type.

That's the main challenge because like i said i'm o and o is the hardest blood group to match because you can only match with a o.

That's one of the biggest challenges right there."

On cam tag.

Coleman has also started a social media campaign on facebook.

Kidney donor for telvin... and if you would like to learn more on ways you can help him out..

You can follow that hash tag.

Reporting in louisville bobby martinez wcbi news.

Stinger you used to the cool and then we came back to the heat and tracking for the next several days unfortunately i was either news if you like the all weather we understand the 80s for the next several days on a weekend but comes with three changes out to you wielding competitiveness the ... weather open after a short taste of fall-like weather, the warmer air and humidity will be returning over the next several days.

We'll remain mostly sunny through thursday, but clouds and rain chances will increase thursday night and friday.

Monday night: aside from a few clouds, skies will remain mostly clear tonight with lows near 60.

Winds will be light out of the southeast.

Tuesday-thursday: we'll remain mostly sunny and warm through the middle of the week, but a few clouds will start to build in by the end of the week.

Rain chances will remain low for now, but an isolated sprinkle or two is possible on thursday.

Highs will be in the mid 80s with increasing humidity.

Morning lows will be in the low 60s.

Friday: showers and perhaps a few rumbles of thunder will be possible on friday, but some sun could peek out through the day.

We're not looking for an all-day rain, but off-and-on showers are possible.

Highs will be near 80.

Saturday-sunday: we're expecting a cold front to move through friday night that will help to clear much of the rain out before the weekend.

However, an isolated shower can't be ruled out, especially on saturday.

Generally, the weekend will be pretty nice with just a few clouds and highs in the 70s.

Morning lows will be back into the 50s.

Next week: looking beyond the 7 day stinger week 7 of endzone was filled with plenty of highlights but only 5 can make top plays......we have those five plays next in sports spx mississippi state football with a much needed bye week after falling to texas a&m...and it feels like basketball season is far away... but it isn't... the women's squad practiced for the first time today the bulldogs advanced to the elite eight last year.... and went to the national championship in 2017 and 18... first year coach nikki mccray- penson is inheriting a talented squad with it's top two scorers returning in rick-key-a jackson and jessika carter... mccray penson says this team will be ready... but success with a new team doesn't happen overnight... ,.

We're relying heavily on our vets to talk with the young ones but everybody is new.

They're new to my system they are new to this pace.

Maybe they're not used to this intensity but everything is new.

We've grown together over the course of eight weeks.

We're relying on them to come in and really be ready to go.

Talking, energy, effot, competitiveness.

Those things are top priority for us.

ááátake mon gfxááá it was a saturday to forget for the ole miss rebels... a few days after lane kiffin gave high praise to quarterback matt corral... he struggled in fayetteville against arkansas the redshirt sophomore threw six interceptions against the razorbacks in the 33-21 loss... despite all of the turnovers... kiffin's crew made it a one possesion game late in the fourth... but the final turnover iced it arkansas made it a tough day for corral consistently dropping eight on defense... ole miss fellto 1-3 on the year with the loss and will return to oxford saturday with a bright and early 11 am matchup with auburn... but kiffin hopes this is a learning experience for his quarterback..

"he learned a lot from this.

We didn't play well around him.

Really for the first game, we had drops.

A number of them significant especially on 4th down.

Bad recipe.

Went through a rough day yesterday.

Embrace the suck.

Yesterday sucked so we got to move forward and don't let one game beat you twice."

Ole miss is currently a three point underdog to auburn before we move on to week 8 of's only right that we highlight the top 5 plays of endzone from week lucky number seven number 5 we go to number 5 we go to aberdeen taking on houston.....bulldog s qb tyler stephenson hits tj fields for the td through the contact number 4 on the countdown....nanih waiya taking on hamilton.....warrio rs ty-quan mc- cully gets the handoff and runs around and through defenders in the process.....big gain before finally being tackled number 3....the powercats making plays....louisville's jace hudspeth dots up jarvis rush who does the rest.....40 yards into the endzone!!!

Powercats get the win number 2...our game of the week....amory's hunter jones scrambling throws one up for braxton miller who climbs the ladder and makes the grab!!!

The panther go onto get the win and number 1...check out this run.....starkville academy's cj jackson....breaking tackle after tackle!!!

Has a huge gain before finally being brought down inside the 5 yard line..... when we return...chief meteorologist keith gibson will have a last look at your forecast.

You are watching wcbi news me on friday that cold front and clearance out for the weekend also coolest interest down just you degrees for us and arranges for you on you and you are wealthy so much for

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