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Saturday, 31 July 2021

PKG: social media and police

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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PKG: social media and police
PKG: social media and police
PKG: social media and police

State is now 89 thousand, 544.

Social media has its ups and downs...and the same goes for law enforcement... and how people interact with police.

Following a scott county interaction on facebook...a-b-c 36's monica harkins talked with a social media expert, at the university of kentucky... about the relationship between law enforcement and social media.

### "facebook notification ding" social's a ding or two a day...of happy moments, life updates, and sometimes breaking news.

"prof. kakie urge: we are on social media, more than ever, all the way up and down the society."

That includes law enforcement agencies.

I spoke with university of kentucky associate professor kakie urge about police and public agencies stepping up their online presence.

" i think people now in 2020, with all of our interactions being done digitally, and with zoom, and with the fast pace of social media, they expect transparency, " in scott county...urge says the sheriff's office did a good job of that over the weekend.

First, tim fuller...posted this...questioning whether racial profiling caused sheriff's deputies to pull him over.

It got so much attention a few days later the scott county sheriff responded publicly with his own post...explaining the deputies followed protocol and there's no reason to believe fuller was pulled over because of his skin tone.

The two even met this fuller put create "unity and not division."

"the issue in scott county shows the way it can really bring law enforcement and human people closer together into a real into a real dialogue, and then that became a face to face interaction" taking an online interaction into a meaningful conversation....and now a life lesson fuller says he wants to pass onto others...saying "i look forward to being a vessel of unity in our community and helping to increase the understanding of protocol and interaction with law enforcement."

" a great example of how social media can be managed well."

Monica harkins, abc 36 news.

### driving down main street, in lexington


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