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Saturday, 18 September 2021

10212020 Election 2020

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10212020 Election 2020
10212020 Election 2020

Less people than expected are voting early and Biden and Trump are prepping for the upcoming debate

Enough people are voting early.

Don blevins says so far, just over 19- thousand people have voted in-person and more than 64- thousand absentee ballots have been received....both those numbers are low.

Blevins is hoping 25-thousand people will vote each week leading up to the election...he says if we don't get those numbers...expect extremely long lines on election day.

Meanwhile--early voting numbers are in the record numbers across the country..

Faith abubey catches up with the presidental candidates as they prepare for the final debate.

L3: election 2020 white candidates campaign ahead of debate on the campaign trail -- president trump is stepping up his attacks on joe biden.

While the biden campaign prepares for a big boost in pennsylvania today script: nats president trump back in the swing state of pennsylvania with less than two weeks until election day trump sot: "this is an election between the trump super recovery, which is happening right now, and a biden depression."

The president again downplaying the pandemic even as coronavirus infections surge in 41 states and hospitalizations increase across the country.

Trump sot: "we're rounding the turn on the pandemic that's all we want."

Notably missing on the president's stop - first lady melania trump cancelling her first public appearance in months -- due to a "lingering cough" after contracting the coronavirus the virus has killed more than 220 thousand americans in just seven months in a town hall before the rally, the president asked what he would have done differently in his response to the pandemic trump sot: not much... biden sot: "donald trump took no responsibility.

Failed and continues to fail to do that.

He's still downplaying it, lying about it, denying how we have a big problem meanwhile joe biden has been off the campaign trail prepping for that crucial thursday night debate biden praising the debate commission's plan to mute microphones during initial answers to questions in that debate.

Biden sot: "i think there should be more limitations on us not interrupting one another."

While biden preps -- former president obama picks up the torch he'll hold his first in-person event for the biden campaign in philadelphia later today overnight, obama releasing this video - telling young people biden can't c1 3 win without their vote.

Obama sot: your generation can be the one that creates a new normal in america.

Tag: the homeland security department is rolling out a website aimed at de- bunking election disinformation.

The agency is also urging people to be patient when it comes to election results - saying, ""there's a very good chance we won't know the winner on election night."

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