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Wednesday, 4 August 2021

board meeting pkg 10/21

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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board meeting pkg 10/21
board meeting pkg 10/21
board meeting pkg 10/21

And tom kenny.

In our top story at 11... the plan to slowly move all of fayette county students back into the classroom made a major step today...the school board now saying by next semester...that will happen.

Abc 36's bobbi mcswine was at the meeting...and breaks it down for us.

###### bobbi:"students, family, and staff are finally getting what they asked for...a plan.

The school board says students will continue to learn online for the rest of the semester, but come january, they will be back in the classroom five days a week, if coronavirus conditions allow."

District spokesperspn lisa deffendall read the latest survey results from families and staff during the school board meeting wednesday.

It revealed...overwhe lmingly...most people in the district want to return to in-person learning.

Targeted services have been offered to some students for the past week...and superintendant manny caulk says it's been great to see the joy on the their faces.

Manny caulk: "to see our students back in the classrom, as you mentioned, see students 6 feet apart, and i made a statement that you can see their smiles through the mask."

Some teachers and principals...also spoke in the meeting...presenting their own schools' plan for hybrid learning.

No cg: "this is not necessarily a model that would work in every single school in our district.

They're all going to be a little unique."

The plans were in an hybrid model...meaning some students would be in class two days a week...the others would take another two...and one day...everyone would learn online.

But...board members say that would be a setback for they're glad a 5-day in-person plan is in the works.

Christy morris: "from a parent's perspective, we need more than 2 days.

We have families who are working and with those families, i think this would bring more chaos."

Tyler murphy: "speaking as an educator, that's a lot of work.

First we ask them to reinvent the wheel for nti-2dl.

My fear with what i'm seeing is it'll be reinventing the wheel yet again."

Families will still be able to opt for online learning if students do return to the classroom next semester.

In lexington...bobbi

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