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Saturday, 31 July 2021

alice carter shooting death pkg

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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alice carter shooting death pkg
alice carter shooting death pkg
alice carter shooting death pkg

C1 3 grandmother...sens eless.

Lexington police say alice carter was caught in the crossfire of a shootout around 3:30 p-m wednesday.

She's the 28th homicide victim in the city this year...a year already set to outpace 2019's record of 30 homicides.

Abc 36's bobbi mcswine spoke to carter's grandaughter.

########## bobbi: "family and friends gathered thursday right here on the 500 block of west fifth street to show their support and share their sympathy.

One of alice carter's granddaughters, summer ragan, says the violence needs to stop."

"she's the one that kept the family together."

Now...ragan says an important piece is missing.

Lexington police say dozens of shots were fired between two cars...hitting 82-year-old alice carter as she was getting out of a car.

The herald-leader reports her daughter recounted running out of her house...seeing her mother's chest covered in blood.

Carter later died at the hospital.

Summer ragan: "yall took a 82-year-old woman away from her family.

Butted you guys took her away over a senseless act of shooting."

Ragan...speaking directly to whoever might've been involved.

She wants the community to speak up if they know more.

Summer ragan: "people were outside and witnessed a whole bunch.

At least have respect for our family and say something about it because guess what it could've easily been your grandparent, or your mother, that could've been hit."

Ragan says the shooting was senseless...but it's part of a cycle.

She says the city needs more community outreach for young people.

Summer ragan: "our young black men, in general, need things to do.

They feel like riding around the streets with a gun, watching videos.

They try to portray those they see in the videos."

She says she fears for her young son's life.

Ragan says her grandmother was a natural nurturer...the herald leader says she was a longtime university of kentucky nurse.

Summer ragan: "she was a mother to everybody, so everybody else's kids were her grandkids."

Police are still searching for suspects in the case.

In lexington, bobbi mcswine, abc 36 news.

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