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Sunday, 1 August 2021


Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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There's a high spread of coronavirus.

One lexington nursing home is actively fighting an outbreak of more than 60 people.

Abc 36's cody adams spoke with sayre christian village about what it's doing to try and slow the spread.

### after a stretch of what seemed to be plateau in coronavirus case numbers a grim reality has set in.... we're far from this being over.

Karen venis: it was a matter of when not if.

Sayre christian village is doing everything it can to stop a major outbreak of the virus.

They lost one resident early this week from covid-19.

Karen venis: i cant even explain the amount of emotion we went through, this has been a tough two weeks and to add a death to that, it's just a lot to bear.

Sayre is not alone in the fight.

Kevin hall with lexington fayette county health department says assited living centers across the board have been hit particularly hard.

Kevin hall: what we are seeing rihgt now is an increase in cases in longterm care facilities.

That's particularly troubling for 2 reasons.

The biggest is these are the most vulnerable people in lexington, people 65 and older account for 85 percent of deaths in lexington.

And the second reason this is troubling is these residents aren't bringing it in to themselves, these are coming from outside sources.

Sayre christian village ceo karen venis says they are doing everything they can to stop those outside sources by using a covid 19 unit.

Karen venis: right now it's kinda respond and attack, plan test respond and attack.

We're doing that twice a week, so we just ask for support and grace.

Venis says it's been hard, but she knows they will get through it together.

Karen venis: we've got folks that will sacrifice things that you and a lot of folks would not do on a daily basis, so to know that empathy and support is there, again it just helps us so much more to know we have that support.

In lexington cody adams abc 36 news.

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