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Sunday, 19 September 2021

Miidmorning With Aundrea - October 27, 2020 (Part 2)

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Miidmorning With Aundrea - October 27, 2020 (Part 2)
Miidmorning With Aundrea - October 27, 2020 (Part 2)

(Part 2 of 4) It's 2020 so trick or treating is uniquely scary this year.

We take a look at ways some people are celebrating Halloween while observing social distancing.

It's that time for ghosts and goblins and things that go bump in the night.

But it is 20-20, so trick or treating is uniquely scary this year.

Michael george reports.

In a town famous for witch trials and halloween celebrations&the scariest thing in salem, massachusetts this year: the tourists!

The mayor is telling sightseers to stay home.

"this is not th year to come to salem, this is not the year to visit."

But people are showing up anyway.

"it's been crazy there's been just as many crowds as usual."

"halloween won' be so much about door-to-door trick or treating this year.

Fantastic displays like this one can be enjoyed by people- safely- from a distance."

"here you go!

"thank you!

How do you dispense treats from a distance?

In this washington d-c neighborhood, one family came up with a solution.

"it's called th covid safe candy slide!"

"jinx the slide: made from p-v-c pipe& the kids get their candy& "trick or treat!

&while keeping socially distant.

The mayo clinic urging americans to avoid "high-ris activities": lik costume parties, haunted houses, and especially trick-or-treating.

"unfortunately having many people from different households mixing in close proximity is a high risk activity."

Instead, recommending alternative, low- risk celebrations.

In case you're wondering, the candy on this slide áisá disinfected first.

Halloween isn't canceled.

It's just&different.

"everything that' been different had a purpose.

But we can give them a little bit of normalcy.

They deserve it."

Michael george, cbs news, new york.

Adversity can bring out creativity.

And, halloween in a time of covid is forcing folks to come up with some unique celebrations... as luke burbank has discovered vo: halloween is just around the corner& but like so many things these days& you've got to get creative& if you want to have a spooky but safe time& vo: from socially distant candy contraptions& vo: to costumes that keep kids spread out& would be fun vo: to& maybe the most 2020 thing you'll see& the drive-thru haunted house& all across america, from la, to new jersey& people are ling up by the car full& to get freaked out& clip: clip: johnnie: 17:11:02 /// i was home one night and i saw my kids.

/// and they'd be watching tv and nothing really to do.

Vo: johnnie miranti owns a car wash in copiague ny& /// so i said to myself, what is there-- what can i do to bring a little joy to some younger children?

And adults for that matter.

And that's what inspired to do the-- tunnel of terror.

Vo: people have been ling up for miles outside of miranti's car wash& for $25 they get their car washed, áandá they get menaced by miranti's employees& dressed as characters sure to haunt these kids' nightscapes for years to come& clip: blood dump on minivan in portland vo: meanwhile in portland, cars were anything ábutá clean, after visiting the "oak park haunted drive thru"& wher customers can choose from one of five "experiences" ranked from 0-5 skulls based on how scary they are& luke burbank: 17:20:27 is it-- a challenge to scare people when they're in the relative safety of their car?

Alex fulmor: 17:20:31 yes.

That has been the-- the main concern, is-- is how do we make it scary with, you know, that barrier in place.

Vo: alex fulmor is one of the owners of "scareground pdx".

In a typica year they'd be putting on a walk- thru haunted event& but of course, this year isn't typical& one thing fulmor and his team learned, with so many real things to be anxious about, people didn't like the scary characters wandering up to their cars áwhileá they were áwaitingá get into the park& alex fulmor: 17:24:56 yeah, yeah.

It's-- it's very bizarre.

And-- i can't quite put my thumb on why that is, // but for some reason, the menacing characters, it's just like you're sitting in your car and you see this-- you know, you're not quite sure if they're with us.

Luke burbank: 17:25:25 this feels like a moment in time where if an actual michael myers just wandered, you know, down the street, you might be like, "well that's 2020 for you."

Alex fulmor: 17:25:34 exactly.

Vo: as night fell i was ready to drive through one of the experiences, but i wouldn't be doing it alone..

I'd brought my actual nephews, jack and abe along for protection& clip: luke burbank: 18:36:42 are you guys scared right now?

What is-- abe: 18:36:43 no.

Luke burbank: 18:36:44 --your feeling?

Jack: 18:36:46 kind of.

I don't know what's gonna be like.

I've never been to a haunted house.

I don't know like the level.

I-- i don't know if there's like a certain level that this one might be of scariness.

Vo: we'd chosen an experience rated 4 skulls& meaning& really scary..

Luke burbank: 18:56:49 and let's see what this one says.

This one is-- jack: 18:56:51 "condemned.

Luke burbank: 18:56:51 --"th condemned."

Jack: 18:56:55 oh, god.

Vo: once inside, we were given a bluetooth speaker so we could hear the terrifying characters as they tried to claw their way into our vehicle& abe: 19:19:42 oh, he's comin' around, jack.

Be prepared.

Recording: 19:19:44 but he does mean well, and he usually-- 19:19:45 abe: 19:19:45 he's right there.

Recording: 19:19:49 i'm gonna make sure .

Jack: 19:19:51 oh, god, he has a machete?

Luke burbank: 19:19:52 uh-oh.

ááá luke burbank: 19:11:47 i'm gonna-- should i unlock the doors?

Abe: 19:11:49 no.

Jack: 19:11:49 no-- ááá abe: 19:15:23 they're bangin' on these windows so hard.

19:15:24 jack: 19:15:25 i think they might break them.

Luke burbank: 19:15:26 your primary concern is-- 19:15:27 recording: 19:15:27 --out of here before they figure out i'm still alive.

Follow me, guys.

Luke burbank: 19:15:33 okay.

Recording: 19:15:34 scene complete.

Gh050953 - 09:14- luke "so how wa it?"

"that wa awesome, like probably the best halloween thing ever" luke "even though we had to be in the car it was still scary?"

"yeah vo: we'd survived& and even had a pretty fun time being scared out of our wits& but for me& the real nightmare was just beginning..

Trying to explain this to the people at the rental car agency..


There's a song in her heart.

Music from a young composer is next

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