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Sunday, 1 August 2021

PKG: Halloween light show Queenslake

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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PKG: Halloween light show Queenslake
PKG: Halloween light show Queenslake
PKG: Halloween light show Queenslake

Message, and i'd c1 3 different this year.

One georgetown business is hoping to help start a new pandemic friendly tradition...a halloween light show.

Abc 36's monica harkins went to queenslake horse farm to check it out.

### "nat pop off top" it's a spooky season unlike any other...while there's always tricks and treats....the threat of covid-19 is one that can't be taken lightly "what we like about halloween is what we like about any holiday is that it's an opportunity for people to get together."

So what do you do when you can't get together like usual?

The chmela's transformed this house at queenslake horse farm into a covid-19 safe and family friendly drive thru light show.

"john: you know we needed the change.

The shutdown is great it does flatten the curve and it does save lives but the shutdown also, you know the isolation is it's own danger."

The drive thru allows for people to pull up and have fun without leaving their cars.

One family drove in from lexington..

"jill bakehorn, mom: we've all been isolated and i think everyone is looking for something we can do that we can get out and enjoy but still be safe."

As for the kids they didn't sugar coat how this halloween feels.

"monica: what do you think about halloween during a pandemic?

Girl: it sucks."

Her friend kya looking more to the bright side.

"girl 2: it's definitely different but i think we'll still have fun."

Nat pop jill: i think we appreciate that businesses are trying to entertain and entertain in a safe way.

So it's nice to come out with the kids and enjoy an evening out on a beautiful horse farm."

The 15 minute light show runs each night through halloween night 8 to 10 pm with shows every 30 minutes.... nat pop in georgetown monica harkins abc 36 news.

Parents in franklin county..

If you're c1 3 looking for some place covid-19


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