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Tuesday, 15 June 2021

President's campaign event in Dodge Center moves back to Rochester

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President's campaign event in Dodge Center moves back to Rochester
President's campaign event in Dodge Center moves back to Rochester
Disappointment is palpable

Be open to the public./// we've seen a lot of last?

"* minute changes when it comes to president trump's rally... from r?


"*t to dodge cente then back to r?



Kimt three's anthony monzon was over in dodge center when the plans to host the rally there were scrapped.

Xxx katie... george... folks in dodge center tell me it was a whirlwind day for them.

They were expecting to see the commander in chief in their town of twenty?


"* hun people... which organizers say may have drawn thousands of visitors.

But those plans were dashed this afternoon... with campaign officials deciding to move president trump's campaign stop back to rochester before the cancellation... several dodge center residents told me they were honored to host the president.

Multiple businesses said they were planning to close for the day... or serve rallygoers before and after the event.

But as news spread about the relocation of the rally... residents shared thier disappointment .

I spoke with one business owner... who says the secret service set up a temporary oprations center in his offices.

He tells me hundreds of jobs have recently been lost in dodge center... "i just want to be able to have our people to come and listen to our president talk, and yes, we know we're in a delema because of covid, we're working with it, it's verry hard on everybody's business.

All small businesses, and restaurants, i feel really bad for those guys.

And we're just, we're hurting, we want to get things moving."

And francis mentioned as secret service members were leaving his facility... they cited their inability to meet state health guidelines as the reason for the rally's relocation.

We did recieve this statement from the governor's office... which reads ?

"* quote?

"* the govern office has not been in communication with the trump campaign today.

But of course... an event of that nature would have


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