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Thursday, 24 June 2021

On-again off-again Rochester campaign visit is on-again

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On-again off-again Rochester campaign visit is on-again
On-again off-again Rochester campaign visit is on-again
President planning to be at Rochester International Airport

Compliance with state health thank you anthony.

Which brings us to the rochester e of an ever evolving political event city leaders spent much of the day standing on one foot and then the other wondering what's next.

Late today, though, things were finalized.

It was long after sunset when mayor kim norton told this reporter negotiations between the city and the campaign of donald trump had reached agreement on a presidential visit.

We have just received word that the rnc has signed the contract and we have one of our city officials signing it too so we have a signed agreement for a limited invitation only 250 person event at the airport.

Still, getting to that agreement had been a confusing ordeal.

When the day began, it looked like rst would be the setting for a modestly sized presidential campaign rally, then boom, the trump campaign pulled the plug, followed by one more about face.

We're you surprised at all when the decision was made by the trump campaign to initially move to dodge center and then come back to rochester?

Yes, we were very surprised.

We were actually in a meeting trying to iron out some of the details of the day.

We had sent the contract off we had been told it would be signed.

We had anticipated a signed contract and actually had been working to try to find ways to accomodate a somewhat larger but still controlled crowd that would meet the state guidelines.

And now that the campaign event is again planned for rst, there is work to be done, a whole lotta work.

When you make these changes last minute so much is involved in accomodating a presidential visit, that, you know they are out there, they just opened the doors for the campaign staff, because they took down all the scaffolding and things they had put up to reput something together.

I don't know, you know, how much they're the mayor has been very clear throughout this day that the presidential visit is absolutely welcomed by the city of rochester and the city has been willing since the git go to


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