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Saturday, 6 March 2021


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Your storm team 12 right now forecast.

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Good evening, i'm danielle moss.

And i'm emily cassulo.

Thanks for joining us for news 12 now at 11.

Its coming down to the wire for tennessee's district 10 senate seat, between republican incumbent todd gardenhire, and democrat glenn scruggs.

News 12's winston reed joins us live from candidate glen scruggs.

Votes are still being counted for the between republican senator todd gardenhire and democrat glenn scruggs for district 10.

Initially scruggs had an early lead, dominating hamilton county in the polls.

Now that votes in bradley county are being tallied, senator gardenhire has the edge.

Scruggs says, he's right where he wants to be in this race.

Sot: 13 seconds "we knee it was going to be a really tight fight, that's where we are.

Votes are still pouring in.

We put the work in and now we're just waiting on the scorecard to pop up.

We put the work in.

We're really confident in our campaign so i feel really good about that."

Check out our twitter and webpage for the latest on the district 10 race.

Tennessee is staying red tonight.

C-b-s and the associated press are calling tonight.

C-b-s and the associated press are calling president donald trump the winner in the volunteer state.

Georgia is still too close to call.

Republican bill hagerty has won tennessee's open u-s senate seat.

He defeated marquita bradshaw, who's an environmental justice activist.

Hagerty will replace g-o-p senator lamar alexander, who decided not to run for re- election.

"and to the people of tennessee, i am overwhelmed by your trust and your confidence in me.

I appreciate and i am overwhelmed by the history of this moment.

I look forward to serving you at the very best of my ability as your next senator from tennessee.

" news 12's dorothy sherman joins us live at the whitfield county republican party headquarters with the latest and i are planning in the winte of an one of you but you me going were margin for you me to do her homework when she when we we know what we good amount in the middle when you when you when you know what is the, welcome anytime a trial would want to win the election six months ago not to worry going in the night and leave over a one way he will fail when you anything but i knew would you want to and i knew that it didn't make any difference what the learning of an amendment to the two numbers game at this point will the electric out and we are coming in from county will make a point to start to people for 3000 people in my district and was four years ago so forgive the numbers is what you look you have 13,000 people and 10,000 boat in addition that's nice but that explains the 2000 help you what you will like one rational and not all billing and will you like good physical and strong conservative people in "the mor predictable on the don't want engines in the middle area of the business person very well respected person will see a lot of experience in foreign affairs you were a job in the senate truck is the only thing the high-ranking regular public mailing congress will no creations which is fantastic i'm on finance and the to the cente once and chairman of finance before we know when i be wrong but there's never been to peopl from the same county owned finance before there is not currently in the continually ou in the of the in the two stages misleadingly will select the good and really depends on what committee assignments like you do the speakers the kind to me anyway i'm sure and i get stale finance the war in play on the judiciary love to be back on education maybe i can make it regulated on the meaning: our wedding morning and am nowenvir hagerty will replace g-o-p senator lamar alexander, who decided not to run for re- election.

"and to the people of tennessee, i am overwhelmed by your trust and your confidence in me.

I appreciate and i am overwhelmed by the history of this moment.

I look forward to serving you at the very best of my ability as your next senator from tennessee.

" in north carolina, it's a close race for the u-s senate between republican incumbent thom tillis, and democrat cal cunningham.

Tillis still has a slight lead.

In alabama, the u-s senate race is still a close one.

With only 62 percent of the precincts reporting, tuberville is ahead.

Fleischmann reelected to u.s. house seat from tennessee bc-tn--election 2020-house- tennessee, 4th ld-writethru nov 03, 2020 9:26pm nashville, tenn.

Republican incumbent chuck fleischmann has been reelected to represent a southeastern tennessee district in the u.s. house.

Fleischmann defeated democrat meg gorman, securing a sixth term.

Also reelected for a sixth term is republican scott desjarlais, who represents a middle tennessee district in the u.s. house.

Republican david kustoff is returning to the u.s. house for a third term.

He represents suburban memphis.

Republican diane harshbarger won the only open u.s. house seat for tennessee.

Harshbarger will replace outgoing u.s. house rep.

Phil roe, who announced earlier this year that he wouldn't pursue a sixth term.

For u-s house district 4, scott djearlay is leading with 220-thousand votes.

Georgia is also calling the congressional race for the u.s house seat for district 14.

Officials say republican margorie greene has won.

Her democratic challenger, kevin van ausdal, dropped out earlier in the year.

And in north carolina, madison cawthorn wins the western north carolina u-s house race cawthorn will fill a vacant seat previously held by republican representative mark meadows, who incumbent roy cooper will be c1 3 things for republican held his feet and we are hearing one candidate has can needed david purdue is currently leading joh on solvent of his race purdue is the republican incumbent specia election senate race had three candidates getting the most votes democrat rev.

Raffaella warnock leading and then incumbent republican kelly leffler and now we are hearing republican doug collins has conceded that it does appear that the wreath is turning into one expected a likely future runoff between the top two candidate by then whitfield county to determine is to now ...2020 has been a very stressfl year.

From the coronavirus pandemic to severe tornado damage and now a very closely contested election with voting concluding tonight.

Several people call 2020 one of the most stressful years of their lives.

According to the american psychological association most recent stress survey---nearly 80 percent of american adults say the coronavirus pandemic is putting significant stress on their lives and nearly 70 percent say the presidential election and campaigning has added a new level of stress as well.

It's just unrelenting i cannot wait for the election to be over because at least then the phone calls will hopefully stop and all the junk mail will stop and i'll be able to turn around without it right in my face.

Georgia is also calling the congressional race for the u.s house seat for district 14.

Officials say republican margorie greene has won.

Her democratic challenger, kevin van ausdal, dropped out earlier in the year.

Now, from the epb fiberoptics weather center, tomorrow's storm yeah it's chilly but is not as cold as last couple nights here's a look at our epb by brock's weather camp i network shot from downtown chattanooga that are a baileys heating and air camera as a miller park miller plaza pretty quiet right now were 46 relative humidity of 79% the wind is called pressure now up 30.34 inches of merck rate of future cast ryan will a on the dry side take titan rada will they dry over the next few days off to work and school no problems out there considerable patchy fog otherwise a beautiful day lots of sunshine wilhite images will warmer into the ebv is a report to: ross is our tiered tuesday back to the for all across much of the valley 35 agenda of a lot of you are probably at your house with wha about 30 and 30 30 and 33 we got at the end of the mid-sixties that up really nice we bounced back pretty nicely out there when our satellite and radar while getting by many clouds a few over arts of colorado will be the plane state that this is a very quite weather pattern you clouds off the floor the big weather stores i showed you earlier is hurricane added that now over central america but is going to pop back out moves into the a caribbean and perhaps threaten human large elite of the week and believe it or not it could bounce in the gulf of max echo and affect the south east by the beginning of next week that's the reason why showed you that hurricane yes it's not anywhere close to us right now but has we had into the next 5 to 7 days could become not only weather maker by the newsmakers well high- pressure control of our neck of the woods there is to pool of cool air continuing the trip down the spine of the appellations as secondary high pressure right over the to live in resin fishing area right down there is just outside the piney woods of east texas warm air across texas and oklahoma kansas missouri temperatures are much warmer than they've seen the last several days while we were in i guess dealing with the chilly air but that chillier will start the receipt as we head into the next day to day and a half at parties to improve out there right now as temperatures will be chilly but not as cold as the last couple nights about 38 3840 will have some frost so east of i 75 alon with some patchy fog so watch for that otherwise a number gorgeous afternoon tomorrow in fact amateurs will be up anothe notch probably into the upper 60s maybe closest 70 and a couple of hot as we take a look at the scenic city 40 to 60 to 66 by quitting time that's nice out there as a look at our regional future cash for wednesday night fair skies cool but not cold lower 40s and then we'll see some passing clouds rolled through the day on the thursday as i amateurs once again are going to be back into the upper 60s very see these readings at allstate basically near-normal for thursday but lots of sunshine returns for friday i hiked immaturely bouncing back into the 70s for the upcoming weekend next area of rain tuesday and wednesday will keep her eyes on a tropica system is well as a next front will pull on through but here's our extended future cast gettin ready for the weekend thursday evening as clouds slip onto the south needs lots of sunshine returns upper will start on friday high temperatures around 70 to 72 should be some great looking weather for others football games and heading into the weekend so looking good saturday and sunday if you clouds the receipt all this tropical does arab weather, bubbling across florida and eventually may scoop back in th gulf of mexico so that company will keep her eyes on tuesday and wednesday but until then looking like a temperature forecast around here is all detail more that in your seven- day forecast come up and just from the pb fibrotic is whether center hears that seven-day forecast mark you chilly start but it always on by the afternoon with lots of sunshine upper's xts will stay in the neck of the woods to those temperatures through thursday warmer on friday and boy look a that out emily and danielle will be well into the avenues for th weekend ... senior administration officials described the man as i in the present is said to be cautious optimistic tonight and we've also learned president of the six to speak at some point even if the race has not been decided ... presidential monitors election results from the white house cbs news project he is on this dated indiana and it 1111 world though cbs news also projects victory for the president in the he was expected you out including oklahoma can the antennas the earlier the president talked about his chances of winning as he visite campaign had orders in virginia and have a great night but it's politics and its elections and you never know winning is easy losing is never easy for me it' not present in front looks for a big turnout from his supporters at the polls today i like the course for texas law i don't believe socialism early in the president are more can earned about the economy even over cod that the is hosting invited guest the white house for his election night party does here tonight our cabinet official and natalie grant in washington i michael georgia the biden campaign had orders in coming t confident he's going to delawarewin...even if it takes cbs news projects joe biden has won a number of states including new york, massachusetts and his homestate of delaware.

-nats/sot- we're going to rebuild the middle class the democratic presidential nominee capped his election day in delaware.

I'm superstitious about predicting what an outcome is going to be/but i'm hopeful a cbs news exit poll finds a =majority= of voters think the u.s. efforts to control the coronavirus are going badly, which may help biden: for me in my mind there is no justification for the negligence that has gone on for the last four years biden is hoping to capture a large share of first time voters.

I voted for joe biden because i felt like his policies best aligned with my views.

A cbs news exit poll also finds independent voters broke for biden in a big way 17 points higher than for president trump...i'm michael george at biden headquarters, now back to you.

"you're watching news 12 at 11.

Your news now."

Teenagers are buying less clothing and more video games.

The pandemic is changing the way the gen z age group spends money - and causing teens to tighten the purse strings like never before.

Elise preston has more, in our consumer news.

Alexis burkhalter is a high school junior in columbus, ohio.

Her passion is competitive tennis.

Nats playing..

And until the pandemic, she enjoyed trips to the mall.

I think it was really just a good way to hang out with your friends, get stuff you need teenage shoppers are an important slice of the nation's economy.

Piper sandler senior research analyst erinn murphy tracks their spending.

:40 this year in particular spending was at the lowest we've seen in the two decades we've conducted this survey the survey says teens spent about 21-hundred dollars this year, a 9-percent drop from last year.

- a trend that's at least partly a result of the pandemic.

2:40 there's clearly things in the wallet that you can't spend on that maybe you used to.

Whether it's going out to eat with your friends or whether it's concerts spending on cosmetics dropped 20-percent.

And apparel was down 11- percent.

To about 507- dollars per teen.

With nike as the number one brand one area that bucked the trend - video games.

Videogames moved from 8 percent of the total wallet to 10 percent of the wallet another change is in the =way= teenagers shop.

The pandemic drove them out of stores and on-line.

90-percent now say they spend money on e- commerce alexis says she never shopped online before this year.

Now she spends about 120-dollars a month over the internet, money she earns doing chores.

11:33 burkhalter: i want to be sad for myself that i can't see my friends as much and hang out with my friends, but i just know people are in a worse situation than i am.

In fact, nearly half of all teens believe the economy is getting worse - which could mean more belt-tightening in the future.

Ep, cbs news, new york good evening, as we wait for the elections to come down, i'm here with zach wamp.

Tell us a little bit abut the national council of election integrity.

Good evening zach, how are you doing today?

I'm great, thanks for having a little bit about the national council and what you have been preparing for today.

So for the last 6 weeks, 44 americans, 40 of us have served in some form of federal capacity, plus some four four star generals, have been meeting in a very bi- partisan way for this moment because there are three things that we want to say today.

One is thank the voters for going through whatever they had to go through to vote.

This is incredible interest at a time when we had thought people didn't care anymore about who leads and their country.

They actually do.


The next thing, we don't want the candidates playing refree and declaring victory or defeat too early because we might not know whether or not they have won or lost.

So far, that's going well.

Third, starting now, everybody needs to stay calm and patient.

Some of these states are early callers.

They'll come in tonight, we'll know.

Some of them are late counters.

They couldn't start counting absentee ballots until today.

We know wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania are states that you might not get a full count until friday or even later.

We have to remain patient.

The closer that it is, the closer it stays, the more important it is to remain calm.

In 50 states, we have very credible election officials and professionals running these elections.

We've had a great history of this.

There is no reason to second guess this or to doubt them now.

We can have confidence in our elections in this country and frankly, this has gone better to this point than we thought it might.

So, we really are still hopeful that it will be peaceful.

We will not have violence.

We've been concerned in preperation about the major cities.

They've boarded up.

They are concerned about protests turning into demonstrations.

Potentially turning violent.

You've got militia in some of the rural parts of the countries that have actually been rattling the sabers and making noise.

But, we need to go throughout his and show the world that we can peacefully transfer power or that or hold power.

That we can hold elections during a pandemic.

That our country can be the beacon of light to the world on freedom, fair and honest election.

Talk a little bit about that.

Iin hamilton county, we haven't seen any businesses boarded up, we haven't had any credible threats or anything like that.

What does that say about iur voters here.

Well, you get outside of the major cities and here locally, there's not a lot of anxiety.

There's not a lot of hate to be honest with you.

We get along better than most places in this country.

We are a pretty diverse place in terms of our ethnicity and in terms of our voters.

It probably leans right, but the city of chattanooga is a democratic city and the county is probably a republican county.

We get along well and frankly, discourage this kind of thing.

It doesn't mean that it couldn't happen.

So, we always have to be vigilant.

But, i'm real proud of our city forf the fact that we can actually do this and people voted in massive number is hamilton county today and so far, it's gone well.

Last question, we have seen all of the numbers coming down, talk a little bit about what you have to say to voters as we wait these last few hours.

Well again, everybody wants to know who won.

But, you don't have to.

There's been many, many times when counts come later.

Now, florida in 2000, i remember vividly, that took over a month and there could be a potential supreme court challenge.

There's going to be litigation, but hopefully we will know a good answer as to whose won.

I appreciate president trump's comments today that he was not going to jump the gun.

I hope that he doesn't jump the gun and declare victory until we absolutely know difintevley who won.

But, everybody in this country needs to stay calm.

We're going to get there and we need to have a peaceful transfer of power because at the end of the day, we could be republicans, democrats, conservatives, liberals, different colors, different sizes.

But, we are all americans and if you agree to that principle that's what's more important.

Our message as the national council of election integrity, is if there ever was a day to put your country over your party, it's today.

That is so right.

That is all that we have for you right now.

Stay with us, we'll have more after the break.

"now from the news 12 sports desk."

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