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Sunday, 28 February 2021


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Congressman is sounding the alarm on potential violence after tomorrow's election.

And we have guidance on where and how to vote if you've tested positive for covid 19.

Those stories straight ahead on news 12 now at 6.

"news 12 at 6.

Your news starts now."

Good evening.

I'm emily cassulo.

Thanks for joining us for news 12 now at 6.

Andrew has the night off.

As election day approaches, a growing concern for many americans is the possibility of civil unrest.

News 12's kenan scott spoke with the national council on election integrity on what's being done to prevent violence.

In the run up to the 2020 presidential election, many citizens and officials alike fear the possibility of civil unrest in the wake of tuesday's election.

But members of the national council on election integrity are warning that we might not find out who the winner of the election is until days after the election.

The council, which is a bipartisan group comprising of over 40 former cabinet secretaries, elected officials, and military leaders, announced plans to spend over 6 million dollars on advertising nationally and in key battleground states in the post-election period.

Their goal is to ensure that every american's vote - especially those in states such as michigan where votes are still counted past election day - is counted.

Former house representative from tennessee's third district, zach wamp, urged against the idea of candidates declaring an early victory on election night, saying that it could ignite violence in many american cities.

"there's tremendous interest in this election, that's the good news.

The bad news is we're very tribal and there's almost a tinder box out there that could be ignited that we're concerned about, you know, violence."

Former secretary of state madeline albright, a sitting member of the council, urged officials in a zoom meeting today to ensure that all votes are counted in order to prevent violent unrest.

"fair elections this year will bolster trust and confidence in our democratic institutions.

Authoritarian regimes hope to provoke infighting and political violence in the united states.

We must stand united and come together as americans to make our voices heard on election day and then ensure that every vote is counted."

The council will be holding optional daily meetings starting tomorrow at 4pm eastern via zoom.

Reporting in chattanooga, kenan scott news 12 now.

In less than 24 hours, americans across the country will be lined up to cast their vote.

Now, the c-d-c has new protocols for poll locations.

News 12's winston reed shows us how election day in georgia will be impacted.

Georgia secretary of state brad raffensperger expects this year's election day to be both historic and unique.

"my goal, which have been working toward since my election, is to provide a smooth, safe, responsible and sensible voting experience for each and every georgia voter.

Regardless of zip code, your vote counts."

The cdc updated covid-19 guidelines so all registered voters can cast their ballot in person, even if you are in quarantine or isolation phase.

"we are trying to make accomodations for these people to be able to go out and vote themselves."

Stand up: infectious disease director for the north georgia health district, strongly recommends the status quo for covid-19 precautions.

Mask wearing, social distancing and even informing your polling location if you are an active case.

"we want to make sure that the poll that you're going to knows that you are a contact or a case so they can help facilitate your activites at the poll site themselves."

Although covid precations are suggested, it's not mandatory.

"you can't turn away someone for not wearing a mask.

All poll workers and individual poll managers have to make those decisions on site but you cannot give any additional barriers to any georgians registered to vote."

Georgia officials say more than 400 thousand georgians requested their absentee ballots online.

And more than 100 thousand signed up for ballot tracking services for for updates on their absentee status.

Gabriel sterling explains what you can do if you have not received your absentee ballot yet.

There's two things they can do: they can wait for today, see if the ballot comes in, vote it and then drop it in the drop box but the main thing that they're probably going to have to do is go to their polling location, tell the poll worker and poll manager they need to cancel their ballot, get that canceled and then they'll be able to vote in person.

Sterling says data suggest about a 20 minute wait time at each polling location in georgia.

More than half of tennessee registered voters have already cast their ballots early in-person, or absentee by mail.

Secrety of state tre hargett suggests arriving at polling sites at non peak times, like mid-morning or afternoon.

Hargett also says polling sites will also follow c-d-c guidelines.

Hargett says you should contact your local election commission about voting sites that accommodate voters who have the coronavirus.

Tennessee u-s senate candidate bill hagerty was making stops across the state today, campaigning with senator marsha blackburn.

In the final hours before election day, the trump-endorsed candidate says he is feeling good about where he's positioned for election day.

> "but i'm not taking anything for granted i'm getting out and working hard for every single vote i can earn here in tennessee."

"we're making certain that every possible vote gets in that ballot http: hagerty is running against democratic candidate marquita bradshaw.

In walker county, a fire this morning displaced a family of six.

Firefighters responded to a home on henry hawkins drive in the center post community shortly before 8.

Five adults and a child were inside when the fire started.

Everyone got out safely and no one was hurt.

Walker county fire rescue investigators ruled it was acciental.

The home, which did have working smoke alarms, is considered a total loss.

Firefighters are investigating the cause of a house fire in ooltewah this morning.

It happened shortly after 6:30 at a home on azlar drive.

The tri-community volunteer fire department responded.

The homeowners were out of town.

No one was hurt.

The tennessee highway patrol has identified the driver who was killed in wreck friday in polk county.

They say 28 year old ian galloway's ford focus struck a road sign and a tree before coming to rest on railroad tracks.

Galloway was from benton.

We now know the ages of the victims who were injured in a shooting saturday afternoon.

Chattanooga police say two of the victims are 19, and the third is 18.

The shooting happened on glenwood drive near c-h-i memorial hospital.

Police say one victim's injuries are life threatening.

They're still investigating.

Call c-p-d if you have any information.

A local mall operator is filing for bankruptcy protection.

C-b-l says their malls will remain open as they go through the process.

The company has been hurt by the coronavirus pandemic, but even before the virus, malls have struggled to attract shoppers who are increasingly shopping online or elsewhere.

Based in chattanooga, c- b-l operates 107 malls across the u.s. now, from the epb fiberoptics we as the world is the valley and another night i had the undoubted temperatures are already turning to legible like reading your freezing levels like tomorrow morning because o that most of the valley under that frost advisory until 9 am tuesday and in the rest of the viewing area under freeze warnings now this is going to b mainly higher elevation as they are expected to be several degrees cooler than the rest of the valley right now 52 in chattanooga in droppings 48 hills like indulge in it alread feels like 42 over and murphy get a light breeze out there only 15 to 20 miles an hour in isolated areas will be continuing tonight has been going to the evening any any plans you want to bring a jacke 10 pm 410 and by midnight were to be in the upper 30s and dropping any fishing plans for tomorrow is going to be a good day to go cold dark warmer or the afternoon best time to go a can be between three and 4:30 pm we got back we had across the state line to learn about how wonderful it is in the classroo outdoor is another example of her this morning's 380 and only warms up to a chilly and windy 50s sex and as we go into today's time-lapse of the day really white conditions not allowed in this guy but against the cold temperatures were the big story or today and this is provided by the epb fiber optic whether cam networks again not cold front is a long gone came yes today i renewed it again all the way down into the florida area as you can see high- pressure system just so hitting over the tennis the value will be keeping a strike for the next several days and not a lot happening in the southeast region it will continue to be white for the next several days but checking in on the tropics month or of us storm hurricane anita now a category four hurricane as of about 5 pm toda just shy of that category five criteria right now maximums the team wins meets at 130 mph will likely be making landfall as a category two hurricane to areas now this is can be bringing catastrophic wings storm surge and life-threatening flash flooding to the region noticed the remnants of this hurricane will be once again pushing back into the tropical atlantic so w can have some redeveloping here for the next several days syste that will be watching for any impacts for the gulf coast morning low six exited it down near freezing levels once again 30 x expected in chattanooga 37 and 3903 and 8 and 9000 3903 and 8 and 9003 497-5753 and $.05 oh and 2 and $.05 oh and 220898; 2, 51 < 609 4-18 and 60; 114 and 8 1234 730 85),.

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It brings awareness of the importance of agriculture, and helps them make the connection between farms and food.

8th graders can even take basic agri-science for high school credit.

The program is another example of what's right with our schools.

Natural sound: guys meet me at the fire pit.

Betts: saddle ridge is the only school in walker county that has agriculture education, kindergarten through eighth grade.

We are one of 26 schools in georgia that offers that to our students.

Brie: i like being out here because i get to hang out with my friends and it's just nice seeing all of this nature that is being grown.

And to see how far all the six graders of the school have grown.

And, lola what do you think?

It's fun!

Cathy: so many kids these days get stuck inside and spend way too much time on technology.

And with this year i was having to do so much virtual learning, digital learning i can't do my group projects i love to do in class as much.

So getting them outside we can do more things outside, and just getting them away from that technology and computers that they are pretty much in front of all day long even at school just because the way of the times these days.

Betts: so that just gives us a lot of opportunities to teach the children about where the food and the fiber comes from.

And most children think that groceries come from the store.

They need to know that farmers, that's where it starts.

It starts on the form and then goes to a lot of different progressions until it reaches the consumers.

And that's one of the messages we are trying to teach these children.

Natural sound: did you see that?

I did that was fantastic!

Kara: there are lots of benefits to having the kids out in the forest.

And it goes way beyond getting to enjoy nature.

There is different skills.

People don't think about that much anymore but it tells them when they aren't climbing a tree they are learning a lesson.

If they get so high and they slip they learn well hey i guess i must change what i am doing in order to make it to the top.

Natural sound: you guys received a grant.

Betts: the grant to build the outdoor learning lab, i hope will provide the opportunities for a lot of the students.

Not just our first kindergarten children or six graders or ag ed students but all of the students at saddle ridge.

So there are a lot of things that we can do with an outdoor learning lab or a covered pavilion, that will open up the opportunities for our students to learn.

If you have an idea for a story, go to our website, wdef dot com.

Look for the icon that says what's right with our schools, and you'll find a link to post your story idea.

The s-e-c fines florida coach dan mullen ahead of saturday's game with georgia.

Here's rick nyman with sports.

Plus, the coronavirus has already impacted the first week of the tennessee high school football playoffs.

And the titans defense continues to take some lumps.

"now from the news 12 sports desk."

Florida coach dan mullen will be a little lighter in the wallet heading into the georgia game.

The s-e-c fined him 25- thousand dollars for violating the league's sportsmanship policy, stemming from that brawl in the gators game saturday with missouri.

After a late hit on florida quarterback kyle trask before the half, a brawl broke out.

Mullen then came back on the field and basically insighted the crowd.

Then he wore a darth vader costume to his presser since it was halloween.

Gators defensive end zachary carter and defensive lineman antwaun powell will be suspended for the first half of the georgia game for their role in the brawl.

Georgia coach kirby smart would likely rather take questions about darth vader than about who will start at quarterback for georgia after stetson bennett went 9 of 13 against kentucky with two picks.

Smart:"and ultimately we feel like stetson gives us the best chance to win right now.

D'wan gets a lot of work.

Lot of reps and competes really hard at it.

He continues to improve and shows us that he's the better guy.

Then he would be the guy up.

Same thing with j.t.


Probably doesn't get as many opportunities as stetson does and d'wan does because he works down there with us some on the scout team."

Smart also updated the condition of defensive back richard lecounte, who was injured in a motorcycle crash on saturday evening.

Smart says lecounte was moved out of i-c-u into a regular hospital room.

He obviously won't play saturday against the gators.

After the titans last two games, some fans might wonder if the team is going to fire their defensive coordinator.


The titans don't have a defensive coordinator.

Maybe the defense by committee approach isn't working.

In their loss to the bengals sunday, the titans had zero sacks, and their defense struggled to get off the field on third down.

Tennessee has the worst third down defense in the n-f-l.

The titans did make a trade today for chargers defensive back desmond king.

Maybe he can be a spark.

Vrabel:"a player that we felt like could help us.

Come in.

Has played db.

Been disruptive.

Been an affective blitzer.

Done some things.

We'll see where he's at when he gets here.

He's going to be away from the building for awhile.

Going through protocols.

We won't know much until much later on in the week."

It appears the titans defensive changes have snagged isaiah mack.

Tennessee has reportedly cut the former chattanooga moc.

Mack landed with the team as an unsigned free agent in 20-19.

He played in six games this season with two tackles.

Howard's football season has come to an unexpected end thanks to the coronavirus.

A member of the team tested positive for the virus last week, and due to quarantine, the hustlin' tigers won't be able to make their playoff trip to greeneville on friday.

Howard ends their 20-20 campaign with a 6-5 record.

Meigs county's playoff opener has been scratched too after their opponent had a a positive test, sot meigs county has advance to round two.

The signal mountain girls claimed their third consecutive state title this afternoon in murfreesboro.

East hamilton is also trying to bring back a state championship to chattanooga.

Here's a final look at our forecast...

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