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Monday, 8 March 2021

530 Presidential Election Coverage 11.04.2020

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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530 Presidential Election Coverage 11.04.2020
530 Presidential Election Coverage 11.04.2020
White house race between Biden and Trump. Andrew Dymburt Package.

Too close to call.

That surge of early and mail in voting.... leading to delays tabulating all the expected neither president trump or vice president joe biden has secured the 270 electoral votes to win the presidency... but that didn't stop the president from falsely claiming he won and for no more votes to be counted.

Andrew dymburt is in washington tracking the latest developments.

L3: election 2020 white waiting for the count president trump says no more votes should be counted it's a race to the finish line - and the margin still razor thin in the states that could tip the scales in the 2020 election.

As predicted for months - counting the record shattering number of mail in and absentee votes in battleground states is taking time, as anxious americans wait to see who wins the white house.

Although the race is still too close to project -- last night, both president trump and joe biden securing several all important wins.

Nats: ohio or florida called for trump nats: va called for biden biden, addressing the nation this evening.

Not declaring victory but saying he's confident he will win once the votes are counted biden sot: we the people cannot be silence.

We the people will not be bullied.

We the people will not surrrender.

My friends, i'm confident we'll emerge victorious."

The trump campaign meanwhile doubling down - without evidence - on cheating claims. eric trump saying the campaign plans to challenge the extended pennsylvania vote count in court.

Sot - eric trump: "guys this is fraud.

This is absolute fraud.


We are going to file suit in pennsylvania."

President trump however, again casting doubt on the election's integrity - without evidence.

Demanding that no more votes be counted.

Sot trump "we want a voting to stop.

We don't want them to find any ballots at 4:00 in the morning and add them to the list.


Legal experts say, the president can't stop the vote counting, and state officials are promising to count every valid vote.

Sot - mi sec of state benson "our election clerks and our election workers have been working throughout the night to tabulate every vote and ensure that every vote is counted."

Sot - ga sec of state raffensperger "every legal vote will count."

Biden is also holding on to much of the "blue wall" states - but there could be cracks.

Trump is leading in pennsylvania, but officials say there are millions more ballots to be tallied,and the us supreme court ruled they have through friday to count them.

Tag: to be clear - election officials have been cautioning in the lead up to election night that it would take days to count the millions of mail in ballots.

But the fact that it is taking time isn't all that uncommon and doesn't mean there's any problem.

Andrew dymburt abc news washington.

It's a celebration of


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