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Saturday, 27 February 2021

WCBI NEWS AT TEN -11-05-20

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WCBI NEWS AT TEN -11-05-20
WCBI NEWS AT TEN -11-05-20
WCBI NEWS AT TEN -11-05-20

News stinger goes here thanks for staying up with us tonight, i'm cash matlock.

Breaking news out of sturgis tonight.

Deputies in oktibbeha county are in a possible standoff situation right now.

Sources closes to wcbi tell us a man lead deputies on a high speed chase after allegedly stealing a vehicle.

Those on scene say the man is possibly armed and dangerous.

We go now to reporters stephen pimpo and stephanie poole who are live on the scene... guys what can you tell us?

That's right cash, we are on hwy 12.

They are rerouting cars on tom street just nearby.

We were initially closer to the scene but law enforcement officers have pushed us back for our own safety.

Now, officers have confirmed this is an ongoing situation however they are not going into details about what has happened.

Property owners say the suspect is in a pond just outside their homes and won't come out.

Sturgis police department, mhp and oktibehha sheriff depatement have the entire area surrounded.

We will continue to report new information as it develops.

For those of you just now tuning this is an ongoing situation.

Law enforcement officers have not confirmed any details but for now reporting live in just now tuning this is an ongoing situation.

Law enforcement officers have not confirmed any details but for now reporting live in sturgis, stefanie poole, wcbi news in other news.... state's election laws are under the microscope.

And the majority of states allow some form of in- person no-excuse early voting.

Mississippi does not.

Courtney ann jackson joins us now with what she's learned from state leaders today.

As mississippians reflect on election day--- "some people said they've been in line like three hours."

That's brought some to the question of whether mississippi would consider early voting.

0:09 "you have weather.

You have sickness.

You never know what could happen at that time when it's time to vote."

"we should make it easier for people to vote and not harder."

"the earlier, the better."

Senator david blount has filed legislation for years now in attempt to change the election laws.

And says he'll do the same this upcoming session.

0:28 "we've got to the same this upcoming session.

Years now in attempt to change the election laws.

And says he'll do the same this upcoming session.

0:28 "we've got to be customer service oriented.

And if you had a business where people had to wait in line for 2 or 3 hours to buy your product, you would adjust your business and that's what we need to do.

Early voting is in person.

It requires an id just like election day does."

Republican senator joey fillingane says he expects more conversations surrounding the topic.

0:48 "i can tell you where i want us to come down is certainly to make it as accessible as possible while still maintaining the voter integrity."

But governor reeves tweeting that he'll do everything in his power to make sure universal mail-in voting and no-excuse early voting are not allowed in ms while he's governor.

He says the only way it would happen is with a veto override.

But at least one house republican says---he doesn't think it should be controversial.

"this is one of those issues that shouldn't be partisan and it's been made to kind of be that recently.

So, hopefully the solution that we find is something that all parties are on board with.

We certainly don't want the drama."


Governor delbert hosemann previously supported an early voting option while he was serving as secretary of state.

First look stinger summary: mild fall air is slated to continue through the weekend and next week.

Rain chances will remain slim but a few showers can't be ruled out on saturday.

Higher odds will wait until the middle to end of next week.

Thursday: a few high clouds.

Lows night for high school football.

The macon police department is asking for your help locating a missing 14-year- old.

According to the department's facebook page, malachi lindsey left home around 3 pm on tuesday, november 3rd.

He was last seen wearing a blue hoodie, black jeans with holes in the front of them, white tennis shoes and carrying a black backpack.

If you have seen malachi or have any information on his whereabouts, contact the macon police department.

Starkville police have arrested two people in connection with a wednesday shooting.

Investigators arrested kentravius splouge and james o'briant last night.

They're both charged with aggravated assault, shooting into a dwelling, and shooting into an automobile.

Investigators say the first shots fired call came in at 11 o'clock wednesday morning around the sand hill area.

Then the suspects allegedly made their way to blake court townhouses on old highway 25 where police got a second shots fired call.

No one was injured in the shooting.

The incident remains under investigation.

Top be on the look out for two men wanted for aggravated assault in west point.

Investigators there have issued arrest warrants for tjai jones and jamoni tillman.

Both are wanted in connection with a tuesday shooting at the west point deli.

That's on north division and bugg street.

One man was airlifted to an area hospital with injuries from the shooting.

If you have any information that can help police, contact the golden triangle crime stoppers at 1-800-530-7151 or the west point police department at 662- 494-1244.

Stinger-stinger wcbi continuing coverage stinger since tuesday night, you're likely been glued to the tv, telephone, or computer - watching as the votes are counted in the presidential election.

Many americans say they're experiencing stress and anxiety from it all.

Our stephanie poole has a few tips to help relieve stress.

Results of the 2020 presidential election are slowly rolling in, but for several americans it's just not quick enough.

"every time i wake up in the morning, i'm just scrolling to look through to see what's going on with it.

One website may say this.

One website may say that."

Thousands across the country are restless over the outcome of the election.

For will moak,it's simply a waiting game.

" we're nervous, we're just kind of wondering what's gone happen.

There's a-lot of uncertainty, i've been watching the news alot and just unsure of what's actually going to happen."

Butt sots " a-lot of people at work at stressed."

Counselor wendi woods of christian changes in starkville says there are a couple ways to stay stress free.

" if you play on your phone before bedtime, that's no a good idea because it keeps your brain active and engaged.

Right before bedtime, maybe take a 20 to 30 minute break from any media.any blue screens, telephones, computers, even television."

Intentional breathing exercises, woods says, is vital when it comes to body relaxation.

" you want to breathe like this and hold your breath for several seconds and let it out.

" mental health experts also suggest these methods to help reduce the stress.

" while everyone is waiting for answers, that's an area we don't have control over.

In situations where we don't have control, we tend to experience the most stress.

" butt sots " i really do think we need to take a break to help you out.

Instead of just looking at the tv all day waiting and some of this stuff will manipulate your mind if you look at it too long."

Woods says it's one thing to remember...patienc e is key.

"everyone has been impacted by the election, by racial tensions, by the unrest across our country, and by the pandemic itself.

Reminding ourselves to not only be patience with others but also being patient with ourselves."

The few states report ballot numbers are nevada, pennsylvania, north carolina, georgia,and arizona.

éé mississippi is reporting its second highest number of new covid-19 cases since this summer.

The health department is reporting 1,612 new cases today and 8 deaths.

In our area, lee county has the most new cases with 58.

Lowndes county has 40; pontotoc is reporting 28 and okitbbeha has 19 new cases.

689 people are hospitalized with confirmed or suspected cases of covid-19.

168 patients are in icu.

73 are on a ventilator.

Top the mississippi department of transportation will soon make an announcement regarding the new roundabout at the intersection of military road and highway 82.

Portions of the roadway will be blocked off so workers can finish construction.

Mdot is set to make an official announcement regarding alternate routes and lane closures sometime before noon tomorrow.

They say no matter what they decide, closures won't begin until this sunday.

Stinger wx open summary: mild fall air is slated to continue through the weekend and next week.

Rain chances will remain slim but a few showers can't be summary: mild fall air is slated to continue through the weekend and next week.

Rain chances will remain slim but a few showers can't be ruled out on saturday.

Higher odds will wait until the middle to end of next week.

Tropics: the remnants of hurricane eta are still forecast to drift back up to near south florida by late in the weekend.

The system could linger somewhere in the eastern gulf of mexico through most of next week.

It still appears as though it won't be an issue for our region but we'll keep watching.

Thursday: a few high clouds.

Lows in the mid to upper 40s.

Light wind.

Friday: partly cloudy and mild.

Highs in the low to mid 70s.

Evening temperatures in the 60s and 50s making for a nice night for high school football.

Friday night: scattered clouds.

Lows in the 50s.

Saturday: partly to mostly cloudy.

Just a slight chance of a few showers.

Highs in the mid 70s.

Conditions should be pretty good for the msu game in starkville during the afternoon.

Lows around 60 saturday night.

Sunday - tuesday: partly cloudy.

Warm highs in the upper 70s.

Lows around 60.

Wednesday - thursday: partly to mostly cloudy with a chance of showers.

Highs stay in the 70s with lows in the low 60s.

Follow @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, instagram, and the wcbi news app summary: mild fall air is slated to continue through facebook, twitter, instagram, and the wcbi news app stinger after the break, we wrap our talk on hospice care.

Health talk with baptist is next, stay with tonight we wrap up our three part conversation on hospice care.

Amy burdine joins us for health talk with baptist.

Take a look.

Tonight we are going to go over questions where is that this hospice located how far is your closest nurse about this hospice is located in columbus mississippi with staff throughout the golden tribal area we need help for your love one timely care is very important some people ask respite care is a benefit for hospice patients to allow caregivers to break out this hospice offers up to five days of respite care at baptist memorial hospital golden triangle while respite care level and will receive around- the-clock care by the final question asked where does the hospice agency provide general inpatient services generalization services gip is a benefit offered to hospice patients that are having trouble managing out of control symptoms such as pain shortness of breath nausea and vomiting that is hospice trying to provide gip services at baptist memorial hospital going trying to join us next time with have talked with that isno script billboard attached stinger nick bell's legacy continues to live on... next in sports how the former bulldog is still making an impact ten years after his death spx open spx open ááátake gfxááá number 36& a special one for the mississippi state football family& it's what former defensive end nick bell wore before he died after fighting a battle with cancer ten years ago at the age of 20& since his death& his mother has been leading the charge in continuing to honor him and make sure his memory isn't forgotten& ááátake pkgááá 00-05 1:25-1:30 bell says: he loved people.

He loved god.

He just wanted to be an example and he showed that through the way he acted towards people his mother linda launched the nick bell foundation shortly after his death& it's mission& to empower young people to become confident& kind& and generous young men and women& the goal is to have the same impact on people that he did bell says: even his coaches have told me nick had impacted their lives more than they have ever felt that they had impacted his.

I was looking at things reminding me of him being courageous and those are the traits we want to teach those kids.

The things we saw in my boy.

Some of the foundation's funds go towards camps& which help teach those character traits nick had...but another component of bell's mission includes trying to implement character requirements into the school curriculum& she's attempting to get it through the state legislature bell says: "kids are not getting what they need if they are being drawn to the streets.

We need to find out what they need and offer it to them in a controlled environment and then teach and encourage them from k-12.

It would make a huge difference for them but also for the community" anderson says: "i have never seen anything in the school system that can equal what was written up and used for young children."

The next step is to have some events at mississippi state in the near future& when things are safer& to help raise money for the nick bell scholarship& and continue to honor her son's legacy bell says: "my baby has still been gone for 10 years, but people still remember him like he is still here."

ááátake gfxááá if you'd like to donate or volunteer for future events... head to nickbellfoundatio with the playoffs kicking off for 2a, 3a and 4a....we're heheading to louisville for an all area match up for our game of the week!

The louisville wildcats welcome caledonia to town for the 1st round of the playoffs.

The powercats enter the game 8-1 and undefeated in division play granting them homefield....meanw hile caledonia is making back to back playoff appearances in hopes of the upset win.

Both teams enter the game feeling confident and ready to hit the ground running friday night!

"if you can run the football in this new season, you can be successful eapeciywhrn you have a really good defense.

I like what we're doing right now.

I like where our team is at now.

It's exciting.

It's playoff football.

You have to be prepared and be ready every friday night!"

"they say if they can't score, they can't win so we have to make sure to play lights out and go as hard as we can."

"our young men have had a great week of practice.

I like where we're at.

They've kept their head up all year.

The ball hasn't bounced our way like we've wanted to each and every game this year, but we're going to put our best football forward tomorrow night and see what we can do in the first round of the playoffs."

"a win for us means we can do something caledonia hasn't done in awhile and go to the second round of the playoffs."

Be sure to tune into endzone tomorrow night for full game highlights on the matchup!

Okolona and nanih waiya squaring off for some thursday night action 1st quarter...nanih waiya would strike first -- jr coleman takes the handoff and works his way through traffic...warriors would capitalize off the drive with a touchdown, warriors up 7-zip later in the 1st -- warriors back in the redzone, tyquan mccully goes right up the gut for the 1 yard score...nanih waiya ahead 13-0 after missed xp closing out the 1st quarter -- qb tanner courtney drops back and connects with taylor higginbothan for the score...warriors go up 20-0 nanih waiya goes on to win 41-20 gordo taking on brooks to kickoff the playoffs!

1st quarter, 1st drive....sophomore back rayshun williams takes it in for the td...6-0 green wave 2nd quarter....tied game....williams again breaking tackles...scores his 2nd td of the game....12-6 gordo ensuing drive....brooks in the red zone...hunter oglen jumps the screen pass and takes it all the way to the crib!!

95 yard pick 6!!!

Green wave lead 20-6 gordo gets the win.

41 to 12 baldwyn hosting myrtle thursday night... after picking off a baldwyn pass the hawks pushed back and forced to punt out of their own endzone....the high snap and that is a safety...2-nothing bearcats... they get the ball on the free kick and qb maddux richey finds pete gouine in the corner of the endzone touchdown...the xp was blocked and it was 8-nothing... after stopping the hawks again..the pitch to kylan billups and he is in for the score 15- nothing bearcats.... waning moments of the first's billups up the middle this time and it was 22- nothing after one quarter... second quarter..the sweep this time by jojo christian....he's in and the made it 29- nothing..offensive explosion and the final score of the second richey quick toss to jamaury marshall...36- nothing at the half.....


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