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Tuesday, 13 April 2021


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Continues in the race to 270 electoral votes.

And the race is tightening in georgia as they come down the home stretch for finishing their count.

Those stories straight ahead on news 12 now at 5:30.

"news 12 now at 5:30.

Your news starts now."

Good evening.

I'm emily cassulo.

Thanks for joining us for news 12 now at 5:30.

Andrew has the night off.

A senior administration official tells cbs news the president may not concede the election, if joe biden declares victory.

The race for the white house hinges on just a handful of states, where the ballot counting continues.

Michael george is in wilmington, delaware with more.

The vote count between joe biden and president trump in several uncalled states continues to narrow.

Presidential candidate/today) "in america, the vote is sacred.

In georgia, the president holds the lead, while biden leads in the western states of arizona and nevada.

"we want to make sure that we're being accurate...the results of the state of nv gonna be important to the entire country and that is our number one goal" the biden campaign believes the vote count is looking better and better for them.

On twitter, president trump demanded election officials "stop the count' and made allegations of voter fraud -- which were flagged as misleading by twitter.

The trump campaign has filed multiple legal challenges across several states -- with the latest filed in nevada.

"we firmly believe that there are many voters in this group of mail in people that are not proper voters."

"we are not aware of any improper ballots being processed."

President trump is celebrating a ruling in pennsylvania -- which allowed trump campaign officials to observe the vote count.

His lead over biden in the keystone state has shrunk as outstanding ballots from democrat-friendly areas continue to be counted.

"we are not leaving until we witness every single vote that transpires in there."

But the trump campaign's litigation strategy also hit setbacks thursday.

A georgia court dismissed a lawsuit over absentee ballots.

And in michigan -- a judge denied the trump campaign's request to halt ballot counting.

Michael george, cbs news, wilmington, delaware georgia has more than 40 thousand ballots left to count, with the presidential race still too close to call.

Georgia officials were originally hoping to have the results by noon today.

Now the state is hoping votes will all be tallied by the end of the night.

Secretary of state gabriel sterling spoke for a second time today, to give an update on where the georgia count is currently.

He echoed the same statements he said earlier in the day - that the vote counters are working as quickly as they can without sacrificing accuracy.

Sterling says people can put any fear to rest if they think georgia's vote count wont be accurate.

.i understand that in other states there are questions.

I can only speak for this state i can speak for the people of secretary raffensperger staff the election around the state they're going to get it right we are going to have an audit to prove we got it right.

We went from a bristol day audit which is a little more difficult to do then a traditional audit we are going to have a recount more then likely and we will see that states essential the same.

Sterling also referenced that florida received more votes than georgia, but there's a much closer finish in the peach state.

There are more votes in georgia required to be counted, before election officials can declare a winner.

Active covid-19 cases are up in hamilton county.

There are more than 12-hundred right now.

An active case is a posive covid-19 case, where the person is still in isolation.

Doctor paul hendricks says a person is usually considered active for 10 days.

He says it's based on the infection rate, from countless studies and research.

Mnany people have done testing theyve gone and studied the virus just to see if iut grows and after 10 days they find that the number of people that they can find with active infectious virus drops to pretty much zero at that point.

Find out at 6, why the 10 day could start earlier then you would think, and why a postive test doesnt mean the case is still active.

Chattanooga police are looking for the person who shot a man outside an apartment complex yesterday afternoon.

It happened around 12:30, near the carriage parc apartments on gunbarrel road.

Police were told the 20-year-old victim was a passenger in a car.

An unidentified person in another car pulled in behind them, shot him, and took off.

Some residents from the apartment complex tell news 12, bullets hit their building, but no one was hurt.

If you have any information, call chattanooga police.

There have been seven fires in walker county this past week.

There were no injuries or deaths.

While investigations of three of the fires are ongoing, four have been ruled as accidental, resulting from heat equipment.

Walker county fire & rescue officials want to remind residents to follow safety protocals during cold weather.

These include having three to five feet of distance from heaters with any items. "during the cold weather months, people try to stay warm and they don't use proper safety measures as needed.

Maintain proper clearance for the portable space heaters, to only use electronical boxes in a way that are designed, and use smoke alarms safely."

Walker county fire & rescue does provide free smoke alarms and installations.

Extra manpower had to be called to a fire off shallowford road this afternoon.

The call came in just after 1, of a burning structure on grider way.

Flames spread through the attic and quickly tore through the rest of the house.

Several additional crews responded to the fire due to the size of the building.

No one was hurt.

The cause is under investigation.

Chattanoogans voted to approve a charter amendment tuesday that reinforces the city's police advisory board.

77-percent of more than 65- thousand chattanoogans voted in favor of the amendment.

The police advisory board was formed last year, after a series of allegations of police brutality.

Councilwoman demetrus coonrod said the amendment was necessary to ensure its existence under future mayors and councils.

"ordinances they can change at any given time, right?

So with the severity of the issue of police brutality and our constintuients feeling really uneasy with our police department and we haven't just glued or built that positive relationship with them, it was important to have a place in the charter."

An additional amendment was also passed, which allows county, state, and federal government employees to run for city elected office.

Funeral arrangements have been set for the bus driver killed in the meigs county school bus crash last week.

Lisa dillard of birchwood was killed along with a 7 year old girl.

Dillard's celebration of life will be held this saturday at 7:30 at burdette baptist church.

Visitation will be from 5 to 7:30 that day.

Companion funeral home is in charge of arrangements.

Chattanooga firefighters are doing what they can to help a fellow first responder and his family.

Battalion chief david thompson's daughter, makayla, has special needs.

Her family is attempting to buy a van for her.

She's been in a wheelchair her entire life.

A gofundme page has been set up to raise money for makayla's dream car.

Thompson says if the family is able to slightly exceed their 20 thousand dollar goal, they will add some additional modifications to the van.

"if by some slim chance we do get over the 20,000 which is how much the van costs, we're gonna do a couple things for makayla as far as widening doors and things of that nature to make it easier for her to get around in the home."

A barbecue sale to raise money for the family will be held saturday, november 14th, on perimeter drive.

The 2020 chattanooga veteran center annual food drive is now accepting food items for the holiday season.

Last year, the center was able to feed more than 100 veterans and their families.

Former veteran and current outreach specialist, kevin baker, says the food drive this year is more essential than ever for veterans due to covid-19.

"my goal is to feed the families when they get out of school for the christmas break because we rely on two meals a day from the school that breakfast and lunch, so if i can take that away that bill right there that should be able to add to presents - buying, bills paid, things of that.

If i can take that worry away from our veterans, that would be great, that is my mission."

The veteran center is asking for non-perishable food items. for information on donating, head over to our website, wdef dot com.

Now, from the epb fiberoptics weather center, your storm team 12, 24 hour forecast.

Our 24 hour forecast shows up next on news 12 now at 5:30, patrick core >> is in the valle areas around 65 four though as we had for your nighttime no problem passing high clouds or to push out to these about the 5 x 9 o'clock closer to 50 by midnight solo pretty wife but if you want to keep track of all your news weather or even some traffic check out our news 12 now apple you to do search news 12 now and download i need some advice.

The salvation army's angel tree program is picking up chinese are much greater this year he to the coronavirus i may major sent there is a different program is off coming out tomorrow on friday to a little bit and down from of the additions you have this year an what we can ask in the coming weeks ... we go this year is a very strange your permit will enjoy the challenges and cameras so we see an increase of 4% of our lives over last year is a significant increase in.

Where are trying to meet the additional options for people this year your vehicle.

Angels walmart you will adopt angels at the mall was on morphine is in a gravelly square mall you're going to go online and see his army got work to do major smith that there are some people in our community that are now claiming part of this brand man people have lost her job there are so many children that benefit and each and every year right here in the tennessee valley and it touches so many lives major smacking was more about the impact it makes on th community we know all group for remember the no matter you christmas morning with magical jewel you we could sleep or results that ms. special events is so important is your sony challenging families the creative unit matter how bad your years there is a special time that you can look forward to and i will all say the list the additional people were a lo more people is a sure and be part of the park's respirators absolutely we don't want to forget the seniors who also benefit at now absolutely so many seniors all this time your are forgotten to shame for her role in to really hope the you know it's something we we tell seniors the us for anything you want and it's amazing they asked for sheets and blankets to oxen and it seems that a lot of love people to program flow we look forward to that part of being a part of this every year major side effects i like to be a par of sfa would help i come distribute some of the toys are the items to the seniors how can they do that how can i be part of this program this year you know very very good question because also see his army or you can sign up to volunteer with the many volunteers we volunteers to redo the volunteer to help distribute and sort so lucius volunteer lately at some point right here in a jamar smith thank you so much for what you do for our community each and every year in this program helping semi children and 70 seniors) ... valley will thank you for all his government should only write a letter to everyone we have much more head on east about no at five write a letter to everyone we have much more head on east about now at 530 it's all coming out right after the short prime in dealing with the cover 1908 and is collection this year has taken a call on a lot of mental health outlines the one for scarce and had to deal with all the take a look a volkswagen time doing it for as is the will you as a life loud out there the afternoon and gave us a filtered sunshine appearance but the nice setting sun is the word of the facility is a very fine weather over the next couple days we cannot that far way to soak as we your short range forecast of their eci clouds pushing off these tonigh there cool overnight giving away lots of sunshine pleasant on friday boys if you're really nice and for those big ballgames it's gonna be a quite nice out there is wealth for temperatures all in the 60s with the exception of memphis and to blown your 70 so that warm air continues to ascend from arkansas back in the texas is a look at our satellite radar shows a hike out wishing throug but notice no precipitation everything very dry across much of the nation from the rockies on a review east coast still very wide weatherwise a goodness as has been really nic and wide as we go through the a second half of the work week is high-pressure is now over the carolinas is starting to kinda ease off to the east and they said that warm air cross taxes the rio grande valley back into the red river and the number that's good be pushy in our direction as we had in to friday afternoon and the weekend with above normal temperatures so there's little local future cast a comfortably cool overnight tonight most of us into the upper 40s around 40 and a couple spots off to these murphy and ranger back in haynesville as well but by the afternoon what later that more chamber of commerce whether 70 to 70 70 to 73 as your forecast for friday really nice i think eyes will make it into the lowe 7068 at lunchtime 71 by quit time with the settings on as a regional future cash is good- looking football weather by saturday morning closer to 50 and then as we had the saturday afternoon lots of sunshine you like a clouds will drift on and those eyes near 70 near 750 so as we take a look at that were cast through the weekend in the next week on our forecast dry pleasantly warm giving way to a dry monday so on the one side but unsettled weather could be returning later next week especially maybe wednesday in the thursday as we have a proper moisture maybe from the leftovers that are hurricane at a i could be moving in the gulf of mexico so here's the extent of future cast from saturday evening through sunday notice more clouds start: from the out i temperatures will be in the 70s overnight lows are be much milder to will be into the uppe 50s and then as we head into the next several days there ec sunday and monday i areas of clouds and rain associated with perhaps the regeneration of data could be moving into the central gulf of mexico along with a rod and without combining i could give her some wet weather by wednesday and thursday it looks like that storm system may come to take its time moving on to the ease so that something will be continued watch over the next few days but keep it here will have your seven-day forecast in from the vb fiber artist weathe center hears that seven-day forecast look at those temperatures normally we should be 67 were to be well above normal the next avril days yocum lights out there should be a great weekend to get out and enjoy overnight lows only to th upper 50s around dixie and the weather looks dry through monda as well and at the finality dynamics had said words to maintain a mainline feature i is him and i wish my heads i just got a new cord ... i just got anyone from david i don't know the make it south i ... yeah i now ... hey kevin james or somebody graphics good they change the camera for me to leave .150hey kevin james or somebody graphic good they change the camera for and 103 and 1031210312345678 910 123456 i when i now wanted the 456 123- 456-7910 nine this sounds obviously there are brand-new menu items coming out all the time but local fast food restaurants but rarely do you and i are those of us in chattanooga have the chance to the side of one goes nationwide well chattanooga this is our time sonic drive-in has picked us as one of two test markets will find out about their new flavor of tater tots and they are broccoli cheddar tater tots they promise still tastes just like a great broccoli cheddar casserole lec a large order counts as a full serving of vegetables try for yourself you can find them out now at the local sonics for three more weeks sonic officials say so far they are performing very very well when you try these out let me know what you think see chapman at w def i am see chapman to w join us tomorrow afternoon about the same time for more good news ... an island is set for saturday happening at the smoking down christmas ethanol is often beginning to feel like a dolly with three more resort and that's what family practice at any thousand and three said i think on the swimming fullback evening resident a farewell

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