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Thursday, 4 March 2021


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We'll give you an update on all the votes being counted in georgia.

And, we'll take a look at volkswagen's newest car.

"prime news at 7.

Your news starts now."

Good evening, i'm emily cassulo.

Welcome to prime news at 7.

Andrew has the night off.

A senior administration official tells cbs news the president may not concede the election, if joe biden declares victory.

The race for the white house hinges on just a handful of states, where the ballot counting continues.

Michael george has the latest.

The vote count between joe biden and president trump in several uncalled states continues to narrow.

Presidential candidate/today) "in america, the vote is sacred.

In georgia, the president holds the lead, while biden leads in the western states of arizona and nevada.

"we want to make sure that we're being accurate...the results of the state of nv gonna be important to the entire country and that is our number one goal" the biden campaign believes the vote count is looking better and better for them.

On twitter, president trump demanded election officials "stop the count' and made allegations of voter fraud -- which were flagged as misleading by twitter.

The trump campaign has filed multiple legal challenges across several states -- with the latest filed in nevada.

"we firmly believe that there are many voters in this group of mail in people that are not proper voters."

"we are not aware of any improper ballots being processed."

President trump is celebrating a ruling in pennsylvania -- which allowed trump campaign officials to observe the vote count.

His lead over biden in the keystone state has shrunk as outstanding ballots from democrat-friendly areas continue to be counted.

"we are not leaving until we witness every single vote that transpires in there."

But the trump campaign's litigation strategy also hit setbacks thursday.

A georgia court dismissed a lawsuit over absentee ballots.

And in michigan -- a judge denied the trump campaign's request to halt ballot counting.

Michael george, cbs news, wilmington, delaware georgia has more than 40 thousand ballots left to count, with the presidential race still too close to call.

Georgia officials were originally hoping to have the results by noon today.

Now the state is hoping votes will all be tallied by the end of the night.

Secretary of state gabriel sterling spoke for a second time today, to give an update on where the georgia count is currently.

He echoed the same statements he said earlier in the day - that the vote counters are working as quickly as they can without sacrificing accuracy.

Sterling says people can put any fear to rest if they think georgia's vote count wont be accurate.

.i understand that in other states there are questions.

I can only speak for this state i can speak for the people of secretary raffensperger staff the election around the state they're going to get it right we are going to have an audit to prove we got it right.

We went from a bristol day audit which is a little more difficult to do then a traditional audit we are going to have a recount more then likely and we will see that states essential the same.

Sterling also referenced that florida received more votes than georgia, but there's a much closer finish in the peach state.

There are more votes in georgia required to be counted, before election officials can declare a winner.

Chattanoogans voted to approve a charter amendment tuesday that reinforces the city's police advisory board.

77-percent of more than 65- thousand chattanoogans voted in favor of the amendment.

The police advisory board was formed last year, after a series of allegations of police brutality.

Councilwoman demetrus coonrod said the amendment was necessary to ensure its existence under future mayors and councils.

"ordinances they can change at any given time, right?

So with the severity of the issue of police brutality and our constintuients feeling really uneasy with our police department and we haven't just glued or built that positive relationship with them, it was important to have a place in the charter."

An additional amendment was also passed, which allows county, state, and federal government employees to run for city elected office.

Active covid-19 cases are up in hamilton county.

There are more than 12-hundred right now.

An active case is a posive covid-19 case, where the person is still in isolation.

Doctor paul hendricks says a person is usually considered active for 10 days.

He says it's based on the infection rate, from countless studies and research.

Mnany people have done testing theyve gone and studied the virus just to see if iut grows and after 10 days they find that the number of people that they can find with active infectious virus drops to pretty much zero at that point.

A spike in covid cases is causing the chattanooga mayor to close city buildings once again.

News 12's dorothy sherman is in front of city hall and explains what folks need to know.

This sign pretty much explains it.

Beginning tomorrow at 4:30 there will be restricted public access to city hall.

So essentially you will not be able to get inside starting monday morning.

But, it's not just city hall, officials are suspending access to the city annex and city services at the development resource center.

Libraries will be closed but still utilizing curbside service.

City staff does monitor covid cases and according to a press release with the thousands of positive cases seen in hamilton county, city employees they say have not been immune.

All services will still be provided but they warn that an outbreak or additional positive cases with employees could cause a disruption.

There is not a hard date on when the buildings will reopen so in the mean time they are asking folks take care of what they need to online or over the phone.

Live in chattanooga, dorothy sherman, news 12 now.

Chattanooga police are looking for the person who shot a man outside an apartment complex yesterday afternoon.

It happened around 12:30, near the carriage parc apartments on gunbarrel road.

Police were told the 20-year-old victim was a passenger in a car.

An unidentified person in another car pulled in behind them, shot him, and took off.

Some residents from the apartment complex tell news 12, bullets hit their building, but no one was hurt.

If you have any information, call chattanooga police.

There have been seven fires in walker county this past week.

There were no injuries or deaths.

While investigations of three of the fires are ongoing, four have been ruled as accidental, resulting from heat equipment.

Walker county fire & rescue officials want to remind residents to follow safety protocals during cold weather.

These include having three to five feet of distance from heaters with any items. "during the cold weather months, people try to stay warm and they don't use proper safety measures as needed.

Maintain proper clearance for the portable space heaters, to only use electronical boxes in a way that are designed, and use smoke alarms safely."

Walker county fire & rescue does provide free smoke alarms and installations.

Funeral arrangements have been set for the bus driver killed in the meigs county school bus crash last week.

Lisa dillard of birchwood was killed along with a 7 year old girl.

Dillard's celebration of life will be held this saturday at 7:30 at burdette baptist church.

Visitation will be from 5 to 7:30 that day.

Companion funeral home is in charge of arrangements.

Chattanooga firefighters are doing what they can to help a fellow first responder and his family.

Battalion chief david thompson's daughter, makayla, has special needs.

Her family is attempting to buy a van for her.

She's been in a wheelchair her entire life.

A gofundme page has been set up to raise money for makayla's dream car.

Thompson says if the family is able to slightly exceed their 20 thousand dollar goal, they will add some additional modifications to the van.

"if by some slim chance we do get over the 20,000 which is how much the van costs, we're gonna do a couple things for makayla as far as widening doors and things of that nature to make it easier for her to get around in the home."

A barbecue sale to raise money for the family will be held saturday, november 14th, on perimeter drive.

The 2020 chattanooga veteran center annual food drive is now accepting food items for the holiday season.

Last year, the center was able to feed more than 100 veterans and their families.

Former veteran and current outreach specialist, kevin baker, says the food drive this year is more essential than ever for veterans due to covid-19.

"my goal is to feed the families when they get out of school for the christmas break because we rely on two meals a day from the school that breakfast and lunch, so if i can take that away that bill right there that should be able to add to presents - buying, bills paid, things of that.

If i can take that worry away from our veterans, that would be great, that is my mission."

The veteran center is asking for non-perishable food items. for information on donating, head over to our website, wdef dot com.

Volkswagen is unveiling its most powerful version of its golf car ever for 20-22.

The new version called the golf r has 315 horsepower and all wheel drive.

To keep drivers from getting into too much trouble, it should be noted the golf r's top speed is electronically capped at 155 miles per hour.

The compact car comes with another unique capability called drift mode, to allow drivers to more easily do smoking, tire- burning donuts.

That feature is not intended to be used on public roads.

The golf r also offers a high performance gas powered sports car in a compact package.

As dollywood gears up for saturday's opening of the the smoky mountain christmas festival, it's also beginning to feel like christmas at dollywood's dreammore resort and spa.

Special events include breakfast with santa's elves in december, and the dancing tree show that takes place on the swimming pool deck each evening.

The christmas atmosphere welcomes guests as soon as they arrive at dreammore resort.

"prime news at 7 continues now."

Chattanooga's rebirth on the river did not happen those high clouds to be pushing off the ease so overnight tonight comfortably cool be into the upper 40s after midnight all in all not bad looks like that warming trend will be the pickup over the next several days i'll detail moral that either is the extent of work as later on but stay with us for primed the overnight.

It started in the 1980s and stretched into the next century.

The tennessee aquarium, itself, took several years to build.

Tonight for our thursday throwback, we take you back 30 years to see the construction project in progress.

It still stands out on the the work on the exhibits and th interior finishes turning it into a real aquarium in the real aquarium will need to re-rams and these guys the two dozen is from russia now waiting in baltimore for their new home the rest of the collection of the 3500 other specimens will begin in springtime but until then chattanooga and will continue t see this building develop quickly tolerant and more there is to talk about and it's just going to get better it's going to be able to see it from the height of the thing will be about to address rebuilding so a lot of really stand out down here in canada fine new senate 12 ... health and down the rev.

Frank now that it out even more durin traction the claim looking walls is really signed and that and for a while they wrap concrete walls with a black liner that stood there for about a year now for a video of how the private letter a year later in the 19 wine play while there have even been just how vacant the river plays back in there almost new buildings around the clarion (disney ... i then asked on friday the seven dealing with it to the 1908 in presidential election i here and toll on a lot of help and i felt lots when experts share some tips on how to deal with all that stress ... at first here's patrick with an island care for emily thank goodness we've had a stress- free weather pattern the last several days i continues here's a view from our usual studios taking a look at the south broa street everything in pretty good shape no problems out there were nine shape as temperatures are our start to cool down right now a lot of us are and the amid these relative humidity up at 84% as a windows call mary supervisor 30 point read 2 inches of mercury look at our type radar try we had those hig clouds pushing on true but i really the air so pretty dry ou there as our local future castle show temperatures continued to cool down by morning a lot of us into the amid an upper 40s and lower 40s around the edges blue ridge to blairsville the murphy to hazel raindrop to athens near charlestown is well as we had through the afternoon tomorrow though lots of sunshine should be another gorgeous day i temperatures back into the lowe 70s after that briefly cool start with on the sun and great looking football weather tomorrow night look at our hullco weather window our own tori feist at this beautiful sunrise over the murals in downtown chattanooga look at that sky that is actually gorgeous thanks tori percent at an answer hullco weather window nightly prime is also news of the morning is my standard criteria by delta dental of tennessee these three sisters and one to my place to run the west smiles better take a picture of what makes you smile 20-20 has been a very stressful year for most people, with the presidential election, and covid-19 pandemic.

Meredith wood talks with one expert, who shares 5 strategies to lower your stress, and stay calm amid all this anxiety.

It's tonight's health watch.

Post-election anxiety.

The pandemic.

Working from home.

Experts say it's all making it very difficult to manage our stress levels.

"not really distinguishing between work and home, moms with all the kids at home, etc.

It's been very very stressful for many many people."

Doctor graham simpson.

Medical director for opt health.

A telemedicine app.

Says it's all about self-care.

Here are his five tips to de-stress.

Number one-- move your body!

Release feel-good endorphins by exercising or simply stretching.

Number two-- breathe!

Take little breaks to rest your mind and re-center yourself.

"and breathe in and out through your nose not your mouth, because when you breathe like this your whole body tends to relax."

Number three-- get enough sleep.

Getting enough rest boosts your mood... so create a routine.

"you want to try to go to bed at the same time, ten thirty... eleven o- clock at night and wake up at seven in the morning.

Try to make that a habit."

Do things that make you happy number four-- do things that make you happy.

Pick up a hobby, learn new things to boost your mood.

And number five-- measure your levels.

Even if you're doing all the right things-- you could still be struggling.

"you cant' really feel good and feel stress-free without having your nutrients and hormones balanced."

"a lot of these nutrients can be easily measured with just a simple blood test, certaintly with the hormones."

Here's a live look from our c-h-i memorial camera at covenant college on lookout mountain from the e-p-b fiber optics weather cam network.

Here's a live look from our c-h-i memorial camera at lee point and 153 from the e-p-b fiber optics w no longer as it's been pretty nice out there and that weather pattern will continue for a while and were very thankful and blessed for that i pressure off into the carolinas continue to dominate much of the south easy see those high clouds but really a bark is worse in the by the warm air trying to ocean from texas will see a taste of that over the weekend regional future cast as temperatures old over the next couple of morning and what we had earlier ginny o the week will be in a limited number 40s from there i temperatures into the lower 70s that for friday afternoon shoul be really nice as we head into your friday night rate for all weather then through the downside if you passing house was still quite nice like we may bump the myth 70s so next couple days no problems lower 70s are definitely late national and give outdoor activities for your out a note rollins and do some last second pete leaf peeping around 75 is we come back will take later they in a forecast weekend almost here and weatherwise we had a pretty goo week started out cold and frost but were starting to moderate those temperatures and that they will continue as we handed the next few days so as we take a look at long-range forecast you ego weekend in good shape if you have outdoor activities i do majors back in the mid-70s normally we should be around 67 so be well above normal for the next few days partly cloudy warm dry monday and in someone's cold weather will be returning later next week most likely wednesday in the thursday will take a look at that here in a minute or so is well so works in a future cast shows you more clouds rolling in on sunday so that means milder overnight lows a lot closer to 60 into the upper 50s from there i temperatures should resubmit 70s again as i once again these temperatures can be above normal but our super cash shows fairly quiet weather for us to start things off but notice the tropical gol and caribbean getting much more really involved again a much more active as what's left of data is now still over central america but as can be pulling back over waters can be restrengthen and look at that you see that little yellow blob that she's the kind of assert your blob down to the doubt into the central gulf of mexico that could be at a as along with that a cold front could be giving us some unsettled weathe it looks like that may kind of slowly get hold in amazing other area of low pressure wish you by the yeah maybe end of the week or the weekend so what?

For the second half of the week but at least for the next few days weatherwise still no problems out there emily should be feeling great i do majors back in the 70s no problem weatherwise through monday mayb tuesday the shower only for the mid-that can happen next week so was like we have two or thre maybe four good day to get out

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