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Friday, 26 February 2021


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---- and, in tonight's health watch, we'll show you how federal health officials are raising awareness about life threatening pregnancy complications.

"prime news at 7.

Your news starts now."

Good evening, i'm emily cassulo.

Welcome to prime news at 7.

Andrew has the night off.

President trump is claiming victory in the battleground states of pennsylvania, georgia, north carolina and michigan, even as c-b-s news and others project that former vice president joe biden has won michigan, and the other races are still too close to call.

Michael george has the latest.

Protesters chanted stop the count outside the vote tally center in detroit wednesday as cbs news projects former vice president joe biden winning michigan.

Cbs news also projects biden as the presumptive winner in wisconsin.

Now with a long night of counting it's clear we're winning the states to reach the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency in pennsylvania, more than a million mail in ballots still have to be counted.

Officials say it could take days before the winner is known.

Sot: "we'll be done as soon as we're done.

We want to make sure that every vote that is legitimately cast and is good.

The former vice president gave his perspective on the state of the race here in delaware as president trump continues to undermine confidence in the integrity of the election.

The president tweeted this afternoon: they are working hard to make up 500-thousand vote advantage in pennsylvania disappear likewise, michigan and others.

His campaign challenged the vote count in pennsylvania and asked the u.s. supreme court to get involved.

This is fraud.

We've seen this before in philadelphia.they're trying to make a mockery of the election.

The trump campaign also filed a lawsuit in michigan.

Michael george, cbs news, wilmington, delaware.

The north carolina state board of elections says with few exceptions, results from that state won't be updated until next week.

As votes continue to be closely counted in some states, many are wondering about the polling data that proved to be inaccurate in states like florida.

Robin derryberry with derryberry public relations says the main cause of these polling errors had to do with fewer people having landline phones to conduct interviews.

"in the past you might've been able to do some polling toward a specific precinct or location and you could do that based on the numbers from your local election commission.

Where you could go and pull addresses and match those to home phone numbers.

Well that kinda went out the window when we all started giving up our home phones."

Most of the current polling is showing a lead for biden, with votes still being counted in states such as pennsylvania and michigan.

Election season isn't over for georgia voters.

The peach state will have a special election in january for one of its u-s senate seats.

No candidate received at least 50 percent of the vote.

Georgia was the only state with both senate seats up for grabs.

Democratic nominee reverend raphael warnock lead the way with 32 percent of the vote.

Republican kelly loeffler received more than 26 percent, while fellow republican doug collins got 20 percent.

The runoff election will be between warnock and loeffler.

Political science professor doctor ken ellinger says the runoff will be like another election, and expect to see a lot of political ads.

I think you can count on group that have spent many millions of dollars trashing the other candiate.

There will be lots of negative advertising as me saw in the perdue ossoff race.

David perdue currently leads jon ossoff for the other georgia senate seat.

More than two million people voted during the entire 20-16 presidential season in tennessee.

This year two million plus votes were cast before election day.

Secretary of state tre hargett talks about the significant voter turnout before and during election day.

I think tennesseans felt comfortable going to vote in clean,s ecure and safe environments and show their confidence by going to vote in person.

Obviously everbody was interested in the president trump election or the u.s. senate race or other races.

We're just so delighted so many tennesseans chose to make their voice heard.

Again, voter turnout in this election cycle was among the highest in recent memory.

It's been reported that close to 100 million ballots were cast - far outpacing the total votes counted in the 20-16 election.

Nate foster with the election commission says hamilton county saw the most number of ballots cast ever.

"in terms of actual turnout, we had 172,079 people cast their ballot, unofficially again, up until this point.

And that is a, that is a very large number, as a matter of fact that is to my knowledge, that's the most ballots we've ever had cast and i think a lot of other jurisdictions around the country are experiencing the same thing.

Many states are still counting votes.

Now let's take a look at some of the election results from last night.

In tennessee, republican bill hagerty won the state's open u-s senate seat.

He defeated marquita bradshaw, who's an environmental justice activist.

Hagerty will replace g-o-p senator lamar alexander, who decided not to run for re- election.

"and to the people of tennessee, i am overwhelmed by your trust and your confidence in me.

I appreciate and i am overwhelmed by the history of this moment.

I look forward to serving you at the very best of my ability as your next senator from tennessee.

" also in tennessee, chuck fleischmann was re-elected to his u-s house seat.

He defeated democrat meg gorman, who's from chattanooga, securing a sixth term.

Fleischmann says he's thankful to get to serve once again.

"fortunately every time i have run, i have won in the general election all of the 11 east tennessee counties.

That was the case tonight.

I'm so so thankful for that.

The voters have spoken.

We had a great night.

I'm looking forward to going back and representing the people of he 3rd district once again.

Serving on the appropriatons committee, bringing those much needed federal dollars really to our entire state.

The hamilton county health department is reporting a covid-19 exposure at the texas roadhouse near hamilton place.

Someone worked in the restaurant during their infectious period from october 26th to november 3rd.

The health department recommends anyone who visited the restaurant during that period to get tested.

Health department officials say it's important to stay home if you're feeling sick.

They also remind employers to review their employee illness policy with their staff.

For information on free covid-19 testing, head over to our website, wdef dot com.

Chattanooga police are investigating an afternoon shooting at an apartment complex.

Police say it happened at the parc apartments on gunbarrel road, shortly after noon.

Investigators say a man was shot, and his injuries are life threatening.

Another house fire this morning in lafayette marks five similar fires in walker county in the last 6 days.

This one was on baker drive off magnolia street around 6:30.

Everyone was able to get out of the trailer home safely.

It was a total loss.

Other recent fires in the county were in chattanooga valley friday night, napier chapel rd on lookout mountain sunday night, and hamilton drive in chickamauga last night.

The thompson engineering foundation is helping the stem school chattanooga to improve their labs.

The three-thousand dollar check will help enhance their equipment.

The school's fab lab was established in 20-14, and was the first one in hamilton county.

The principal says their lab's motto is 'if you can think it, you can make it.'

"kids will be working towards redesigning and rethinking urban infrastructure in the local town and city, think about transportation logistics in that town, and kids will actually be prototyping and creating models as well as use their ideas, so the fab lab allows our kids to really attack and solve real issues that matter outside of the walls of our school."

Right now, students are working with river street architecture to help design a facade at the tivoli in chattanooga.

The publix slated to be built in south chattanooga is now making progress.

Demolition crews were clearing debris on the property.

A series of setbacks slowed down the project but now grocery giant is set to open in 2021.

Retail stores will also be placed on the 32 acre site.

U-s cruise lines have canceled sailings through at least the end of the year.

That's because of new safety guidelines related to the covid-19 pandemic.

U-s cruise lines had been set to resume sailings as of december first.

On friday , the c-d-c announced a new framework for resuming sailings.

That prompted the industry trade group, cruise lines international, to issue a statement on monday that they will work with the c-d-c to resume sailings as soon as possible.

All the cruise line brands for carnival, royal caribbean, and norwegian are impacted.

Kohl's department stores will be opening up at five a-m on black friday.

The company's chief marketing officer says he expects a lot of people to be there to shop in-person this year-- so folks at each store have been working on preps to make sure people can shop safely.

The stores will be closed thanksgiving day -- along with a number of other major retailers.

=== here's chief meteorologist patrick core with a first look at your forecast.

Cool start as we were 40 lot of you into the upper 30s but boy is it great-looking afternoon with sunshine 72 for high normally was be 44 and 67 right now images have cooled skies are clear right now 51 murphy tellico down sequatchie valley from the lamp on overthrew foxboro temperatures into the lower 50s continue to drop off his future cash to show mostly there's guys and if you like house trying to get in from of the west but all in all should be a nice white knight at temperatures not as cold last couple nights but lowe's will fall into the lower 30s asking the lower 40s so it will become a cool start out your early thursday morning but now still great time to check out our new swell now half if you need traffic news weathers towards we have it all go to your app stor search for news 12 now and "prime news at 7 continues now."

Tens of thousands of moms suffer from life threatening complications related to pregnancy and childbirth every year.

Now federal health officials are launching a new campaign to bring awareness and help more mothers survive.

Elise preston has the details, in tonight's health watch.

Nat pop.

In a powerful new psa campaign..

The centers for disease control wants you to hear the stories of mothers who almost lost their lives- while trying to have a baby.

Nat pop.

Nearly 700 mothers each year die from complications during and after pregnancy.

Omari maynard's partner is one of them-- he says shamony gibson alerted doctors she was in pain... but she still died of a pulmonary embolism just days after an emergency c- section.

Do i feel like she was being ignored?

I feel like the care could have been a lot better if they were listening to her.

Mothers are increasingly dying from infection, hemorrhaging and pre-eclampsia--.

Two thirds of the deaths are preventable- the hear her campaign hopes to encourage mothers and those around them to know the warning signs.

Headache that is severe and will not go away- unusual swelling of the feet that's not being relieved, shortness of breath cdc director of reproductive health- dr. wanda barfield says the timing of the campaign is even more critical with the covid-19 pandemic.

Women may be concerned that they can't be seen by a provider or they may be concerned about leaving their home.

But if they have a pregnancy related complication- it's really important that they reach out this campaign will target cities where maternal mortality rates are highestincluding new york, st.

Louis and atlanta.

Gibson's two children are now growing up without their mom.

She loved her family, she loved her community, she was excited about being a mother maynard hopes this campaign will prevent his nightmare from happening to other families.

Elise preston, cbs news, new york.

Coming up next on prime news at seven... in this week's mom to mom segment, we'll show you ways you can get your kid to sleep better.

But's patrick with another look at your forecast.

Emily pretty quiet out there there is he a view from downtow chattanooga that's a pretty quiet and has a not much wind blowing it all part of our abb fibrotic is whether m network events are bailey's heating and air cam is run our 57 relative humidity of 67% the wind is cal and much when the last couple days as you're still i 30.38 inches of mercury type radar as it has been the last few days has been dries well with all that sunshine local future cash starting to cool things down and will continue to settle into th lower 40s by morning looking at each of i 75 once again could have some scattered frost on it going back to the western carolinas there you see some passing out for your thursday afternoon was ill not bad bark worsened by ties back into the upper 60s so here's your forecast for your thursday as w get to the weekend 44 to 6267 by quitting time as we had to the break when i hullco weather window what what gorgeous shot from point r cody sims old friend shot that you over last weekend as is and excellent shot of downtown chatting see the river winding around mocks and been so cody thanks for send out an answer hullco weather window nightly under the heaven also knew well the morning smiled and write to you by delta dental of tennessee the shortcomings smiling happily ever run thanks to katrina shall believe smile will take a picture of what makes you smile and send it to experience sensory overload.

That can make it difficult for them to fall asleep.

In this week's mom to mom segment, we show you how to help your kids relax their senses.

Take a look.

Mandy williamson: today on mom to mom, we're going to make something to help calm your kid's senses at bedtime.

Our kids go through sensory overload throughout the day.

I mean, they're on their computers, their cell phones, an ipad, whatever it may be, watching tv.

They just experience a lot of it throughout the day.

And when it comes to bedtime, it's hard for them to unwind.

That's why this glowing sensory bottle is perfect for helping them calm down in the evening.

And it's super easy to make.

All you need is some baby oil, or you can have mineral oil, some glitter, and of course, i really like the oil candy coloring.

It's kind of like food coloring, but it's oil-based so it kind of just has a little bit thicker texture to it when we're going to make our bottles.

And then last but certainly not least, we have glow in the dark stars that we have.

Mandy williamson: first, you want to fill your bottle with baby oil, not all the way to the top because we still need to leave room for the stuff that we're going to put in there.

Next we're going to use our oil candy color.

You can put however much you want in there.

Then, i want to have a little fun and put some glitter in there just to make it super sparkly, but you again can do it however you like.

And then last, i like to put the mini stars in there.

They're the glow in the dark ones.

Mandy williamson: once you're finished, you can top it off with more baby oil.

Then you want to make sure that you super glue the lid on.

That way your kids can not unscrew it and you've got a big mess in your bed.

If your kids are ever having a hard time falling asleep, just hand them this sensory bottle, have them count the glowing stars and watch them fall fast asleep.


Mandy williamson: if you ever have any great ideas that helps with your kids, we'd love to hear them.

And as always, moms, we'll see you on the next mom to some big kids may have needed that sensory ball last night bu oh well hey weatherwise current service map shows very white weather is high-pressure and control we have double their high pressures one over the carolinas the overall i want over the other a high pressure over parts of southern louisian knows we do have some high clouds that are pushing into the memphis area back into the ozarks is well those will sweep on it tomorrow but really mainly high clouds over night and i know problems overnight lows in the lower orgies tomorrow and see the passing clouds move on true but not bad i think will be back in the upper 60s and then as we head into your friday after another will start you today about 70 72 so for those football games can be really nice as up playoff action he got to mar the partly sunny but dry and pleasant about xt nine and then as we head into your frida deluxe sunshine of the blue a special highs near 720 big question will continue into the weekend and what about next week i'll detail more on that in your seven-day forecast coming starting out well to the south would look at the tropics we ha a major very powerful hurricane just a day and a half ago at a as a wished on shore but now it's been downgraded only to a depression off the chain model graphic they are now prop depression at a just over a parts of central america the reason why i'm showing this is that eventually it may try to pull its way back into the caribbean and i eventually move into the gulf of mexico as we head into the long-range talk about next monday and tuesday so it could have a bearing on the slps coastline of the florida coastline but for our long-rang forecast will be dry and warmer for the weekend ahead of you ou direct to the voice to be nice still some foliage out there fo the valley areas or to fall off so may want to check that out a license now still dry and warm through monday showers returned late tuesday into wednesday as a frontal system approaches as ma see some of the tropical moisture holden from the gulf is well so here's an extended future gas as we head into the weekend noticed these overnight lows getting a bit milder to her saturday morning most of the 50 will be back at the lower maybe middle 70s on saturday with a good bit of sunshine on dates thing a few more clouds but notice a golf bubble and i that something will continue to watc pretty carefully noticed my tuesday and wednesday a frontal system moves on in dc that all that you see in the off central gulf of mexico that could be added getting regenerated as a get pulled into the florida panhandle by the middle of next week that something will continue to watch but for us it will try to live on through but the cold air stays well to our north and west so they were essay above normal with these temperatures for the next several days so here's a look a our storm team 12 70 or cast 69 tomorrow but if you have friday saturday sunday lands with that lower middle 70s emily highs in

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