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WCBI News At Six - Tuesday, November 10th, 2020

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WCBI News At Six - Tuesday, November 10th, 2020
WCBI News At Six - Tuesday, November 10th, 2020
WCBI News At Six - Tuesday, November 10th, 2020

Show open vo columbus police ask for help searching for a person of interest in a deadly shooting.

21-year-old jatavis williams is wanted for questioning.

He's about six feet - two inches tall and weights 170 pounds.

Williams last known address is in columbus.

24-year-old tarcari walker was shot to death near the intersection of 22nd street and 7th avenue north yesterday afternoon.

Police chief fred shelton says investigators believe walker was shot in the street and ran onto the front porch of a nearby home.

Walker died at the scene.

Shelton believes walker and the suspect knew each other, since walker walked up to the jeep and then got into an argument.

If you know where williams is tonight call golden triangle crime stoppers.

Two people are being questioned in a prentiss county homicide.

Here's a look at the scene where deputies found the victim early this morning on county road 50-11.

Sheriff randy tolar says a call came into lee county 911 about the location of a body.

It's been determined the call came from prentiss county, just before 3 am.

A deputy went to the address and found the unidentified victim.

Tolar tells wcbi that booneville police took two people into custody about 9 am.

No formal charges have been filed.

Deputies have not released a cause of death or the victim's name.

The investigation is continuing.

111020-stinger wcbi continuing coverage stinger 111020 top an update to an oktibbeha county standoff and a man wanted across north mississippi.

39-year-old gary boyles was arrested late last week after an armed six-hour standoff in sturgis.

Investigators say the greenville man crashed his truck into a pond after hitting spike strips.

Boyles was wanted in webster, washington, and sunflower counties at the time of his arrest.

Last month law enforcement in webster and choctaw counties got into a pursuit with boyles before he crashed and ran from a stolen truck.

He was wanted for burglary in webster county.

Now, boyles is facing assault on an officer, felony fleeing, and possession of a weapon by a felon charges in oktibbeha county.

His bond was set at 105 thousand dollars.

Vo off top an arkansas man that was wanted in two counties is indicted on a first degree murder charge.

Donta kirby of pine bluff was recently indicted by a lowndes county grand jury.

He's also facing two possession of a weapon by a convicted felon charges.

Kirby is also accused of running from a state trooper in webster county from a traffic stop back in july.

28-year-old lorenzo halthon jr.'s body was found on burns road on july second.

A passerby found halthon and called lowndes county deputies.

Investigators have not released any information about the homicide case and what may have led to the deadly shooting.

Gfx vo off top a columbus man is indicted in connection with a february shooting.

Mark mccoy was recently indicted by a lowndes county grand jury for aggravated assault.

Mccoy was arrested by u.s. marshals in chicago earlier this year.

The shooting happened near the intersection of 6th street and 5th avenue south.

Columbus police chief fred shelton told wcbi at the time that it appears an argument over a drug transaction may have started the shooting incident.

The victim was released from the hospital shortly after the shooting.

An arrest has been made in connection to an october 11th shooting in west point.

West point police took to their facebook page earlier today to announce that 18- year-old branden stevenson was arrested.

The shooting took place on grove street.

Officers say more arrests are expected to come.

Stevenson is currently being held at the clay county jail on a 100 thousand dollar bond.

A child is killed this morning in a pontotoc county fire.

Pontotoc fire chief lance martin says the fire happened about 8:30 on red circle.

When firefighters arrived the mobile home was fully engulfed in flames.

An adult escaped and pointed firemen to a bedroom where two children were.

Firemen cut a hole in the bedroom and got the kids out.

One died at a local hospital.

The other child is at lebonheur children's hospital.

The state fire marshal is investigating.

No names are being released at this time.

First look stinger first look summary: relatively mild air is slated to remain in place through the upcoming weekend but some days and nights will be warmer than others.

Some rain is possible wednesday with a passing cold front.

Another front could spark more showers sunday.

Tuesday night: cloudy and mild.

Lows in the 60s.

A 20-30% chance of showers.

Wednesday: mostly cloudy with some showers possible, especially during the first half of the day.

Highs in the 70s with nw winds 5-10 mph.

Stinger wcbi developing story stinger covid hits close to home for mississippi's first family.

Governor tate reeves tweeted today that his youngest daughter tested positive today.

Meanwhile, first lady elee reeves is talking about dealing with the virus in her role.

She was the guest speaker at today's lowndes county republican women meeting at lion hills.

Reeves says she has had to change her school reading visits to virtual events and make adjustments with other activities as well.

"i don't think we could've expected anything normal this year but i think covid has set all of us back.

I mean, not that this is a good thing, but i do think covid has made families take a step back and stop the crazy rat race of running around and have time with your family and loved ones which has been nice but it's also nice that we've been able to kind of get back to living again."

Reeves say she has partnered with keep mississippi beautiful to lead cleanup efforts around the communities hit by pearl river flooding.

Governor reeves says his entire family will be tested and isolate from others.

New covid-19 numbers soar in mississippi and in the wcbi viewing area.

The mississippi state department of health is reporting 933 new cases and 37 deaths today.

Hospitalizations with confirmed or suspected covid-19 symptoms is up to 718, across the state.

190 of those patients are in i.c.u.

In our viewing area... lee county has the highest number of new cases with 53.

Prentiss has 29, pontotoc has 21, oktibbeha has 19.

Itawamba, monroe, and winston counties are all reporting 18 new cases.

Lowndes county has 17.

Off top two schools in pickens county are going back to remote learning.

Reform elementary and pickens county high school are providing chromebooks and lunches for students over the next two weeks.

Wvua reports covid-19 exposures among staff members is the reason behind the move.

Superintendent jamie chapman told the tuscaloosa jamie chapman told the tuscaloosa station that virtual learning is part of the school's plan to keep students and faculty safe.

This closure will continue into the thanksgiving break.

Intro in rural areas like noxubee county... access to wi-fi can be difficult for many families..

And for a school district that has gone all virtual... the transition for students and parents can be even harder... wcbi's bobby martinez stopped by noxubee high school today where dozens of hot spots were handed out to students.

He joins us live in the studio with more... joey, virtual learning can be hard... and not having adequate access to the internet can make it almost impossible.

That's why educators say these new hotspots can really make a difference.

Keeping students connected.... sot - patricia brooks - parent "i think this is going to be very helpful for the kids..

Especially for the virtual learning."

All from the comfort of their homes... sot - patricia brooks - parent "as of right now with this pandemic going on..

I think it's best for all the kids."

It was a game changing day for students in the noxubee county school district.

Superintendent rodriguez broadnax says these hot spots will help those students who are short handed.

Sot - rodriguez broadnax - superintedent - noxubee county "those students that need the wi-fi, for us to go ahead and send it out, they might have devices but they might not have the internet or any wi- fi at their house to do the assignment on those devices."

As from a teachers perspective..

Sot - rodriguez broadnax - superintedent - noxubee county "it will allow the teachers to be able to interact better with our students.

Be able to engage students in the instruction.

Be able to allow teachers to be able to teachers to be able to communicate effectively with students and parents".

With the school district taking the virtual learning route..

Parent patricia brooks says safety for her child is the number one concern during this pandemic.

And having the proper tools for virtual learning is helpful.

Sot - patricia brooks - parent "they can't fend for themselves and us being adults we have to look out for the kids.

So i think the hotspots are going to be great for the kids."

But brooks is hoping by next year, everything will get back to normal.

Sot - patricia brooks - parent " i think the hotspot will help prepare the kids with the virtual learning and hopefully next year, with the pandemic especially if they get this vaccine going, hopefully kids will be back in school at some point next year or some part of next year."

Broadnax says students will also receive computers in the coming weeks.

Stinger intro the legacy and memory of one of the first prominent african american doctors is honored in aberdeen.

As wcbi's allie martin reports, a new affordable housing complex is named after the doctor, who is known for his hard work, compassion for others and his desire to see everyone reach their full potential.

The procession, complete with a police escort, nats made its way from the aberdeen housing authority, to the new, 48 unit development.

Woodruff manor is named after doctor robert e woodruff, aberdeen's first prominent african american doctor in the city.

Robert e woodruff junior now lives in greenville, but grew up in aberdeen.

The 80 year old has vivid memories of his father, who he says would be proud of the honor.

"i would like to thank the people of aberdeen, for doing this, cause i know he deserved it, because he delivered many babies, for a bushel of potatoes."

That anecdote was one of many that were shared by those who knew dr woodruff during a brief ceremony at the housing authority.

His son shared some his dad's simple, but profound advice.

"get you a good education and keep god in your life."

The eight and a half million dollar complex is located in the area where doctor woodruff once lived.

Housing authority members say naming the affordable housing complex after the doctor is another way to pay tribute to a trailblazer.

"doc was one of the people in this community a lot of people looked up to, him, his family , especially his wife, we had to do something to let family know he was well known and well appreciated."

"i knew of doctor woodruff all my life, he and my granddaddy were of the same age, same personality, he was such a respectable person.

" standup close the late doctor's relatives and members of the housing authority say naming the complex after doctor woodruff gives a nod to the city's past, while looking to great things for the future.

In aberdeen, allie martin, wcbi news the new complex replaced an apartment complex that was built in the 1950s.

Stinger weather open summary: relatively mild air is slated to remain in place through the upcoming weekend but some days and nights will be warmer than others.

Some rain is possible wednesday with a passing cold front.

Another front could spark more showers sunday.

Tropics: tropical storm eta continues to swirl in the se gulf of mexico.

This system is expected to gradually turn north over the coming days and make landfall somewhere in florida between tampa and panama city.

It's possible that some of its moisture could make its way here but recent data suggest that may not be the case.

Tuesday night: cloudy and mild.

Lows in the 60s.

A 20-30% chance of showers.

Wednesday: mostly cloudy with some showers possible, especially during the first half of the day.

Highs in the 70s with nw winds 5-10 mph.

Wednesday night: variably cloudy and cooler.

Lows in the upper 40s to lower 50s.

Thursday & friday: partly cloudy.

Pleasant highs in the upper 60s and 70s.

Lows in the 40s.

Weekend: look for well above normal temperatures in the 70s.

Some spots could approach 80 on sunday.

Saturday is going to be dry with a mix of sun and clouds but some afternoon and evening showers are possible sunday with an approaching cold front.

Follow @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, summary: relatively mild air is slated to remain in place through the upcoming weekend but some days and nights will be warmer than others.

Some stinger covid 19 impacting the alabama football program... next in sports an update on the status of bama's matchup with lsu spx open the nba draft is in just over a week... mississippi state has a few players who will likely be drafted... reggie perry and robert woodard... cbs projects woodard... the columbus native... being selected with the 26th pick in the first round heading to the boston celtics..

Due to covid-19... woodard wasn't able to work out for teams directly so he had to go to the nearest nba city... memphis..

For his workout... it was sent to every nba team... teams are reportedly impressed with his three point shooting... defensive versatility and length... usually the nba draft is in june... but it was pushed back this year... while the extra waiting time would've been frustrating to most... woodard is using it to his advantage 00-05 :30-:35 woodard says: i feel like a totally different player.

My confidence is through the roof because i have never had this time to work out.

I usually have a month in between to train or time off so having this amount of time gives me no excuses to not be prepared.

Howland says: he measured out at 7 foot 2 across which is a great analytic.

He was interviewed by every single team and multiple teams explained to me that this was the best interview they've had with anybody ááátrailááá the nba draft is wednesday... november 18th at 6:30 on espn the alabama at lsu game on saturday, november 14, has been postponed due to a combination of positive tests, contact tracing and subsequent quarantining of individuals within the lsu program, consistent with sec covid-19 management requirements.

Because lsu has a game tentatively scheduled for december 12, the opportunity to reschedule the alabama at lsu game will need to be evaluated.

The rescheduling of games on the remaining sec football schedule may include december 19 as a playing date.

In order for that to happen athletic directors would have to agree to the schedule addition and then university presidents/chance llors would have to approve it.

ááátake mon gfxááá the dispatch released an article that included former employees and athletes alleging a toxic culture within the athletics programs at mississippi university for women... athletics director jason trufant was prominently mentioned... .nine head coaches have left the university since the 2017-18 year... former women's basketball coach howard white jr... who won a national title and then left the program... is one of them and he weighed in..

Just a very hostile environment you just felt you weren't a head coach.

People were getting bullied and a lot of disrespect for the head coaches.

I know there will be a lot of this and a lot of that but you can't explain why all of these head coaches are leaving and taking high school jobs that just doesn't happen in this business ááátake gfxááá we reached out to trufant for a statement and haven't received one... m-u-w released the following statement saying quote "we are proud of having been recognized the past eight years as a 'great college to work for' by the chronicle of higher education.

We strive to have a campus community that is welcoming and free of harassment and discrimination."

End quote ááátake gfxááá let's take a look at this week's lineman of the week... those honors are going to columbus... the falcons took down the saltillo tigers 21-7.... both lines doing work for columbus... the o-line helping ethan conner rush for 123 yards and the d-line's efforts helped that unit only allow 7 points... they actually trailed 7 nothing at the half and stormed all the way back to ultimately get the win 21-7... when we return...chief meteorologist keith gibson will have a last look at your forecast.

You are watching wcbi news at six.

The leaders of the forecasters and 75 here tomorrow you veterans day will be a base salary at times translated things the first half of our wednesday will try things out thursday riding your weekend mild to very warm and then at next weeks and 60s returning silly natural taste of fault mostly back to the 30s mostly what i think will all look forward to my fault that i know as the online this is my transition


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