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Saturday, 27 February 2021


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C1 3 b13 joining us for 41nbc news at 11:00.

I'm jatrissa 11:00.

41nbc news at 11:00.

I'm jatrissa wooten.

Tucker sargent has the night off.

Our top story tonight at 11: macon- bibb mayor robert reichert (rick-kert) vetoes two ordinances -- that have created-- a bit of debate.

The macon-bibb commission passed both last week.

The first veto prevents a local anti-discrimination ordinance.

It would have changed the county's code of ordinances and allow for civil rights protections in public places.

It also called for a local option to deal with complaints instead of a federal one.

The other veto... shuts down renaming macon city auditorium after former mayor c-jack ellis.

The commission approved the idea.

But there were discussions about naming the building after other macon legends like otis redding, little richard and the allman brothers.

To read the vetoes from both ordinances, and for quotes from mayor richert, head to our website, a woman is out of jail tonight ... after appearing in court this morning..

Accused of pointing a gun at two children.

The two boys say they were riding their bikes sunday in the autumn cove subdivision in byron.

Where they went to an empty lot... to check out animal noises.

And they say 52-year-old patricia mittuch-compton drove into the lot, got out of her car and pointed a gun at them.... threatening to shoot them for tresspassing.

At her first court appearance today, the judge gave her a 20-thousand dollar bond.

Family of one of the boys attended court today... and they say they're disappointed.

"even when she saw they were kids, she still pointed it at them and threatened to shoot them.

And she gets out on a 20,000 bond.

You know i try to be understanding, i know how the court system works.

I'm c1 3 b13 disappointed but i'm not angry about it."

They family says they no longer feel safe in their neighborhood.

The 52-year old is charged with multiple felonies.

The judge ruled she cannot have any contact with the boys or their families... and can no longer have a gun.

Continuing coverage on the covid-19 pandemic in georgia, the state recorded a little more than 23-hundred new covid cases since tuesday.

This brings the total to 411 thousand and two.

And now more than 86-hundred deaths are related to covid 19.

In middle georgia, bibb county has the most reported cases... with seven thousand 222.

Next is houston county with more than 42-hundred cases.

And baldwin county is at two thousand 488.

Medical center navicent health wants to help stop the spread of covid this holiday season.

Their medical experts are reminding you... to limit the number of guests at your home.

If you must hold a gathering... celebrate outdoors.

And ask guests to wear a mask.

Also encourage guests to bring their own food... and avoid a potluck style meal.

And those with covid or recently exposed to covid should stay home.

And speaking of the coronavirus, states are breaking records in the number of cases, deaths and hospitalizations as the number of available hospital beds dwindles across america.

Just today, the u-s reported more than 2,000 deaths..

According to medical experts, nearly nintey-thousand americans battling covid infections will be spending the holiday in the hospital..

Camila bernal has the latest.

:00-:06 :16 1:04-1:10 1:22-1:33 *nats-covid patient coughing* covid-19 cases are skyrocketing across the nation..

Rick bright, former director of the department of health and human services' barda: "we're probably in the biggest peak we have seen so far of this virus and the outbreak, and how many people are getting infected.

Breaking records every day."

As cases surge..

We are seeing grim new records being shattered..

California eclipsing its daily record with more than eighteen thousand new covid cases..

Texas setting a record for single day covid-19 case increase with more than 14,000 new cases utah breaking a new record for one-day covid death toll..

And nevada setting records for new cases and hospitalizations two days in a row..

President-elect joe biden: "no one will be surprised if we hit 200,000 cases in a single day."

In minnesota, they're reporting a daily record number of deaths for the second time in a week..

And the situation is so dire at the overwhelmed mayo clinic in rochester..

They're calling in help from other states and pulling staff out of retirement..

Dr. andrew badley, chair, mayo clinic's covid research task force: "we had about 1,400 of our staff who were out either with covid or covid restrictions."

Now, with the holiday upon us..

Health experts say they worry what case numbers will look like after thanksgiving..

Dr. ashish jha, dean, brown university school of public health: "i fully expect the numbers will climb well above more than 200,000 infections a day, we're going to have more than 100,000 people hospitalized and you're gonna see the strains on hospitals across the country even without the thanksgiving surge and i am worried that c1 3 b13 thanksgiving is going to make things worse."

I'm camila bernal reporting to help stop the spread of covid-19... the centers for disease control and prevention is urging people to stay home this thanksgiving.

But many americans say ... they are sticking to their travel plans.

According to triple a ... if you do travel over the next few days ... you may be in luck.

Travel traffic is expected to be down ... 10 to 15 percent.

That's the largest one-year decrease... since 2008.

Kyle collins with g-dot says ... if you plan to hit the road... watch your speed... pay attention and buckle up.

There were people going an access of 100 mph when you're dealing with a speed limit of 60 or 65 in locations kinda back c1 3 b13 when we were in the lock down and there were less cars on the road" collins says careless driving has led to nearly 13-hundred motorist deaths in georgia this year.

And the macon-bibb county fire department... wants you to have a safe thanksgiving ... especially if you're..

Using a fryer to cook your bird.

The department held a demonstration this morning... to remind people of the safety measures... you need to take.

They say it's important that you keep the fryer outside ... at least ten feet from a building or structure.

You should also keep the frying zone free of pets and children.

You should never... leave the fryer unattended.

And if you do have an emergency... you should call 9-1-1 jeremy webb/ fire safety educator macon-bibb county fire department "we're on duty 24 hours a day 7 days a week so c1 3 b13 never feel like any emergency is too small or too big to give us a call."

Fire officials also want to remind people... that water and grease don't mix.

If there's unpleasant weather ... you should have a backup plan.

Speaking of the macon-bibb fire department, chief marvin riggins is retiring after 41 years.

He was named fire chief in 2008.

Chief riggins says he thought he would retire in 2019... but decided to stay for another year.

He says at the time... he didn't realize how different this year would be.

Riggins tells us... he is grateful for his time with the department ... and hopes the younger generation ... will continue his work.

Fire chief marvin riggins/ macon-bibb county fire department "coming here you'll get the chance to see things, do things, effect things that really really make a difference."

Assistant fire chief shane assistant fire chief shane edwards will take over when riggins retires on december 31st.

The mayor will name his replacement at a later date.

And still ahead on 41nbc news at 11:00, just in time for thanksgiving, a macon lawfirm is giving away free food tomorrow.

Stay tuned for details.

But first, president trump pardons his former national security adviser michael flynn today.

We'll have the latest, after the and ... both mercer men and women's basketball kicked off its seaso.

41nbc' look, the only way to beat this virus is to give our new president the chance to succeed.

I'll work with joe biden to empower the medical experts, to rush economic relief for families and small businesses, and invest in infrastructure to jump-start our economy.

But david perdue says he'll do everything in his power to make sure joe biden fails, just like he tried to do with president obama.

I'm jon ossoff, and i approve this message because lives are on the line, jobs and businesses are on the line.

So, let's get this done.

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I felt gross.

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Serious allergic reactions may occur.

Learn more at

When kelly loeffler got caugt profiting off the pandemic, this is what she said.

Like any other trade, you can't see into the future.

But kelly loeffler could see into the future because it was after a confidential coronavirus briefing that she began dumping stock.

And as loeffler protected her own interests, she opposed unemployment benefits for 190,000 georgias who lost jobs due to the crisis.

Kelly's for kelly.

Warnock's for us.

I'm raphael warnock, and i approve this message.

C1 3 b13 a presidential pardon for michael flynn.

The president michael flynn.

Pardon for a presidential pardon for michael flynn.

The president granting a full pardon to his former national security adviser, who pleaded guilty twice to lying to the fbi in the russia investigation.

Here's nbc's kelly o'donnell.

Tonight a show of presidential power... undimmed by his electoral defeat.

President trump wiping out the conviction of his former national security adviser, michael flynn, who had pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi in the russia investigation... the president..

On twitter.... @realdonaldtrump (voice over part of tweet) "it is my great honor to announce that general michael t.

Flynn has been granted a full pardon.

.....i know you will now have a truly fantastic thanksgiving!"

The president's clemency was anticipated but still striking... as he long complained that flynn had been mistreated by the justice department ... (quick bite file--press briefing sept 27, 2020) "we went through two and a half years of ruining people's lives, like general flynn and many others -- ruining their lives."

Fired in 2017 for lying about his contact with the russian ambassador... this year, flynn asked to withdraw his guilty plea and the justice department attempted to drop its case but a judge had not signed off leaving flynn in legal peril.

Separately today, president trump used his voice to air grievance even desperation... (sot donald trump on speaker phone) "we have to turn the election over..."

The president...on speakerphone... as his lawyer rudy giuliani appeared before pennsylvania republican state legislators to make complaints about election procedures.

(sot pres trump ) "this is an election that we won easily.

We won it by a lot.

" minutes later in wilmington, president-elect joe biden offered a starkly different message.

(sot pres elect joe biden ) "let's be thankful for democracy itself..."

Biden called for unity and compassion...acknowledging the many hardships brought on by covid this holiday season.

(sot pres elect joe biden ) "we're at war with the virus not with one another."

And with the wet weather still throughout still wet weather and with the another."

Not with one with the virus c1 3 b13 "we're at war joe biden ) c1 3 b13 "we're at war with the virus not with one another."

And with the wet weather still throughout still wet weather and with the wet weather still throughout parts of middle georgia , chief meteorologist cecilia reeves joins us now to tell us if the rain will hang to tell us if the joins us now c1 3 b13 cecilia reeves meteorologist georgia , chief parts of middle throughout still wet weather and with the wet weather still throughout


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