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Tuesday, 13 April 2021


Credit: WCBI
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Calhoun City residents are still in disbelief after a gas station robbery turned into a murder Wednesday night.

Calhoun city residents are still in disbelief after a gas station robbery turned into a murder wednesday night.

Two young men and a teen all behind bars and facing capital murder charges.

Today...calhound city police have identified the victim.

Wcbi reporter stephen pimpo is live at the crime scene and joins us with the story.

Joey, police say the victim is 34- year-old abdulwadod ala salahadeen also known as al.

I've seen car after car pull into this parking lot only to turn around when they see its a crime scene.

"pull up here today to go to the bathroom and got tape everywhere and find out the attendant was shot."

It was wednesday night when a robbery at this popular calhoun city gas station turned into a murder.

Calhoun city police said the call came in around 9 p.m.

From the calhoun express on south main street.

Su: officers got to the scene to find the store clerk with gun shot wounds and lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

Police say the clerk died on his way to the hospital.

He has since been identified as 34- year-old abdulwadod ala salahadeen, better known as al to his customers.

"he seemed like a decent guy, you know?

You go in, you speak to him and he's always good morning, come again, thank you."

Police say the three suspects fled the scene but witnesses gave them a description.

Eupora police and webster county sheriff's deputies later arrested 17- year-old morris morgan iii, 18-year- old yasim mcgee both from lexington and 20- year-old jakevion greer of grenada.

All three are charged with capital murder.

"these youngsters, you know 17, 18 years old.

That walk into a place and throw their life away for maybe 50 bucks and a couple packs of cigarettes."

A gun and a large sum of money were discovered in the suspects' vehicle.

Police say the only motive so far in the ongoing investigation was the robbery.

"i hate to see it happen in this little community.

We don't have a lot but what we do have we're proud of and it's just really sad."

Police also told me all three are being held without bond.

Morgan faces a secondary charge of armed robbery.

Greer is also charged with strong armed robbery and mcgee is charged with accessory to robbery live in calhoun city...stephen pimpo wcbi news.

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