Sturgeon insists Scots have a ‘right’ to another independence vote
Sturgeon insists Scots have a ‘right’ to another independence vote

Scotland is a “nation on the brink of making history”, Nicola Sturgeondeclared, as she insisted the country’s people have the “right” to choosetheir own future in a second independence referendum.

While Prime MinisterBoris Johnson has vetoed SNP calls for a fresh vote on the issue, the FirstMinister has said she hopes another ballot could be held in the early part ofthe next term of the Scottish Parliament.

The question is set to dominate nextMay’s Holyrood elections, with Ms Sturgeon’s party using the campaign to stepup its demands for another referendum.

Recent opinion polls have suggestedthat a majority of Scots now support the country becoming independent.

And MsSturgeon, addressing the SNP annual conference, told party activists that “thepeople of Scotland have the right to choose their future”.

She stated:“Scotland is now a nation on the brink of making history.

“Independence is inclear sight – and if we show unity of purpose, humility and hard work, I havenever been so certain that we will deliver it.”