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Monday, 12 April 2021

WCBI NEWS AT TEN - 11/28/2020

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WCBI NEWS AT TEN - 11/28/2020
WCBI NEWS AT TEN - 11/28/2020
WCBI NEWS AT TEN - 11/28/2020

New covid-19 cases in mississippi continue to surge.


Health officials are reporting 1,553 new cases and 10 deaths.


The latest numbers show 971 people are in the hospital with confirmed or suspected coronavirus symptoms. ??

245 of those patients are in i.c.u.


In our area, lee county has seen 81 new cases.


Lafayette county has 45, lowndes county has 32, and prentiss county as 20.


Retail stores aren't the only busy parking lots after thanksgiving.


Some clinics are seeing an increase in covid-19 testing.??

Courtney ann jackson explains.


Doctors tell me busy clinics today are a symptom of the increased community spread we've seen statewide this month---not so much thanksgiving.

But they're holding their breath for what may be to come.

"really showing a lot of community transmission right now.

And the perfect storm for transmission is intermingling and mixing of households and age groups which perfectly describes what happens at the holidays.

I'm very concerned that we're going to have over the next few weeks, an increased number of cases."

While the folks getting tested friday wouldn't have been the ones to catch the virus at thanksgiving---they could've spread it.

"if someone has symptoms today and proves to have covid-19 and yesterday they were at grandmas or grandpas or somebody's gathering, then they were contagious yesterday.

So, wherever they were yesterday, if clinics."

In flowood, courtney ann jackson, wcbi news.

Rain will return to the area for much of sunday, making for quite a gloomy day.

We'll be dry to start off the week, but temperatures will be much colder.

Saturday night: mostly cloudy and cool.

Temperatures will remain in the 40s with a light northeasterly wind.

On facebook, twitter, and instagram.

Tupelo was like many cities across the country today hosting small business saturday.


Wcbi's chad groening has more.


The weather was a bit dreary.

But it didn't discourage folks from heading downtown to take advantage of small business saturday which was started by american express to encourage people to get out and support their small businesses in their community.

Barbara fleishhacker owns the main attraction emporium and coffee bar.

Like other small business owners, she has had to cope with covid-19.

"and i have to say that it's been lighter than normal.

But the people that have come in have had a really good time and they're shopping.

It's just been kind of slow and sparse.

But one thing i do like is that we've had many customers today that don't live here anymore that remember this shop from their youth.

So it's been nice to see the second and third generations come through and enjoy their shopping.

And we're selling so you know business is a little brisk.

It's just not what it used to be."

There are a number of speciality shops in tupelo including woodworkings which makes customized furniture and accessories made locally.

Jennifer tenhet works at the store and also sells her own art here.

"small town business is very important for our area especially for this company.

This is a company that's run by family.

They let me work part time and have my artwork here.

But it has been especially we're being a fexible and as smart as we can."

Chad groening wcbi news tupelo .

Here in columbus, shop small saturday brings in returning and new faces.


Dozens headed to their favorite local stores to help put money back into the community.


With the threat of covid-19, protocols are in place while customers shop.


This creates a welcoming atmosphere for shoppers to feel at ease.


Store owners say even though they don't receive as much attention as a big named companies, they're fortunate to have folks spend their money here.


" you get to use your scenes you get to smell the fragrances of the things in our gift shop.

You get to feel the texture of the items we have for sale, clothing wise, and all.

You can't do that form a computer."

"the good things that have come out of this is that i've noticed that people are shopping small.

They are really supporting their local small businesses more than ever."

For every dollar spend, 67 cents goes back into the community.


Starkville had a legendary guest stop by today.


2017 grammy award winner bobby rush spoke to the crowd in starkville about his journey of being one of the greatest blues artists ever.


The louisiana native served his fair share of time in jackson mississippi recording countless hit songs and albums before winning the grammy at the age of 83.


Rush is still excited about winning the award and being able to come back to the state he says feels like home.


"man i feel like the bird with 2 wings i'm talking about on each side that is... i'm on cloud 9 man, but i'm so happy that i'm in mississippi.

I didn't leave mississippi to go other places and go some other place.

I went other places to get what i got and brought it back to mississippi.

So here i am.

Mississippi i love you and you can't do nothing about it and i hope you love me too."

Rush is currently working alongside kayla gilmore, owner of kmg creations in starkivlle, to combine his music with her dancing in hope to influence the younger generation.??

Coming up, president trump is pressing ahead with his effort to overturn joe biden's presidential election victory..

Despite court ruling that upholds the election outcome.


That and more after the break.


President trump this weekend is splitting time between camp david and his golf course.


He's also been busy on twitter, again making false claims about the election.


Cbs's ben tracy is at the white house tonight.


Pkg: marine one dropped president trump off at his virginia golf club this morning&his third day in a row of hitting the links.

But his efforts to overturn the election results are going nowhere.

In wisconsin...milwau kee county just completed the recount paid for by the trump campaign.

Out of 460,000 votes cast&the recount actually ?increased?

President elect joe biden's total by 132 votes milwaukee county clerk george christenson.

This recount demonstrated what we already know.

That elections in milwaukee county are fair, transparent, accurate and secure.

In pennsylvania a unanimous federal get his first presidential daily brief on monday.

Ben tracy, cbs news, the white house.

Maddie tosses to break rain will return to the area for much of sunday, making for quite a gloomy day.

We'll be dry to start off the week, but temperatures will be much colder.

Saturday night: mostly cloudy and cool.

Temperatures will remain in the 40s with a light northeasterly wind.

Sunday: rain is likely to begin by 8 am or 9 am and last well into the evening.

Rain could be heavy at times with a little thunder, but we're not expecting any major severe weather.

Rainfall amounts will be near an inch in most areas.

Temperatures will be in the 50s through the day making for a chilly rain.

Winds will be from the east in the morning, switching to the northeast and north by the evening.

Monday: clouds will linger through the day on monday as much cooler air moves in.

Morning lows will be in the upper 30s with highs only in the mid 40s.

Winds will be breezy, gusting to near 20 mph out of the north.

An isolated shower or even flurry is possible, but there will be no travel concerns or major precipitation.

Tuesday: a hard freeze is likely tuesday morning with lows in the low to mid 20s.

Afternoon highs will be in the mid 40s under a mostly sunny sky.

Wednesday- saturday: clouds will build back into the area for the second half of the week with some showers possible late wednesday night into thursday.

An isolated shower or two is possible on friday and saturday, but most of the rain will be gone after thursday.

Highs will be in the 40s and 50s with lows in the 30s and 40s.

To get the latest forecast anytime, download the wcbi news app or visit our website at

Twitter, and instagram.

Who gets the golden egg....will ole miss bring it back to oxford or does the trophy stay in starkville another year highlights from the egg bowl next in sports it's time!

Egg bowl 2020 is finally here!

In typical egg bowl fashion the game was full of crazy plays... no one peed like a dog this time around but the game still had one wild finish.

Mike leach and lane kiffin coaching in their 1st egg bowls.

1st quarter...matt corral drops back and throws a dime to dontario drummond...48 yard td!!

Ole miss up 7-0 msu the redzone...will rogers finds austin williams who gets stripped!!!!

De-on leonard recovers it and gets a huge return!!

Finally brought down inside the 20 4th down ole miss....snoop conner gets the carry and walks into the endzone....14-0 ole miss early on 2nd quarter...msu battling finds malik heath in the endzone for 6.....state trailing finds malik heath in the endzone for 6.....state trailing the endzone for 6.....state trailing by 7 ole miss ball......corral in love with the deep ball....look at this beauty!!!

81 yard td to braylon sanders!!

Ole miss adding to the lead up 21-14 then 15 seconds left in the half....msu to heath again on the crossing route.....his second td of the game!!!

Ole miss leads 21-14 at halftime 2nd half....4th quarter....msu trailing by finds williams again...this time he holds onto it falling into the endzone!!!

Bulldogs trail 24- with his 3rd td pass of the game ole miss answers....jerrion ealy gets the handoff....fights and scraps his way into the endzone....he will not be denied!!!

Gets the td...he rushed for 93 yards in the game....puts ole miss ahead 31-24 last chance for heaves one downfield into the endzone but it gets batted down....ole miss secures the win!!

They bring the egg secures the win!!

They bring the egg bowl back to they bring the egg bowl back to oxford winning the 93rd egg bowl game... our jon sokoloff was there in oxford and has more.... .......reporting from vaught hemingway stadium....jon sokoloff wcbi sports .......reporting from vaught hemingway stadium....jon .......reporting from vaught hemingway stadium....jon sokoloff wcbi sports next in sports we .......reporting from vaught hemingway stadium....jon sokoloff wcbi sports .......reporting from vaught hemingway stadium....jon sokoloff wcbi .......reporting from vaught hemingway stadium....jon sokoloff wcbi sports next in sports we recap last night's big wins in high school football and preview the state title matchups... you're watching wcbi!

Last night marked an end to endzone.

But before we put a bow on the high school football season, let's take a look back to last night's games as we get ready for what should be a fun state championship weekend!

In 6a...the oxford chargers charge their way back to another state title game.

Oxford remains undefeated with a 12-0 record after beating clinton 31- 27 last night.

In 5a...the drive for five continues!

West point getting the win on the road over ridgeland last night 29-22 keeping the green wave's title hope alive.

In 4a....louisville powering forward to get the win against itawamba ahs 18-6.

Louisville is 12-1 this season looking to put the cherry on top of great season with one more win.

In 3a, noxubee county dominates against winona winning 50-7.

A win friday will give the tigers their 6th state title.

In 2a, calhoun city escapes our game of the week with a hard fought win over east union 22- 14.

The wildcats enter the title game winners of 10 straight!

In 1a, biggersville pulls off the upset knocking off the 2 time defending champs, nanih waiya 26-0.

This is biggersville's 1st state title appearance.


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