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Saturday, 27 February 2021

COVID-19 Patients Have Higher Risk for Mental Illness, Study Finds

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COVID-19 Patients Have Higher Risk for Mental Illness, Study Finds
COVID-19 Patients Have Higher Risk for Mental Illness, Study Finds

Researchers at Oxford University looked at more than 62,000 cases of patients diagnosed with COVID-19 between January 20 and August 1.

Tonight at 10 -- we are digging into the latest side-effect to surface among covid-19 patients.

44news reporter valerie lyons explains --- what we know right now about the emotional toll -- surfacing months after infection.

"caused a lot of stress, anxiety and depression, feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness."

A new oxford study -- finding -- within the first 90 days after a person tests positive for covid-19 -- they have a higher risk of developing a mental illness looking at more than 62 thousand cases of covid-19 diagnosed between the end of january and august 1st -- researchers found that one in five covid-19 survivors -- were diagnosed with either anxiety -- depression -- or insomnia.

And -- one in four -- of those patients had no history of pre- existing mental illness before covid-19 one deaconess mental health counselor says the pandemic is taking a toll and that anxiety and depression is becoming a growing problem for many of her patients.

"just the emotional isolation in all of this too and i just heard from a a lot of people like everyday we don't know what we're going to wake up to, it's extremely exhausting because we're hearing so many different things everyday."

Remy montejano says some of her patients who recover from the virus -- still live in fear and even those who have never tested positive are feeling the mental strain of the pandemic "it makes it more justifiable to isolate right now and that feeling of anxiety of they don't know what's gonna happen and i think that depression is huge."

But montejano says it's been a difficult time for everyone and it's important to find ways to look forward -- "not being so hard on yourself for one, i think that's helpful, the acceptance of it, accepting that this is a hard time, 'ok, i'm going to have to set some limits as far as things that i can do' and that's ok" vl 44 news and


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