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WCBI NEWS AT TEN - 12/7/2020

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WCBI NEWS AT TEN - 12/7/2020
WCBI NEWS AT TEN - 12/7/2020
WCBI NEWS AT TEN - 12/7/2020

Open show open the number of new coronavirus cases in mississippi remains above 1,000.

The state department of health is reporting 1,263 new cases today and no deaths.

There are currently 1,931 people being treated for the virus in mississippi hospitals.

In our area, lee county has the most new cases with 47.

Pontotoc has 34 and lafayette county has 23.

There are a total of 166,194 cases of covid-19 in mississippi and 3,961 deaths.

Many small businesses are feeling the financial strain of the pandemic.

Restaurants are among those looking for a lifeline.

Courtney ann jackson explains.

Jeff good co-owns and operates bravo, broad street and sal and mookie's.

He says catering is what first started taking a hit in the spring before the shutdown.

Now--- "it's almost like deja vu all over again."

Good says they've come up with new options to boost takeout.

But...his three restaurants still have overhead in buildings designed for dine-in.

"we've lost 1/3 of our overall revenue between catering and dine in."

The paycheck protection program helped helped them get back on their feet with rehiring workers after the shutdown.

But looking forward--- "if i have to let my people go a second time...i don't know how we would re-gin this again" that's why he's urging congress to pass the restaurants act that would include targeted help for lcoal restaurant that really need it.

"do that and i think we can survive.

Don't do it, and i really don't know what's gonna happen."

But some restauranteurs are skeptical about getting that help.

"they continue to fiddle while restaurants burn."

Mitchell moore owns campbell's bakery and campbell's craft donuts.

"we realized we were not going to have a good december and it was time to close the madison location for good."

More specifically---they went from nearly 19,000 dollars worth of sales at the two bakery locations in the first week december of 2019 to just 7,700 last week.

"the best way to describe it is robbing from peter to pay paul.

There's a pot of money and bills that we have going out are greater than what that pot of money."

Moore is calling on the public to support local restaurants if they want them to survive while hoping that congress can find a meaningful way to help.

Top survive while hoping that congress can find a meaningful way to help.

Top governor tate reeves says mississippi will remain open for business.

Reeves says small business owners cannot withstand another shutdown, like the one earlier this year as the coronavirus was starting to spread.

He says much more is known about the virus now, compared to earlier in the year, and an across the board economic shutdown will not happen in mississippi.

"even vice president biden has admitted he really doesn't have the authority, he says he's going to try and convince governors and mayors to do that, i'm just telling you he doesn't have a chance of convincing me, that that will be the best long term policy for our state.

We are going to try and work with whomever is in charge, in washington, do our part to do that, but i'm also going to be on the front lines of fighting, when they try and enact far left liberal policies , and do that nationwide, i'm going to be on the front line and say, you may can do this in far west, northeast, but not in our state."

The governor made his comments during an interview with wcbi's allie martin last week in jackson.

First look stinger we'll enjoy a nice stretch of weather for the next several days with highs back into the 60s for the middle of the week.

Our next chance of rain will be friday night into saturday before another round of cooler temperatures moves in.

Monday night: skies will remain mostly clear tonight allowing temperatures to fall into the mid and upper 20s by weather updates on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

Today, it's a warning.

But soon, columbus police may be handing out citations to people and businesses who are not following the city's mask mandate.

Beginning today, two cpd officers per shift will be checking in with local business owners, as a reminder to everyone to wear masks while out and about in town.

Most businesses have a posted notice to customers to wear a mask.

Police officers are touching base with merchants to help them stay in compliance with the city order.

We get calls throughout the day many times...hey this business isn't practicing mask safety to the standards of the city of columbus.

We come out, check it out.

Normally nine times out of ten we start with a warning, go from there.

If we have a certain problematic issue with certain businesses we can address it with citations, but we try to do warnings firsthand.

It's important mainly to keep this covid sickness from spreading to others.

It helps prevent that.

That's the biggest measure in preventing the spread of the covid.

The choctaw health center has once again put out a call requesting donations of fabric masks that they can distribute among members of the choctaw tribe across the the pearl river reservation and beyond.

Wcbi's stephen pimpo spoke with a public health expert today about the need for mask donations and has the story.

"over the summer months, june, july, august, we were hit very hard with this virus in our cases."

The choctaw health center says the tribe is currently dealing with 30 active cases of covid-19 and has seen just over 13 percent of the population test positive for the virus.

One of the keys to keeping those numbers down?

"it's made some difference for us that people do embrace the need to wear a mask."

Director of public health services denise benn john says that throughout the pandemic, the health center has been giving out mask packs that include two handmade cloth masks, a thermometer and phone numbers for the choctaw health center.

Su: dating back to april, the choctaw health center says the community has donated over 5000 masks.

"a lot of our tribal members do utilize them and we're so glad that they know we have them available."

Now...they need their help again.


"we want to be a catalyst to assist those who may not be able to afford to pay for a mask.

In philadelphia...step hen pimpo...wcbi news we will have more information on how to donate or receive the masks at our website,

Starkville police are investigating an early-morning shooting that left one person injured.

Good evening.

Thanks for joining us.

A 29-year-old man had to be air- lifted to a nearby hospital after the shooting.


Brandon lovelady with the starkville police departments says the incident happened on reed ridge circle around 4:45 this morning.

Lovelady tells wcbi the shooting happened outside of the home.

No other injures have been reported, and no arrests have been made at this time.

Spd is leading the investigation.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the starkville police department or golden triangle crimestoppers at 1-800-530-7151.

120720-gfx vo police have made more arrests in a string of car burglaries over the past week that spanned three different counties.

Ackerman police say jacob bell, leviticus bell are in custody in ackerman.

Ditris bell is in custody in webster county.

And suspects dontavious lucious and quavantae lucious are in custody in starkville.

Police say all of the suspects are from the starkville area.

The burglaries prompted a joint investigation by five different law enforcement agencies.

The webster county sheriff's department says the first incident happened november 27th in a neighborhood on bland road.

Sheriff david gore says three others followed including two in the city of mathiston.

Gore says 12-15 guns were taken along with credit cards, tools and other valuables.

The oktibbeha county sheriffs department says they have had between 7 and 8 vehicle burglaries during the past week, with both guns and cash being taken from unlocked cars.

Ackerman police reported similar robberies on monday and thursday, saying suspects were checking for open doors between 3 and 5 am.

Anyone with information on these thefts is asked to contact local law enforcement.

Stinger wx open we'll enjoy a nice stretch of weather for the next several days with highs back we'll enjoy a nice stretch of weather for the next several days with highs back into the 60s for the middle of the week.

Our next chance of rain will be friday night into saturday before another round of cooler temperatures moves in.

Monday night: skies will remain mostly clear tonight allowing temperatures to fall into the mid and upper 20s by morning.

Winds will be light out of the northwest.

Tuesday-thursday: sunshine will continue for the middle of the week with highs in the 50s on tuesday.

We'll warm into the 60s for wednesday and thursday with morning lows staying in the 30s and 40s.

Friday-saturday: clouds will build back into the area by friday afternoon ahead of our next weather system.

Rain will begin late friday night and last into the early part of the day on saturday, possibly even into the early afternoon.

As of now, we aren't concerned about severe weather or strong storms as this appears to mainly be a rain event.

Highs will remain in the mid 60s with overnight lows in the 40s and 50s.

Sunday-monday: cooler air will move in once saturday's rain exits.

Highs will be back into the low 50s for sunday and monday with morning lows close to freezing.

We'll see a few clouds on sunday before sunny skies return on monday.

To get the latest forecast anytime, download the wcbi news app or visit our website at

You can also get the latest weather updates on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

We'll enjoy a nice stretch of weather for the next several days with highs back into the 60s for the middle of the week.

Our next chance of rain will be friday night into saturday before another round of cooler temperatures moves in.

Monday night: skies will remain mostly clear tonight allowing temperatures to fall into the mid stinger after the break, some tips on how to be safe this holiday season when it comes to preparing food.

More on this coming up... during the holidays, a lot of people prepare their own meals or make meals for the entire family to enjoy.

Tonight on health talk with baptist, some ways to make sure your food is safe to consume and safe to share.

Take a look.

Pkg hile most.

They spread use before cooking .

Foods that need to be kept in cooler .

E nsure and avoid opening coole rs .

Kept food cold and.

Stinger calhoun city fell just short in the 2- a title... next in sports the impact first year coach md jennings had on the wildcats spx open ???take spx monitor???

In his first season as the head coach of calhoun city& former nfl safety m.d.

Jennings led the wildcats to their first state championship appearance since 2016& not a bad first campaign..

His personal journey is a big reason for the success& and he fell in love with the process... ???take pkg???

00-05 1:20-1:25 jennings says: "the biggest thing was getting the kids to trust me.

Once they realized that i was going to try my best to put them in a position to be successful, and once i gained the trust of the kids, they started to understand and listen."

Jennings went to and played for calhoun city& continued his football career at arkansas state& signed with the green bay packers as an undrafted free agent..

???take nats???

He was in the nfl for five years& his background and underdog mentality is a big reason the wildcats had the year that they did jennings says: "i've been in a lot of great systems, have had a lot of great coaches and played with a lot of great players.

That's what i tell the kids all the time is that a lot of people don't understand the hard work and dedication that it takes off the field.

Preparing yourself mentally and physically and having your body ready to play at the highest level."

The 32-year old says his familiarity with his hometown helps him relate to his kids jennings says: "i understand those kids.

I grew up in the same neighborhood and school system.

I understand the things they did in the school system and off the field also.

Lee says: "he has a really good relationship with all of the guys.

He tells us what to do and he played at the highest level so you really want to listen to what he says."

Jennings says: "it really means a lot to be able to see these young kids turn into young men."


On cam tag???

Calhoun city fell short to taylorsville in the 2a state title game& we caught up with jennings afterwards... he said how proud he was of his ???take mon gfx???

After a week off... mississippi state football returns to davis wade stadium 00-0 leach says: it's been tough and inconsistent as far as who is available with a ll the tests and everything.

We have all these thresholds and have been below them the last two games.

We want to play and be out there.

I take comfort that no college athleteshave been hospitalized they've been hospitalized for other things but not for covid.

The ole miss rebels matchup with texas a&m has been postponed due to covid-19... the game will be reschedule only if there are any cancellations of other games scheduled for december 19th otherwise it will be declared a no- contest... three of lane kiffin's bunch were named semifinalists for national awards... matt corral for the davey o'brien award given annually to the nation's best qb... he's top 10 in almost every passing category... elijah moore is a finalist for the biletnikoff... that one given annual to the nation's best receiver... moore is number one in fbs in receptions with 86... he also is second in the country in receiving yards with just under 1200... new south carolina head football shane beamer was introduced by the gamecocks recently... while he'll be working most of the time in columbia... he has a close family connection in starkville mississippi beamer says: my family and inlaws steve and sandra gladney back in starkville mississippi they are sec through and through and the fact that their son in law is on the sec network is definitely the proudest moment of our marriage, i'm sure.

I hear them talking about paul finebaum and sec football and all that and im glad they let me marry their daughter.


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