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Sunday, 7 March 2021

VVS basketball seniors Brewer, Rossi commit to play at the college level

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VVS basketball seniors Brewer, Rossi commit to play at the college level
VVS basketball seniors Brewer, Rossi commit to play at the college level

Morgan Brewer and Anna Rossi, both awaiting their fourth season as starters for the Red Devils, have each committed to play basketball at the NCAA Division III level.

Good evening!

As we continue to await the return of high school basketlln our area - two local student- athletes from v-v-s have more hoops to look forward to in their future.

Red devils seniors morgan brewer and anna rossi have committed to play basketball at the n- c-a-a division three level beginning next fall.

Brewer is heading to the university of scranton in pennsylvania to play for the royals.

Rossi is remaining in the area to play for the pioneers at utica college.

I had a chance to catch up with the new college commits about the decision and what they're looking forward to about the next step.

Morgan brewer: just knowing i'm going to a school that has a really good basketball history and i'm going to be playing basketball with a bunch of other people who also have committed to playing basketball at the next level i'm just really excited to be a part of that.

With the scranton coach we were kind of just always in communication and he's come to watch me play and he talks to me about their style of play and everything and i just want to be a part of that.

Then stepping on campus and walking around and getting the tour and everything it was kind of just one of those moments where you were like yeah this is where i want to be.

Anna rossi: after committing to utica and having those relationships starting with the coaches knowing that i'm going to be playing a sport that i've loved from the beginning it's just really exciting for the future.

My whole family pretty much has gone to utica, we've got a lot of alumni from there and then as soon as i told everyone i'm going to utica they were like oh my god yes i can come watch you play best decision.

Just being able to represent the area but also have my family there it's really nice.

Randy thomas: these two have always been key components of our program and they've taught me over the last four years.

I think i'm a better coach and i credit them a lot for that.

I mean i think the last four years we've really had a great connection throughout our team and the teammates that we've had at least you have been key parts of that.

Brewer will be studying kinesiology at scranton with the intent to go to grad school for physical therapy.

Rossi - is majoring in nursing at u-c.

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