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Sunday, 7 March 2021

Police continue to investigate 40-year old unsolved Sullivan County murder

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Police continue to investigate 40-year old unsolved Sullivan County murder
Police continue to investigate 40-year old unsolved Sullivan County murder

It has been 40 years since the murder of a local woman, and investigators are still looking for answers.

"they need answers their mind their heart their soul needs answers" it's been 40 years since a local woman was murdered and the case is still open.

Good evening and thank you for joining us.

Local law enforcement and the indiana state police are still looking for answers in the investigation!

They think you can help.

News 10's sarah lehman is live in our newsroom now.

She has more from the sullivan county sheriff about the cold case.

And why they're "still" looking for answers every january..

The anniversary of the murder of sarah jennette benson comes and goes.

It's been 40 years.

And every year... investigators look and hope for someone with new information to come forward and help bring closure to the family.

The year was 1981 -- in farmersburg, indiana.

Sarah jennette benson had just returned home from terre haute.

Police say she was confronted and killed by an intruder in her house.

To this day -- local and state law enforcement and her family are looking for answers.

"time has a way of hurting cold cases and time has a way of helping cold cases."

Neighbors described seeing a blue sedan parked in the benson's driveway that day.

One person reported seeing a man get out of the car and knock on the door.

Investigators believe that man was likely the killer.

Sullivan county sheriff clark cottom says over the years -- relationships can change.

He says someone could know some information that could help them close this case and find bensons' murderer.

"it's not uncommon that someone had a relationship with someone 40 years ago might have been a friend that is no longer a friend could have been a marriage that resulted in divorce.

It could even be that the suspect in this particular case has passed away and maybe somebody knows something about it."

Sheriff cottom says investigators and the benson family are still hopeful someone will come forward with information.

He says her family... friends... and the entire community have not forgotten about this case.

No matter how long ago it happened.

"life does not go on for the family of mrs. benson her kids her grandkids people that loved her people that knew her.

They've never forgot and the community hasn't forgotten."

Sheriff sheriff cottoms says the killer would now likely be in his 50's.

If you know anything about this murder -- call the sullivan county sheirffs office -- or indiana state police those numbers will be available over on our website.

Wthi tv dot com.

Reporting live in the news room.

I'm sarah lehman news 10.

Back to you.

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