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Saturday, 6 March 2021


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Cases now.

Baldwin county has three thousand 71 total cases.

And laurens county has 29-hundred cases.

The spike in cases comes... as governor brain kemp says ... there is still more work and coordinating to do... when it comes to getting the covid-19 vaccine to people who need it most.

During a news conference today, governor kemp says the state has administered about 24 percent of the vaccine doses from the federal government.

He says the state is giving out about 80- thousand doses a week.

He asks that georgians have patients ... as the state works to make sure vaccines... first get to health care and front line workers...seniors and those living and working in long-term care centers.

4:25 -4:47 "local health departments are receiving high volumes of requests and very limited appointments.

Phone systems as you imagine are busier than ever.

Public health staff has been working tirelessly for month to battle the pandemic and are working c1 3 b13 quickly to scale up appointments and call centers to assist the public in getting vaccinated."

Kemp says efforts will continue to make sure data is transparent, accurate and up to date.

He says soon the department of public health website will show locations with the vaccine ... and where you can schedule a vaccination appointment.

The north central health district is expanding who can get a covid-19 vaccine.

Starting january 11th, people in phase one-a- plus can make appointments to get the vaccine.

That will include people over the age of 65 and their caregivers, law enforcement, fire personnel, 911 operators and dispatchers.

Michael hokanson, with the north central health district says people should still be following c-d-c guidelines even with vaccines in the community.

"make sure you're wearing a mask in spaces where it's appropriate, make sure you're social distancing from others, keep your hands washed frequently, and of course if you are sick stay home."

Healthcare providers and people working and living in longterm care facilities were apart of the first phase and are still able to get a vaccine in this phase.

The north central health district is also asking for your patience.

New tonight... police in washington .... say a 34-year-old georgia woman... was among the five people who died ... during the violent protests at the u-s capitol.

Police say rosanne boyland -- of kennesaw -- died from a medical emergency.

Officials did not immediately release additional details... about her cause of death.

Her family says ... as they watched the events unfold on t-v... they hoped she was not in the crowd.

They say ... they are still waiting on specifics about her death.

But her brother-in-law says.... he believes the president is to blame.

14 - 24 justin cave: "it's my own personal belief that the president's words incited a riot that killed four of his biggest fans last night, and i believe that we should invoke the 25th amendment at this time."

A california woman was fatally shot inside the capitol during wednesday's siege.

Two other people also died from medical emergencies during the riot --- a 55-year-old alabama man.... and a 50-year-old pennsylvania man.

And capitol police say... an officier also died.

He collapsed after physically engaging with protesters.

The investigation into the riots at the capitol is intensifying.

So is the round-up of suspects..

One of the men seen as the "face" of the attack... arrested this afternoon.

Jay gray has details and the c1 3 b13 latest on the fallout from c1 3 b13 washington..

C1 3 b13 nat c1 3 b13 there is an unsettling washington news - jay gray - nbc the clock here.

Jay gray - nbc news - washington journalists --- who were covering the events unfolding at the u-s capitol on wednesday -- also faced attacks.

Take a look at this is video... from a nbc washington reporter.

You can see the mob destroying media equipment.

The journalists were forced to abandon the items ... for their own safety.

The rioters can be seen stomping, throwing and kicking the items... on the ground.

President donald trump says he will not be attending... the inauguration of president-elect joe biden.

He made the announcement this morning on his twitter page.

President trump is not the first outgoing president ... to not attend the inauguration of his successor.

Presidents john adams... john quincy adams and andrew johnson... did not attend the inauguration of the incoming president.

Nbc news is reporting that vice president mike pence .... will likely attend... if invited.

One man is in jail, and another in the hospital, after a shooting in warner robins.

Police arrested 19-year-old jalen randle for aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

According to a new release, a 20 year old -- who was shot twice -- showed up at houston county medical center around 6:30 thursday night.

An investigation revealed the shooting happened in the 800 block of mcarthur boulevard, and police later arrested randle.

The victim was transported to the medical center, navicent health in macon.

In more local news tonight... the mercer university campus is mourning the loss of a student... who died in her dorm room thursday


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