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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Interview with Nancy Mace

Credit: WTAT
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Interview with Nancy Mace
Interview with Nancy Mace
Interview with Nancy Mace

Huge change in temperatures.

Cool low to mid-50s in many areas this afternoon.

Look at the rain.

Look at snow back to the west.

Snow starting to come into the mountain of north carolina now.

As that low passes to the north there will nobody snow in our forecast.

But there will be rain later today and tonight.

Keep an eye on the radar and i think lunchtime we are dry, cloudy, through the middle of the afternoon.

We will start to see few showers and continue later on this evening and overnight tonight.

Let you know when we are out of here and next weather maker comes in and how temperatures will be this week.

A little warm-up.

That's coming up.

Leah: thanks, em.

Inauguration day is now nine days away.

Many lawmakers are pushing for president trump's second impeachment.

Representative james clyburn says that democrats may want to give the incoming president time before starting another trial.

Just so happens if it goes for 100 days, it could -- let's give president-elect biden the 100 days it needs to get his agenda off and running and maybe send articles sometime after that.

Leah: many lawmakers are accusing trump of inciting insurrection and some call on him to resign.

> facebook, twitter, instagram, all of these platforms have kicked the president off.

South carolina lawmakers doesn't think that's right.

Senator tim scott tweeted saying platforms should never pick winners and losers.

He called it another example of conservative censorship and adds silencing any legitimate political debate is not the answer.

Jon: less than a week after the deadly siege at the u.s. capitol lawmakers looking to move forward.

Some say that could mean impeachment of president trump.

Joining us this morning nancy mace, congressman, thank you so much for being here.

We appreciate that.

It has been a whirl wind for you as all americans.

I want to start by asking you where you were when those people breached the capitol and what your experience was in the hours that followed.

Yeah, i was there for the joint session when the vice president presided over it in the afternoon.

Then when we recessed when the senate went into its chamber to debate the objection i started to go back to my office.

At one point when all of this started to go down i was stuck in tunnel at capitol with 100 other people.

I was with representative dan crenshaw.

I said thank god i'm with former military vet.

I felt safe because i was right there with him.

There were 100 of us in the tunnel.-it was very scary you fe a sitting duck.

At some point we are able to go back to offices and immediately put into lockdown, which i think was about the time when the folks started to breach the capitol and physically go in there.

When we are in lockdown our doors were locked.

The lights were turned out.

The shading were drawn and asked to be silent.

All you could hear for hours and hours and hours of capitol police and national guard, all the law enforcement coming to the rescue at capitol.

And it was a traumatic event.

I had initially planned to have my kids up there because school that they are at right now they are only doing virtual.

So they weren't able to go to school in person.

I thought hey, wouldn't this be cool to hang out with mom, civics lesson, history lesson, made history in this election.

Be cool to roam the halls and i would be doing work with people and chamber and everything.

I decided sunday night when i heard and saw the rhetoric leading up to this i felt really uncomfortable as a mother and parent.

At 4:00, 5:00 sunday afternoon i booked the first flight home the next morning for them, which was 8:00, 8:30 flight and i'm so glad i did that.

Jon: you said you told other reporters you felt like a sitting duck during the siege on the capitol.

That must have been traumatic.

It was traumatic because the only thing stopping protesters from entering our building were the capitol police.

Looking at video footage that you could see outside and inside the capitol that afternoon is that the were they outnumbered.

Were they unprepared.

I didn't have a firearm on me because i literally just sat for my cwp because of threats my office was receiving.

I got my cwp application in two weeks ago because of the rhetoric and the threats on my life leading up to this thing alone, but you did feel like a sitting duck.

I'm not going to let that happen again.

I will not be in the situation.

Our nation is deeply divided right now.

I credit both sides with being part of the problem.

It is one of the reasons i have been so vocal.

You know, the last seven days i have been focused on, of course, my own party since wednesday because this was domestic terrorism.

These were people you watch the video and do not encourage any voters to watch the video but you can hear them chanting hang pence, hang pence and looking for different members of congress to do bad things.

Jon: you have gone on record the domestic terrorism, many people blaming the president for this.

You say impeachment shouldn't happen for the president.

Why is that?

Right now it is a rushed impeachment.

Impeachment should be delibertive and due process according to the constitution.

There's a due process under the law.

To do it under the last ten days there are other options that are out there that hold the president accountable.

Joe biden will be sworn in on the twentieth.

If we rush impeachment on wednesday and supposedly we will be voting on this on wednesday, the u.s. senate get impeachment articles until the nineteenth but that's if they are not held.

Democrats are saying they are going to hold it for 100 days.

We need to have a peaceful transition of power.

Jon: do you think the president is culpable?

He is culpable.

I'm supporting censure.

There's a censure resolution that's being filed today or tomorrow.

Probably be more than one.

That does hold the president accountable.

I think it is very important that we do not whisk this under the rug.

That we don't turn our backs on history.

What happened wednesday was unforgivable.

You backed the president during your campaign, invoked his name.

Change of heart?


I couldn't -- i had a change of heart before then but seeing the rhetoric, seeing the lies that were being told to the american people that the vice president could single handedly overturn the results of the election is just not true.

I praise vice president mike pence for standing up last week for truth and telling the american people that that could not happen.

The same thing happened with the electoral college vote.

We don't have the ability to do that.

People were lied to.

Hearts, minds and wallets were taken advantage.

More than half billion dollars were raised to fight voter fraud.

Almost zero was spent for voter fraud.

It was a fleecing.

Jon: were lawmakers aware.

You said you might have had warning signs.

Where you briefed?

We are not briefed on any potential violence for wednesday.

I will not rush to judgment on capitol police.

There are certainly huge indications that things were not done when they should have.

When was the national guard called or not called?

I have heard rumors -- don't like to talk in rumor but there are rumors about when or not when the national guard was called in.

I mean there are -- i have a lot of questions about this.

Members of congress were sitting ducks.

There were even -- i heard this last night.

There will be things coming out for days and weeks to come because i want to take the time to see what does come out and investigate what happened.

There was a member of check who allegedly put out the whereabouts of our leadership, a republican, who put whereabouts of our leader during this going down.

I have a lot of questions.

Jon: you work for the people.

Majority of americans say they want president trump out.

He needs to be held accountable and never run for office again, never hold office again.

The violation was incited by the rhetoric.

It was not just the president.

There were other people, members of my own party that were at the rally.

Members of own party leading up to the rally.

The rhetoric posted online on social media.

I risked and members of congress risked life for ceremonial vote last week.

No one should ever fear their life is at risk.

I had to have a tough conversation with my kids friday night.

I had a security detail all the way home.

When mom goes to work she is going to be safe.

It is sad and heart breaking this is where we are in our country.

I do fear that rushed impeachment this week will pour gasoline on the fire.

There are people that are still in severe denial about it.

There's going to be i believe a lot of information coming out in the days and weeks ahead and i want the american people to really see what happens.

If you go on my social media you will see especially on my twitter, i show some revealing things, videos that happened that were there.

I want people to witness the destruction that was done.

This wasn't patriotism wrapped in the american flag.

Five people died.

When i had to walk into the chamber to take the vote on the electoral college i literally had to walk by crime scene where blood was still drying, woman attacking capitol police it is i never thought i would ever see anything like it in my life and hope to never see it again.

Jon: troubling times


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