Respite Movie
Respite Movie

Respite Movie Trailer HD - Plot Synopsis: Jimmy Baz, a down-and-out private-eye is reluctantly hired by the parents of a missing college aged boy to find their son.

As Jimmy searches for the missing boy he stumbles upon a series of murders and now believes he is on the hunt for a serial killer targeting muslim men.

Things take a sinister turn as his investigation leads him into the underworld of Bachi Basi, the taboo Afghani practice of child sex trafficking of young boys that are made to resemble young girls.

Release Date: 01/26/2021 Directed by: Saro Varjabedian Starring: Monte Bezell, Julián Juaquín, Ahmet Devran Dayanc, Haythem Noor, Leslie Kalarchian, Baylen Thomas, Guillermo Iván, Chris LaPanta, Ryan Jonze, Shimavon Atamian, Carter Redwood, Zair Montes, Gina Tuttle, Karina Bezell, Donald Paul, Bari Kang, Stéphanie De Latour, Fajer Al-Kaisi, Gloria Mamurov, Damien Stewart, Maksim Mamurov, Paul Mauriello, Michael J.

Doyl, Mesba Antonio, Steven LaCicero, Germain Pacheco, Jen Chen, Joseph Murray, Siraj Huda, James Lawson, Joel A.

Luna, Francisco Valdez, Gelasio Duenas, Daniel Stagliano