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Saturday, 27 February 2021

01-14-21 FOR BRI

Credit: KIMT
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01-14-21 FOR BRI
01-14-21 FOR BRI
01-14-21 FOR BRI

Want a clear plan.

The latest blizzard warnings and winter storm warnings have been posted a powerful storm moves into our area.

We have team coverage of this winter storm winter weather creates slick driving conditions.

I'm kimt news three's jessica bringe live from stormtracker with the latest road conditions.

Pull out that shovel and salt?


"*you're going to nee i'm kimt news three's samantha soto live with what's flying off the shevles at a local hardware store.

President trump urging calm and peace as the inauguration of the nation's 46th president rapidly approaches.

I'm kimt news three's george mallet live with the latest on security measures being taken as president trump's second impeachment trial moves to the senate.

Kimt news three first at four starts right now.

Good afternoon and thank you for joining us for kimt news 3 first at 4.

I'm katie lange first this afternoon?

"* a wintr storm warning is issued in southern minnesota and north iowa.

We're bringing you team coverage.

Kimt news three has the latest road conditions ?

"* to keep you safe if you have to head out tonight.

Stormteam 3 wasting no time ?

*- let's check in with kimt stormteam 3 chief meteorologist aaron white.

Aaron ?

"* ?

"* it was a wet, r mess this morning... fat flakes have been falling all afternoon... but we're not seeing any accumlation yet in the med city.




"(blizzard warnings, storm warnings, and winter weather advisories issued through friday night?



" storm system is moving into the midwest and will bring periods of snow and wind to the region through friday night.

Several inches of snow accumulation can be expected across the area, with 4?

"*8" looking likely for most locations, with a few locations bound to see 8+.

Strong winds will also cause blowing and drifting snow, especially along and west of i?

"*35, so blizzard warnings have been posted for those areas.

Expect difficult to near impossible travel conditions throughout the duration of this storm.

After this storm departs, cooler conditions can be expected for the weekend, with highs in the 20s.

If you're heading out you'll want to take your time.

Kimt news three's jessica bringe is out on the streets in stormtracker for a better look at the roads.

Jes what's it like out there?

Right now we're seeing light flakes..

It doesn't appear to be causing the roads to be too slick..

However i did speak with minnesota department of transportatio n..

Communication director mike dougherty tells me there have been plows out since three a?

*m putting salt out on the roads ahead of the expected snow storm... it's to help grind that salt down to prevent slick roadways.

There are a total of 101 plows out along south?

"* east roadways in all eleven counties..

Preparing for when the snow does begin to fall.

Live in jessica bringe thanks jes?


"*be safe out t we'll be checking in with her again later in this newscast.

For the very latest weather updates download the kimt stormteam 3 weather app.

It's free and available in the app store and on google minnesota state patrol just tweeted this out a few minutes ago?


"* reminding you to pu your headlights on while driving in the snow.

The tweet says: "see this person?

N't be this person.

Cars have headlights for a reason ?

$ and snow is one of those reasons."

This afternoon we're already starting to see some closures.

The covid?

"*19 testing site in albert lea is closed.

If you need a test you'll have to make an appointment for another time.

We have those details on kimt dot com.

Rain this morning ?

"* and fat, wet flakes this afternoon... things will be getting slick on the roads... along with sidewalks and driveways.

Kimt news 3 samantha soto joins us live from a rochester hardware store ?


"* where salt is a commodity.

Katie, the store manager here at ace arrow hardware and paint says it was a slow start to the morning but as drive ways started to ice over people have been making their way in to stock up on salt, shovels, and snowblowers.

Owner deb predail tells me the most popular winter item flying off the shelves?


She anticipates selling more snow supplies as the storm continues into tomorrow?


"* battery operatered and gas powered snow blowers, along with pet friendly ice melt, and shovels.

Predail tells me they are already fresh out of ice scrapers?


"* and the ru people coming in to stock up "it's been such a weird year, i mean it was warm all the way thru dec for the most part ?

"*- nobody's really i don't think had snow storms on their mind yet."

Predail tells me though many people are coming in day of ?


"* she says it's never bad idea to stock up ahead of time on winter necessities.

Thanks samantha.

Stay with kimt on air and online ?

"* as our team of meteorologist s continue to track the storm.

President trump is on the verge of an historic second senate impeachment trial on charges of inciting a riot at the u.s. capitol last week.

Against that backdrop, washington is on high alert.

Kimt news 3's george mallet joins me now with a look at the political and security landscape in our nation's capitol.

And katie?



"* make no about it?




"* that high alert is a direct result of threats coming from the president's supporters.

The president is keenly aware of that fact and yesterday began an effort to say all of the right things and tamp down the anger.

Today vice president mike pence is attended an inauguration security briefing at fema.

(nats ?

"* boarding up, security posture video today) ahead of the inauguration... thousands of national guard troops are at the capitol and around washington d.c.... with new fences erected... and businesses boarded up... a new law enforcement bulletin is out warning that the success of last week's breach ?

"(could( fuel more violence by domestic extremist groups.

(sot ?

"* president donald trump/yesterd ay, white house video) "there must be no violence, no lawbreaking and no vandalism."

President trump released a video calling for calm... after the house took the historic step of impeaching him for a second time on charges of inciting the capitol assault.

George: the impeachment case now goes to the senate for a trial?


"** which is unlikely to begin until president trump is already out of the white house.

(gfx) in a statement, president?

"* elect joe biden urged senate leadership to "find a way to deal with their constitutional responsibilitie s on impeachment while also working on the other urgent business of this nation.

" (/gfx) meanwhile, lawmakers have introduced a bipartisan bill to award capitol police officer eugene goodman the congressional medal of freedom for his bravery during last week's attack.

The military veteran faced down a large group of cbs news has learned that outgoing white house counsel pat cipollone (sip?


"*lo* will not defend the president in his second impeachent trial.

Another member of the the president's legal time last time around ?


"* jay sekulow ?


"* is also out.

A high?

"*profile defense attorney alan dershowitz says nobody from the white house has reached out to mallet kimt news 3.

It's time to use those winter driving skills... "as we go through the night we're going to see a significant snow fall, so if yo can avoid travel just avoid travel."

Minnesota state patrol is breaking down what you need to keep in speaking of roads?


"* here' live look from stormtracker.

Coming up in about 20 minutes?


"* kimt news three jessica bringe will join us live for a look at the current conditons and a new covid testing site is coming to olmsted county.


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