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Thursday, 25 February 2021


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Coming up, a local group is raising awareness about increasing instances of human trafficking here in the scenic city.

And the health department is working on a plan to help streamline the distribution of vaccine as more doses become available.

Those stories straight ahead on news 12 now at 5:30.

"news 12 now at 5:30.

Your news starts now."

Good evening.

I'm andrew harrison.

Good evening.

I'm andrew harrison.

And i'm emily cassulo.

Thanks for joining us for news 12 now at 5:30.

President trump is on the verge of an historic second senate impeachment trial on charges of inciting a riot at the u.s. capitol last week.

Due to ongoing threats from the president's supporters washington is now on high alert, and very heavily guarded.

Skyler henry is on capitol hill with more, as we cover the nation.

This afternoon -- vice president mike pence is attending an inauguration security briefing at fema headquarters.

Ahead of the ousands of armed national guard troops are posted at the capitol and around washington d.c.... with new fences erected...and businesses boarded up... cbs news has learned of a new law enforcement bulletin warning that the success of last week's breach could fuel more violence among domestic extremist groups.

"there must be no violence, no lawbreaking and no vandalism."

President trump released a video wednesday calling for calm...after the house took the historic step of impeaching him for a second time on charges of inciting the u.s. capitol assault.

"the impeachment case now goes to the senate for a trial - which is not expected to begin until after the president- elect and vice president-elect are sworn in here next week."

In a statement, president-elect joe biden urged senate leadership to "find a way to deal with their constitutional responsibilities on impeachment while also working on the other urgent business of this nation.

" meanwhile, lawmakers have introduced a bipartisan bill to award capitol police officer eugene goodman the congressional medal of freedom for his bravery during last week's attack.

The military veteran faced down a large group of rioters and lured them away from the senate chamber, giving his colleagues enough time to secure the area.

Skyler henry, cbs news, capitol hill.

Cbs news has learned that outgoing white house counsel pat cipollone will not defend the president in his second impeachment trial.

Another member of the the president's legal time last time around -- jay sekulow -- is also out.

One lawmaker already has plans to attempt to remove joe biden from office.

Georgia congresswoman marjorie taylor greene has announced plans to impeach the president-elect.

She tweeted last night quote, "on january 21st 20-21, i'll be filing articles of impeachment against joe biden for abuse of power."

Green voted against the impeachment of president trump.

Biden takes office as president january 20th at noon.

January is human trafficking awareness month and a local organization want to remind people that human trafficking is everywhere including right here in chattanooga.

Loves arm outreach is a local non profit organization that helps human trafficking victims safely find a way out.

Investigators believe chattanooga is a very big hub for trafficking because it's so close to a major interstate system.

Loves arm executive director says trafficking has been on the rise due to the covid-19 pandemic.

"we cant put a stamp on what a trafficking victim look like or what a person looks like that may be trapped in trafficking prostitution or addictive behaviors.

We are humans and we all look alike.

But there are pockets of high activity in this city."

More information coming up tonight on news 12 now at 6 as of today, hamilton county has 228 new cases of covid 19, and one more person has died.

The brings the county' death toll to 323.

In a bit of good news, the total number of active cases has gone down slightly to a little more than 4,100.

That's still far too many for hamilton county schools resume traditional learning.

Students will continue to learn remotely through at least next week.

The number of covid patients in the hospital and i-c-u has also dropped a little bit.

As states, including tennessee and georgia, switch to an appointment only model for covid vaccinations, local heath departments are having to adapt.

News 12's winston reed is live in hamilton county to show us what that will look like for local folks.

The health department is currently in the process of setting up their appointment system but no blue print has been finalized at the moment.

Hamilton county receives about 2 thousand doses of the covid-19 vaccine weekly but mayor jim coppinger said the county has not received any doses in over a 8 days.

That's why the tennessee riverpark which is filled with eager residents ready to roll up their sleeves is empty.

New 12 spoke with hamilton county commissioner chip baker.

Our biggest issue right now is getting enough supply.

I think that through hospitals, through nursing homes, cvs and walgreens -we've got the ability to expand.

It's really dependent right now on the supply of vaccine.

A source from cempa community care tells news 12 that the state has over 3 hundreds vaccine sites ready, and more than 2 thousand more sites waiting for approval.

Data from the tennessee department of health's drug overdose reporting system suggests the distribution of the second coronavirus relief package may result in a spike in opioid overdoses.

News 12's joeli poole joins us live with more.

According to the hamilton county coalition, opioid overdoses spiked over 30 percent statewide during the months of the covid-19 shutdowns and first round of stimulus checks.

Officials suggest if you have any unwanted prescription medicine to properly dispose of it by using the counties drop off boxes or drug deactivation pouches.

The coalition wants to remind residents the importance of knowing the signs of an overdose.

"what can happen when an individual starts to overdose is : pinpoint pupils, labored breathing, very shallow breathing, skin turns blue, nails turn blue, they may be unconscious or they may even throw up."

The county does offer prevention resources such as narcan training.

For more information about overdose prevention training go to wdef dot com now, from the epb fiberoptics weather center, your storm team danielle moss you will yell at you today lots of unsigned very minimal cloud cover was nice and cool and mild out side the great had a chance to get out there and to yourself outside its 540 to 41% minute the end of 15 mile an hour wind out of the south outside it's been 20 in cleveland for one of murphy that he wanted elegy we are staying mild this evening however that's not to be the case and wake up in the morning we can expect to see some precipitation and some possible mountain snow flurries about the day on the computer cast shows that system its culprits and start pushing through by midnight will have a bit of rai enough to bring some of those mountain flurries for those you guys are in dunlap and the region in ellijay i knew on friday will be drive temperatures right 500 400 in chattanooga miss your morning lows 400 in chattanooga and one dalton 410 in some real this is at 7 o'clock in the morning and kinda see that there is a chance for some of those north lorries in dunlap and a nasa system pushes on through and also the west that's not to change with more snow possibly saturday night as well going into the overnight hours looking head cold front and the like rain overnight reason cooler temperatures for friday a very chilly weekend ahead we mainly dry until later next week are looking at thursday for next chance for rainmaker but as always you go in and download our news 12 now have to keep up big fire news weather and sport and other is a severe weather warning or any kind of want this apple signification straight to your own why more news after th break ... always a good deal of excellence to about 530 from the director of the judge of the file i explained how dealing with his hands and it has nothing on their house in case community kay blevins and what do you want to talk about the 12 now a five 530 and some of your community news.

Today we're learning about how the chattanooga ballet has had to adapt during the cold night in pandemic and joining us now to tell us all about it is john fairmont.

He is the executive director with the chattanooga ballet good evening john, thank you for joining us.

John tells how difficult it has been for the chattanooga ballet to try t adapt during the cove in 19 pandemic ... the challenge is for everyone you want to what all is in close contact to what you number of students per class is to restrict cleaning as first between classes or procedures to our course of mass to go to the performances ... as the outsider will also you also have some classes online.

You try to adapt to help with folks if they want to take classes ... that is correct you.

You will all we do equipment and if there all individuals by restriction where the only to do a stream those classes live up to the students and the continued sporting our spring semester starts to all that was we all hope and pray they cove in 19 will be gone very soon.

We are encouraged to ask the what is your hopes for the spring semester.

As far as having classes in person ... well your winter semester for two weeks.

As such the action starts on the 19th and wants them to rate the all will going forward at this point is person classes the best way to go however all your protocol will in place are strict if someone cannot be person all the students classes that will shut down for some reason ... will continue to struggle you might be.

And if most of my information about the classes and they get that john the best places the website, which is chock always got is to choose to use it probably got work or class and restriction are going to our website ... of what a great way to your will support the arts right here in the scenic city is to purchase license plate tell us more abou what's going on with the fantas world.

Yes, actually ... arts organizations across the street are supported by the tennessee arts commission and the waves they are fun is all by license plate program is you do your plate for the new vehicle plate used in five dollars arts weight which physically shows your support for the arts.

All that funding does float around arts organizations and check ou ... it absolutely is very important right here in the scenic city a well.

John fairmont, thank you so much for joining us this evening giving us an update on what's going on with the chattanooga ballet again if folks would like to check out the classes offered for the spring semester of the website once again ... checked ballet got right thank you again if you would like som more information about this interview and others.

All you need to do is check our website and ... all the cable, or produce the right felt what we hear from will help leaders to their long- awaited investigation origin worldwide and i'll introduce you to our first responder the month and tell you how he's going above and beyond the call of duty join us for rhyme news danielle moss as today with absolutely love we have lots of unsigned lot of sunshine and lots of inside is very mild out type and that is to continue until about midnight tonight research see a little bit of increasing cloud cover as well if rain were our area is the archetype right now you can see there some moisture moving through the st.

Louis area we will have to worry about until midnight like that right now in china we are dry with us and those increasing clouds moving on route the west this low pressure is from someone toward us and also to bring the rain and cold along with it we are to expect some colder and cooler temperatures fussy for your friday as you move along our local future castles will be drives around midnight tonight nothing starts to rain the true visitors of your for degrees around 3 o'clock in the morning with our collaborative recent snow flurries thrust into the mountainous areas those of you that are in dunlap could see a few springs there now matriculation and although then friday that us are pushing on off to start today but avenue will be dry that's good news is you start your day what we will see some more snow moving to ou area overnight friday into saturday as a look at our local future cast saturday at 1230 in the morning and the there is a lot of snow moving through that area will have any in the valley no accumulation are expecting friday or i'll be around 500 mostly sunny and scatter flurries overnight into saturday is when you are five state regional future cast for friday moving into the saturday you see some snow flurries will be honest to those higher elevations at three weeks and that's no half an inch to main engines know nothing major at all but is going to last a whil so keep that in mind as our snow castle gases, backing off just a little bit you can see the osmotic and little-inch ellijay's only 2/10 of an inch we are in the relatively clear in chattanooga but it doesn't mean that you cannot rule out seeing some snow we do have a chance to read some of snow and rain mix or your friday going into saturday arsenic future cast once again shows that we will be very cold to start your date on sunday recent level way below deftly those of you in northwest georgia and keep in mind as you plan your day for saturday and the were looking to be very drive for those two day with very cold very chilly though keep that in mind are super casos that little chance of snow than half of the mountainous areas in chattanoog for saturday that's a push on off cooler temperatures for saturday and remains rife for the next seven days pretty much the next time you check see a chance of rain our next weather maker is on thursday that's good news in the cooler we will be very drive our long-range forecast shows few a.m.

Flurries chili all day on saturday partly sunny dry and cool on sunday more sunny and quite start next week so just keep in mind as you plan your day friday and saturday might wake up to a little bit of rain a little bit of snow and rain mix not much accumulation those of you in the mountains are looking about half an inch to an inch of snow nothing to be too worried about the family are 70 from epb firearms weather cente with cyclic authority until seven day forecast interest wil start to be a little bit cooler saturday will be the coolest of them all around 390 very breathable will get right back to the target temperatures infinitely all right you so much daniel will also cover the best chip is a good word about a dedicated teenager and assistant paying all at the accessories help now i ... 30 can ... but first lisa robinson as much consumer do you showing as an air fryer with a ... bonus feature and is something to make everybody's life easier the caloric air fryer it doesn' take up all my time is the love that i started experimenting with it and here's the cool number one i love drive you i love drive to buy a very healthy from the right is it just absorbs oil like it air fryer haircuts french fries and chicken wings all the things i love i can get your friend if it's frozen like airfreight of the fresh it can have lasting as usual at one time i just like this is an extra of the in my kitchen i can do is stay in you vegetables here i can do a case in here i can read he moved in here which you is a really big deal for me because i could once read he put in here and i don't have to wait out of the oven and taste a lot better than the microwave i love the five that whatever comes out as i discussed it is my dishwasher is not the complete set this one of those things that make air fryer really really easy not to hold them in your kitchen i love the fact that not to break the bank now the caloric is already great value by local right now if you get this for 30% off i guarantee you change the way you cook you can do it.

It can be healthier and companies you never thought of extra and to be the most used chip chapman to were.

While many of us are waiting for our turn of the code 19 exceeding wanted to tell you the story of a very proud parent ... and grandparent folks were lining up hours together shot the duncan family was worried about 95-year-old ... grandma jane so the family turned to their 16-year-old soo- to-be eagle scout.

The parents had to work so they sent their teenage son ... with his grandmother jane to brave the lives they left signal mountain at 7 am to get there i plenty of time before the 9 am opening, you guessed it, they spit eight hours waiting in lines.

They ran low on both food and water, but they stuck to he guns and grandma jane finally got ... shot so next time someone tries to tell you that teenagers are responsible about grandma jane and her incredibly ... dedicated grants i just chapman

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