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Thursday, 25 February 2021


Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Good afternoon.

I'm kay blevins thanks for joining us.

President-elect joe biden famously rode an amtrak train to and from work during his decades of service as a senator from delaware.

He was expected to take one more train ride from delaware to d-c on the day he is to be sworn in as the 46th president of the united states of america.

That trip has now been cancelled because of security concerns surrounding the inauguration.

Natalie brand is on capitol hill with more details on the threats of violence and the steps being taken to secure the event.

:27 - :37 :38 - :47 :52 - 1:02 1:25 - 1:35 banners are going up on the viewing stand outside the white house ahead of next wednesday's presidential inauguration... while outside the capitol newly installed razor wire sits atop seven foot tall fences to help ensure the transfer of power goes smoothly.

Law enforcement is taking no chances following last week's capitol assault...and the threat of more violence from domestic extremist groups.

"we are seeing an extensive amount of concerning online chatter, i think that's the best way i would describe it, about a number of events surrounding the inauguration."

The intense security measures range from streets dozens of that have been shut down to security checkpoints like this one enforced with military vehicles and national guard troops.

The heightened security extends far beyond capitol hill.

"our perimeter is expansive, it basically covers most of downtown washington d.c.

It's effectuated by many many miles of hard fence and is supported by many many thousands of law enforcement and national guard personnel."

More than 20-thousand national guard troops are coming to the capitol from as far away as california - but security concerns are high in every state.

Authorities are warning law enforcement nationwide to be on high alert for potential attacks on state capitols, federal buildings, businesses.even homes of lawmakers.

"cities like new york, los angeles, chicago, houston - i've been talking with chiefs and commissioners in most of those cities, they're on almost one of the highest states of alert they've ever been."

Officials warn the danger of violence may extend far beyond next week's inauguration.

Natalie brand, cbs news, capitol hill.

A senior trump administration official confirms to cbs news that the current plan is for president trump to leave the white house early on wednesday morning and fly back to florida.

He is not expected to participate in any inaugural activities or meetings with the bidens.

Tragedy striking in a community near jersey pike after police received a call at 2:45 yesterday morning about a stabbing involving two 12 year children.

News 12 now's kenan scott joins us live with more.

We go now live to news 12's kenan scott with the latest.

The incident took place at around 2:45am on eastwood drive.

Upon arrival officers located a female victim suffering from multiple stab wounds and secured the scene.

That victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

A male suspect was also located on scene and was then detained.

Based on an investigation by the violent crime bureau, that suspect was arrested and then charged with first degree murder.

Chattanooga police are asking anyone with information regarding this incident to call the homocide tip line or submit an anonymous tip via their mobile app reporting live in chattanooga kenan scott news 12 now.

Time to check in with chip now for our first look at the weather.

Here's a live look from news 12 studios camera from atop the building on broad st., from the e-p-b fiber optics weather cam network.

Resident- while it's clear with a lot of sunshine.

Temperatures don't feel quite as warm as they are because ... see that continuing to date ... .

Breezy for tomorrow as well.

Right now, as we have a downtow word, 50 ... humidity, 29% little bit of breeze of the west southwest ... .

We had a lot to let me do a lot of cloud cover earlier this morning and most areas did see at least a little bit light rain ... .

At one point earlier this morning we were 200 above where we are now at margin now down t a air-quality index remains in the good range and 51.

We do have some changes, including th possibility for a little bit like snow to oral morning.

More on that, plus the next seven days coming up ... temperament and update presiden- elect joe biden has an aggressive code.

The 19 relief package ... that he hopes while millions of americans struggling during the pandemic ...rom at least a few republicans.

Debra alfarone has the latest from washington dc.

) we must act now and act decisively.

Less than a week before he is formally sworn into office, president-elect joe biden briefed the nation on his nearly 2 trillion-dollar stimulus plan... designed to both combat the coronavirus pandemic and boost the economy.

"the crisis of deep human suffering is in plain sight and there's no time to waste.

We have to act and we have to act now."

The plan offers direct relief by sending 14-hundred dollar stimulus checks, extending and increasing federal unemployment insurance from 300 to 400 dollars a week, and providing a higher child tax credit.

"i know what i just described will not come cheaply.

But failing to do so will cost us dearly."

The proposal comes as covid-19 deaths in the u-s are nearing 400- thousand.

More than 23-thousand died in just the last week alone, the deadliest week of the pandemic so far.


"the emptiness of the loss of life is compounded by the loss of our way of life.'' mister biden is calling for 400 billion dollars to deal with covid-19...including more money for testing, assisting schools and vaccinations.

"the vaccine rollout in the united states has been a dismal failure thus far."

The plan earmarks 160 billion dollars for a national vaccination program.

The president elect is promising to deliver 100 million shots in his first 100 days in office.

Debra alfarone, cbs news, washington president-elect biden is urging lawmakers to pass this package fast, calling it a "moral obligation.

But senators will also likely be in the middle of president trump's second impeachment trial and confirmation hearings for mr. biden's cabinet nominees.

The president-elect has suggested splitting up the work day so they can do it all.

The city of dalton and whitfield county are teaming up to open a covid-19 vaccination site.

The vaccinate site will open monday january 18th and 10 am.

This is for georgia residents over the age of 65 only.

The county and city opened their vaccine portal at 7 am this morning and all 600 vaccine slots were filled by 9 am.

The vaccination site will be at the dalton convention center and the vaccines will be given by local paramedics and volunteers.

"dalton police department has done an excellent job of putting together a traffic flow process where people will go to a lower parking lot where medical personnel will be on site.

If there were to be any reaction there will be immediate medical attention available."

City officials say they do plan on opening up more appointments whenever more vaccines become available.

The blue ridge police chief is now at a rehab facility after stint with covid and a long hospital stay.

Chief johnny scearce was initially in the hospital for covid, but shortly after he went home to rehab he had to go back for treatment of a collapsed lung.

He was on three forms of life support and stayed in the hospital for 94 days until he was moved to a rehab facility on thursday.

His wife, brenda believes the ecmo machine and god helped saved his life.

"he's got a purpose.

He was on three forms of life support and a lot of people don't come off of one form and it was just like it gave him the time he needed for his body, his whole body to start healing."

While he was in the hospital scearce won a commission race.

Still to come here on wdef news 12 at noon... chip has your weekend outlook in the storm team 12 seven day forecast.

And later... major airlines are banning guns in luggage on flights bound for washington..

Details are coming up next... but first, let's look at today's cleveland daily banner.

The paper reports... bradley county's covid-19 active cases rise..... for more on these stories, check out today's edition.

Now from the epb weather center, your storm team 12 right now right at 50 here in town ... for the of you are a bit cooler in these areas.

You see, shaded in blue agora winter weather advisory for the next several hours is ... probably be allowed to expire ... , but ... just to make sure that my ... really clear conditions throughout the area.

Starting off with a ... very very ... big bank cloud cover and little bit of light rainfall now all that is out of the area, at least temporarily ... , 430 right now in monteagle ... , dayton and cleveland 4843 as well with blue ridge 48 in lafayette and somerville ... which factor in the weather does not.

The apparent temperature down outside a little bit in some areas, but it's nothing terrible right now your own self broad street.

We've got 50 ... humidity very low at 29% little bit of breeze out of the west and southwest 29.75 of the barometer ... 36 on the big travel map in chicago and new york city.

It 41 ... , meanwhile, were a little bit warmer than dallas.

We have got lower ... 50s in both las vegas and san francisco.

There's a front working its way through.

Now it is letting some cooler air in ... business.

Low pressure accelerates the inflow of moisture.

See ... speech tomorrow morning ... .

It's a little bit of blurry activity.

Even here in the valley later on this afternoon will stay right at around 50 ... early morning tomorrow pretty close to freezing all across th area ... will start to see a few of thes isolated ... snow showers in the mountains and probably just flurries here in the valley ... is going to continue for several hours tomorrow ... , at least through the first half of the day, probably a little bit below little bit longer ... and temperatures only getting up to about 40 tomorrow ... we could see a little bit of this continuing for tomorrow night ... .

Even into sunday morning ... , sunday morning will begin ... again right around the freezing mark of 32 ... .

So overall to become an unsettled weekend ... .

Definitely a chilly weekend and then we get into next week martin luther king day.

On monday looks great ... were probably going to see elise clouds thickening up on tuesday and not some scattered showers developing ... towards latter part of next week ... .

We are to be looking at some rain old by big cooldown, but will this cold air come in ... as this moisture is in place ... will keep right on that let you know right here ... .

We'll talk more about our storm team 12 seven-day forecas and that's coming up after this upper 40s today, the right at 5 overnight tonight near 30 only near 40 ... or tomorrow, but it should be dry on sunday, monday again looks ... great ... for mrs. wright developing ... the middle part ... of next week ... back toflights bound for washin the action follows the deadly riot at the u-s capitol last week.

Delta announced yesterday that it will prohibit checking guns to d-c area airports.

United, alaska, american and southwest followed suit.

The bans will start tomorrow and run past inauguration day through january 23rd.

Companies are laying out the spread to toast the roll with a hole today...because it is national bagel day!

It is buy one get one in the einstein bagels app.

Dunkin' is using this day to help fight against food insecurity.

They're donating a total of 18 boxes of bagels and 12 boxes of coffee to 4 different organizations.

2 of those are right here in the tennessee valley.

In consumer you can check out the clean light air... a device that you can place in your home or kill 99.9 percent of the bacteria and germs... take a look.... no script "news 12 now at noon.

Your news 100 and i love this and right hands think you come in and get your smile.

This phone device can clean up 260 ft.2 ... when planning my clean.

I need to clean this house filtering 1 filter clean and 600 around actually takes 99% and heartles monster in test and pet dander, pollen, and all of vocs and other things in reading and writing, but then there's your check is filter it goes through a ubc led light that kills wait for 99.99% of bacteria and germs. 90% of particles kills 99.99% of the bacteria and germs. the trinity is, to make yourself safer lusting for convenience on simple as well.

He works for aromatherapy, essential oils, embarrassment credit charger so my all of this is 25% of sales data, or time because i was in a meeting the trust and i tell you you're not now."

A new tool for cancer treatment and what causes allergic reactions to food.

Nancy chen has a look at some of the day's top health stories.

Scientists at yale are zeroing in on what triggers allergic food reactions.

They say the body has a built- in food quality control system that reacts to toxins.

Researchers found that over time the human body has been exposed to processed foods, hygiene products and antibiotics and that now, the gut may react to some food proteins as if they are toxins.

The coronavirus has had a major impact on the detection and treatment of cancer.

Researchers at brigham and women's cancer center in massachusetts say about 14- hundred cancers and precancerous growths would have been diagnosed if more screenings were performed at the health center...during the first peak of the pandemic.

And, scientists in california say they've developed a new tool to determine whether older adults with early stage breasts cancer will develop severe, or deadly, side effects to chemotherapy.

Oncologists can discuss a patient's score on the risk assessment tool and weigh treatment options against quality of life concerns.

Those are some of the day's top health stories.

Nancy chen, cbs news, new york.

Stay with us.

More news 12 now at noon to come... including a 15 ft tall snow man in iowa.... and speaking of snow chip updates us on tomorrow's forecast next!

Here's a live look from our c-h-i memorial camera at lee pointe from the e-p-b fiber optics weather cam network.

Check out this snowman a family in iowa built.

He's 15-feet tall, and an eight- foot ladder was needed to build him.

It sits in karen peters' front yard in ankeny.

She says her son came up with the idea, and his friends helped him build it piece by piece.

Last year, he built an 11-foot snowman in ames -- where he's a student at iowa state university.

Rain for inauguration day, which ... at least here in c ... at least here in ci ... interest arising ... have a great weekend and enjoy the ... learning from tomorrow i will i seven i'll darken early morning

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