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Thursday, 25 February 2021


Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Good evening.

I'm andrew harrison.

And i'm emily cassulo.

Thanks for joining us for news 12 now at 11.

Crews are searching for a missing boater on chickamauga reservoir.

They think the person is in the water near the sequoya nuclear plant.

Three people were in a boat when it overturned around 5:30 this afternoon.

First responders found a man on the shore and a woman along the bank.

Both were rushed to the hospital after being in the cold water.

Crews are using sonar to find the third person.

The water is less than 60 degrees and winds are blowing up to 15 miles per hour.

Multiple agencies are helping with the search.

Also new since 6.

A man is killed after a pickup truck collides with his motorcycle.

Chattanooga police say the accident happened around 3:30 this afternoon on lake resort drive.

A 69 year man on a yamaha made a left turn from the entrance of marina point apartments when he was hit by a ford f-350.

Hamilton county ems rushed him to hospital, but he died from his injuries.

Chattanooga police continue to investigate.

The day could've been much worse for bradley county schools.

At around 5:30 tonight, the cleveland fire department responded to a small fire on the roof of their pie innovation center.

Firefighters quickly got the fire controlled and the center saw no significant damage.

The building is currently under construction.

And the fire was found on an area that will soon be torn down.

The school system gives their thanks to the first responders for swifty taking action.

Neighbors are speaking out, after a 12-year-old girl was stabbed to death on eastwood drive yesterday.

Police say she was stabbed multiple times.

Officers then detained a 12- year-old boy.

Based on interviews and other evidence, he was arrested and charged with first degree murder.

One neighbor tells news 12, while she wasn't close with the family, she saw warning signs.

"what we've noticed over here at the house in the front yard is that the kids are always by themselves and what we think is the father - he's always coming outside either screaming or yelling..."

Anyone with information is asked to call chattanooga police.

Chattanooga police say what started as a stabbing on lee highway ended with an officer involved shooting.

Authorities say a female suspect repeatedly stabbed an adult woman while holding her against her will in a locked room.

Officers heard the screams and forced their way in.

Investigatos say officers shot at the suspect, and she suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Social media posts, text messages and other forms of communication have been circulating about the inauguration nationwide.

Terms like martial law and the stafford act have been popping up.

Chattanooga mayor andy berke says that he and c-p-d have been working closely together to ensure the safety of chattanoogans.

Berke says that they have not had a credible threat yet.

"i hope that we never get any but if we do, we will take appropriate action.

If we get any credible, specific intelligence, we act on that.

We don't ignore it and we will again over the course of the next few days."

A social media expert says that if you see a post that is questionable, then you should find a reputable source or contact the proper authorities.

Some protesters dropped off a petition at representative chuck fleischmann's office today, after he voted against certifying the electoral college vote.

It has more than 430 signatures.

They want fleischmann to present evidence to the media of voter fraud, before joe biden's inauguration, january 20th.

Protesters say the petition's necessary to hold the congressman accountable.

"we're trying to cut down the violence that's going on in our country and the only way to do that is to be honest about the election and what went on and what evidence they have.

I suspect the evidence is not very good because it's never been presented in court."

Fleischmann's office did not issue a comment regarding the petition.

The irs is warning of what they say is a new wave of covid-19 scams. news 12's dorothy sherman explains what you need to look out for and how to react if you think you've come in contact with a scammer.

Since the first round of stimulus checks, the irs has seen more covid-19 scams and as they're sending out the second round of checks they're also sending out a message: beware of a new wave of coronavirus scams. assistant special agent in charge karen wingerd: "it could happen to anybody at anytime."

These are some common scams they're seeing and ones you should look out for.

Text messages about stimulus checks that ask for bank account information.

Deceptive, coronavirus- themed emails, letters and social media messages that are used to obtain personal information.

Assistant special agent in charge karen wingerd: "social security number, date of birth, address, all those pieces of information can be used for financial reasons."

They're also seeing sales of fake covid-related products.

Assistant special agent in charge karen wingerd: "hey, there's an at-home covid-19 test kit or there's cures or it could be vaccines or pills.

None of this exsists so that's likely going to be a scam."

Assistant special agent in charge karen wingerd tells me that these scams are happening all over and they're often targeting the elderly population.

Assistant special agent in charge karen wingerd: "the irs is not going to email you, they're not going to text you and they're not going to call you and say hey give me your bank account information.

That's a scammer looking to steal your money."

She urges folks to be alert and vigilant.

And if you think you may have come across a scam report it to the national center for disaster fraud and

In chattanooga, dorothy sherman, news 12 now.

The hamilton county health department began taklng appointments for the second dose of covid 19 vaccinations this afternoon.

If you've already gotten your first dose, you are encouraged to register for the second dose online.

Just go to vaccine dot hamilton t-n dot gov and put in your information.

If you do not have internet access, you can the hamilton county emergency management call center, but there is good chance you'll get a busy signal.

You should have a vaccination record card that tells you what kind of vaccine you got the first time.

The city of dalton and whitfield county are teaming up to open a covid-19 vaccination site.

It will open this monday morning at 10, for georgia residents 65 and up.

All 600 slots have already filled up, but a second drive- thru clinic is planned for next wednesday, as well.

The vaccination site will be at the dalton convention center.

Local paramedics and volunteers will give the shots.

"dalton police department has done an excellent job of putting together a traffic flow process where people will go to a lower parking lot where medical personnel will be on site.

If there were to be any reaction there will be immediate medical attention available."

You can find a link to the vaccination sign up page on our website, wdef dot com.

Additonal days for the drive thru clinic are in the works, but right now only next monday and wednesday are definite.

Kroger pharmacies in georgia will also be offering the vaccine.

According to the grocery store, they will be distributing the shot to healthcare workers, first responders, individuals 65 and older, their caregivers, and residents and staff of long-term care facilities.

The free vaccines will be available by appointment only.

Some homeless people may not make it to a shelter which means they need clothes and other items to keep warm.

The chattanooga rescue mission says they are looking for layered clothing items such as long johns, body warmers and even comfortable boots.

The rescue mission says that they have seen an increase in monetary donations and they think that that is due to the stimulus checks.

"anytime you face something like this, you know often times, we are one of the first to go, you know as far as support is concerned.

So, it is a big deal, it is a blessing that chattanooga and the greater chattanooga area stepped up to help us."

The chattanooga rescue mission says that you can drop off items any day while they are open.

You can find a list of items that they need on their website.

N you will has passed through the tennis the value have a whole saturday ... market highs will only be making it to the low 40s alive without tight right now over our news 1 studios we are at 400 and dropping the tradewinds right now near 15 miles ... 15 mph so do have a bit of a wind chill out there as we head into tomorrow morning we will hurt us the flurry chances now this ... pacific model does in the valley getting below freezing sizzling that were to be watching ... world of this is mainly going to be a mountain event not really asked a whole lot for the valley but if you do want any updates on watches or warnings that the want to download our free news 12 now i begin highs ... only getting making 240 tomorrow ... another look at your forecast, president-elect joe biden unveiled his plans to speed is a cold here writing your 390 towards the afternoon is all lot ... of sunshine highs right near the mid- ... 50s even a little bit of a breeze out there 25 two 30 mph and if you were out and about you definitely felt like that a we had a cold front passed me t ... her to an increase in cloud cover as you can ... see on our time lapse of the day over siding daisy ... invited by the epb five brought asked whether cam network right now currently, service analysis corporate has ... passed behind it is going to be lots of moisture associated wit a very deep low-pressure system and you can really see that circulation here we will start to see a few chances for sums snow flurries sorting ... just after midnight tonight mainly for higher elevations of the valley does get cold enough could see a few flurries here a well so this is what your radar looks like her saturday around 7 am just abuse ... body flurries out there that is going to be continuing on into the late morning but as temperatures rise right near th low 40s if there is any snow in the value will be melting towards around four 5 pm to 11 of a break in the clouds towards ... the afternoon but we do have another cold night i had so all leftover moisture first latter- day will likely be read freezing in the morning also not really on an isolated flurry or to us ... restaurant higher elevations ... sunday we will be warmer and we will be seeing a break in the clouds but starting out with cloud cover and then later on i the afternoon for a little been assigned so snow why they think this is can be the most likely scenarios in the majority of that ... no near the eastern tennessee mountains including blue ridge and lj right near ... 1 inch the valley does chances he may be a light to ... seeing me be a 10th of an inch if ... that's about to be a little bit more generous also especially near grundy county maybe 1 to 2 inches of help if you don't these no regardless it is going to be a very cold and blustery day with winchell's ... learning in the morning hours in the low to mid 20s around four pm ... still feeling like below freezing some definitely want t have that jacket throughout the entire date for saturday also sunday morning is going to be a cold one with feel like temperature is also intimate ... 20s as we get to the afternoon is going to be doing a little bit nicer out there ... has always the latest again freddie watches warnings advisories in the area make sur you download free news 12 now i ... sunday highs rewrite near 470 again to be watching for the possibility of some frosty conditions as well as freezing ... like ice deftly want to keep that in mind if you do have any sunday morning ... and ... the church it will be turning sunny towards ... the afternoon already saying that 24 hour temperature change 180 cooler nashville 110 cooler over and ... from the cold front ... blew through earlier today current temperatures across the region right now we have 37 and knoxville 33 and nashville and 30 34 over and unions to the next five days average for this time of year is about ... 500 tomorrow again doing low 40s is can be very cold and bluster dates but as we head into your tuesday and wednesday we are going ... back into the 50s they went from the epb fiber optics weather center here is your seven-day or cast after we get through a cold and blustery days latter-day sunday will be thing sums sunshine highs much warmer near 470 for your martin luther king day will be dealing with partly sunny ... ties maybe if ... you isolated flurries in the morning hours for the mountaintop warming up to mid 40s and in rainfall returns on wednesday and then does chances will be continuing on into ... ... emily and andrew president-elect joe biden unveiled his plans to speed up the vaccination of americans against the coronavirus and the internet has killed nearly 400 and the internet has killed nearly 400, 000 people in the us the cbc is warning that the more contagiou very good lead to a sharp increase in cases the bacchus reports as we ... a new version of a popular candy bar, will hit the shelves just in news now."

You can now get a jump on your taxes.

The i-r-s' free file is open.

The government agency works with private companies to help americans prepare and file their taxes.

The service is available to anyone who makes adjusted gross income of 72-thousand dollars or less.

Even though it's free, a government audit found that 14 million people ended up paying for their 20-19 filing.

The i-r-s says it has tried to make it easier for people to file find their free resources.

Because of the pandemic and stimulus payments -- the i-r-s will not start accepting federal tax returns until february 12th.

That's about a month later than normal.

If you file online before that -- the paperwork will be given to the i-r-s on the 12th.

Hershey's is expanding its "thin" candy lineup to include skinny kit kats!

They're hitting stores in february.

The kit kat thins feature two crispy wafers with a chocolate coating.

The standard kit kat is made up of three layers of wafers.

Hershey's says each bar comes individually wrapped for a perfect snacking option.

They come in a three ounce bag for two dollars and 39 cents -- or a seven ounce bag for nearly four dollars.

Hershey's already sells york peppermint pattie thins and reese's thins.

And lisa robertson shows us a touch screen purse in tonight's consumer news.

The atlanta falcons have found their new head football #2 is a sweetheart by the way this is a great idea as well we have different patterns in different colors that you can definitely have the master an outfit but now when you leave the house you're not have to go on no i don't want to put my phone down the table and walk away i know i have two meetings in my hand ray how easy streamlined and efficient is your life will cross body rfid protection adjustable all the technology you want is to work with any of the funds that you use by the way is also 20%, but still ... the atlanta falcons have found their new head football coach for your name believe women basketball the valdosta state ... is regarded for the good report that was very few high school basketball rivalry tonight we develop o and cleveland and the atlanta falcons named titans offensive coordinator arthur smith as their new head coach on friday.

Smith was a titans veteran, serving on the tennessee staff since 20-11, the last two as the offensive coordinator.

Last season, tennessee had the fourth highest scoring offense in the n-f-l at just over 30-points a game.

Smith will now replace dan quinn in atlanta, who was fired after the falcons got off to an 0-5 start.

Walker valley upset third ranked east hamilton earlier this week.

Tonight they tried to knock off rival cleveland.

This proved to be a typical dog- fight rivalry.

=== cole harbison wing three ties it at 40 in the 3rd quarter.

=== grant hurst making a huge impact for cleveland in the second half.

18 total points.

That two puts blue raiders up 42-40.

=== jasen brooks spins in a flashy 'and one.'

Cleveland holding on to a two point lead.

=== hurst again with the moves.

He misses, but judah sault has the put back.

Blue raiders enjoy a 9-1 run.

=== kley mcgowan dropped in 17 points for cleveland.

The blue raiders win it 59-55.

In another rivalry showdown, l-f-o entertained ringgold.

Tigers get it to their big man cadin dodson who splits the 'd' for the bank and bounce.

Brevin massengale on the baseline with the spin and fade-away.

Big time shot.

Brent bowman was big time for the warriors.

Corner three as l-f-o went up eight after the first quarter.

Then to start the second, bowman blows in for the three.

A little whoop whoop.

L-f-o cruises to a 69-50 victory.

C-s-a-s enteretained lookout valley.

Patriots were up 25 at the half.

So they could afford to work on their dunks in the second half.

Justin brown on the break away.

Look out below.

Brown did get teed up for hangin' on the rim.

Another fast break for the patriots.

Louis bell gets it.

Clear out for the big man.

Jalen bates has a big body for the valley, and he makes use of it on this bucket.

But it was all patriots in this one.

Skyler wilson sticks the reverse lay-in.

Patriots roll by a final of 78-27.

The only loss the lee women's basketball team suffered this year came in overtime to now 8th ranked valdosta state.

Lee looking for revenge in the rematch tonight.

Halle hughes busted her mouth after slamming the floor.

Maybe this was a cage match.

=== lee went on a 12-0 run at the start of the third to go up 13.

=== julia duncan with that three.

=== hannah garrett rebounds the miss.

She looks trapped.

But she uses the back-alley exit for the reverse lay-in.

Garrett scored 13.

=== hughes gets her first bucket back from the injury to get the lead to eight.

Then hughes goes mac jones on the blazers with the deep ball to duncan.

=== lee gets revenge with a 63-54 victory.

The mocs bria dial had 19 points tonight, as u-t-c beat furman 68- 56.

It's take two for vandy and the vols saturday.

They were supposed to play tuesday, but the game was postponed for covid.

Tomorrow's game is still on in knoxville, where tennessee would love to jack up their offensive numbers.

But that's not always easy according to u-t assistant desmond oliver.

Oliver:"we strive to be perfect, and our game is an imperfect game.

What team in the world?

You watch the world champions play.

The lakers feel like they're executing at a 100 percent level every time they strive for it, and you know that you're not going to get there.

When a team can shoot 50 percent from the field, and that be considered having a great shooting night.

It just shows you how imperfect this game is."

That's it for sports.

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