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Tuesday, 2 March 2021


Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Your storm team 12 right now forecast.

"news 12 at 11.

Your news starts now."

Good evening.

I'm.danielle moss angela moryan will be joining us later in sports thanks for joining us for news 12 at 11.

Chattanooga police are investigating a shooting that happened sunday evening.

According to c-p-d, one man was found shot near clio avenue.

C-p-d says that the victim was transported by ems to a local hospital.

He is suffering from life threatening injuries.

Travelers on the interstate reported a house fire in the area of mountain lake estates in ooltewah sunday morning.

Tri-community volunteer fire department crews found the home fully involved.

The fire department says that the home was under- construction and was vacant.

Several agencies responded to the scene.

The home is a total loss and estimated at 1.1 million dollars.

The fire is under investigation.

Crews have finally found a missing boater on chickamauga reservoir.

Theresa parker of hamilton county was found around 2:30 this afternoon.

Parker and two other people were in a canoe when it overturned around 5:30 friday afternoon.

The two other victims were rushed to the hospital after being in the cold water on friday.

Officials located the canoe saturday afternoon.

Crews were using sonar to find parker.

But---harsh winds and water temperatures made the recovery difficult.

Several agencies were involved in the recovery.

Officials say that the boaters were not wearing life jackets.

Police and national guard troops are fortiftying washington, d-c, and state capitols around the nation ahead of president-elect joe biden's inauguration on wednesday.

A cbs news correspondent is in washington with the latest.

Just over two days from the presidential inauguration, the nation's capitol is on lockdown, encircled by high fences, barbed wire and heavily armed troops.

The new yorker magazine published chilling, high resolution video of the insurrection at the u-s capitol by supporters of president trump over a week ago.

Scott pelley of cbs' 60 minutes asked d-c mayor muriel bowser about the decision to give combat weapons to national guard members providing inauguration security.

Washington, d.c.) pelley: are you glad about that, or are you worried about it?

Bowser: it's a place in our history that i'm sad that we've come to.

American troops-- should not have to be armed against their fellow americans.

But what we saw was an unprecedented attack on our democracy, in the cradle of that democracy.

A new cbs news poll finds more than 70 percent of americans feel u-s democracy is threatened.

Protesters turned up at the statehouse in columbus, ohio, sunday.

In lansing, michigan, armoured trucks took position, with a number of demonstrators on hand.

Here in washington, law enforcement remains on high alert, with the elevated threat levels, especially around areas near the capitol building.

Across the u-s, federal and local investigators are making daily arrests of those accused of storming the capitol.building authorities say this man, edward jacob lang, pointed himself out in photos of the riot on social media, and was arrested in new york.

In nashville, these three allegedly involved in the capitol invasion were brought into custody.

More than a third of governors have called out the national guard to help protect their state capitols and aid local law enforcement officers.

Bofta yimam/cbs news/washingto n a man who apparently admitted on facebook that he stormed the u-s capitol ... has a court appearance tuesday.

F-b-i agents arrested 25- year-old jack jesse griffith in tennessee saturday.

The davidson county sheriff's office in nashville says it's holding him ... and he's not currently eligible for release.

The department of justice says he's charged with impeding or disrupting government business.

He's also charged with being on restricted grounds ... and engaging in conduct that impedes government functions while on such grounds.

The d-o-j says griffith used a fake social media name to talk about his involvement in the riot and an informant turned him in.

Representative marjorie taylor greene ----is temporarily banned from twitter.

The company says it's freezing her account for 12 hours ... for multiple violations put in place after the violence on capitol hill.

Twitter accuses her of going against its civic integrity policy by spreading election misinformation.

In a statement, greene blasts what she calls, quote ... "the borderline monopolistic stranglehold a few big tech companies have."

She says her views aren't inciting violence ... they're just conservative.

Do you have downtown plans tomorrow?

Well, the chattanooga parking authority announced today that they will not be enforcing parking meters downtown in observance of martin luther king jr. day.

That means all street meter parking will be free!

Thousands of amazon warehouse thousands of amazon warehouse workers are voting on whether to unionize.

It's happening at the e-commerce giant's warehouse in bessemer, alabama -- which is just outside birmingham.

About six thousand full- time, part-time, and seasonal workers will be allowed to cast mail-in ballots starting february 8th.

If they vote yes... the warehouse would become amazon's first in the u-s to have a unionized work force.

The effort comes as the retailer has come under fire by some workers for not employing enough safety protocols during the pandemic.

Now, from the epb fiberoptics weather center, tomorrow's storm team 12 forecast.

Ad lib here's a live look from our c-h-i memorial camera at lee pointe from the e-p-b fiber optics weather cam network.

This week marks one year since the first coronavirus case in the u.s. when we come back, we'll take a look at our progress.

Stay with us---there's more news 12 after the break now, from the epb weather center, your storm team 12 forecast.

This week marks one year since the first coronavirus case in the united states.

Today nearly 24 million infections have been recorded.

The death toll -- now on the brink of 400-thousand.

The world's worst.

Cbs's lilia luciano has more.

Los angeles is the first county in the nation to hit one million covid cases,.it's facing a new more contagious strain..

And half of all covid deaths in california are happening here.

What does it look like inside the hospital right now?

The beds are filled and they're filled with sick people on respirators who need our help what concerns you the most right now?

It's people's behavior adding pressure, vaccines are in short supply anxious americans waiting hours for a dose - if they can get one.

I don't want to die from the virus if i can get a shot, only 12 million americans have gotten the vaccine frustrated states say they arent getting the stockpiles promised by the trump administration but incoming c-d-c director rochelle wolensky told "face the nation" help is on th way.

"it will be a hefty lift but we have to do it" the president-elect's goal is 100 million doses in 100 days... so far 30 million doses have been shipped nationwide i think it's going to be slow but we can eek more supply with full court press."

Even with vaccination super sites at the ready, the doses may not be there.

Lilia luciano cbs news los angeles.

When we return, we'll hear from a choir that has literally taken their show on the road.

We'll be back after the break "you're watching news 12 at 11.

Your news now."

At the start of the pandemic, as you might remember, a choir rehearsal in washington state was a super spreader event.

That stopped the music for singers everywhere.

But to the north of us, a canadian chorus has found a way to raise the volume again...on their sound.

Coming up next in the gatorade sports desk... the nfl just went from 8 teams to four.

The best plays from today's raise the vo found a way to stick together ... from a distance ... like this holiday concert will see all all ... some ... a good time for you really ... hopes to see was the owner stood prophetic nurses increases the entrance to down from each microphone is ... merged ... returned on a radiofrequency ... the idea came ... south of the border in virginia for baritone david newman tried it out last spring ... will word spread ... the continent ... you're on the call you are in: ... is basically a right ... to ... the census bureau from signal which isn't going to some comin to a meeting there's no delay ... that's music to the ears of choristers caleb nelson ... but the technical effort ... and julie friedman smith ... suddenly was in my car with me ... it's happening in real time and making the or ... making jokes ... jokes don't work on resume as well ... yeah ... what is it means you to be ... in a group ... what is it needs kind of the same thing ... a bigger audience ... did ... hundred ... car horns are going down was also ... the ... strategy i ... end of next in the gatorade sports that the nfl just went for 18 support the best ways in today's divisional games ... next with angela ... but they are wrapping on that in the open and were involved in the what a showing that alabama breaking late tonight ... according to espn's adam schefter, the atlanta falcons are expected to hire the saint's terry fontenot as the new general manager.

Fontenot replaces former falcons gm thomas dimitroff who was fired after an 0-5 start this season.

According to shefter's sources, the falcons had their eyes on fontenot for a while but had to wait until the saints season was over.

Which brings us to the final two games of divisional weekend.

The saints hosting tampa bay fof the third playing of this every entertaining rivalry this year.... especially now that the nfc south foes also share one of the greatest quarterback rivalries in nfl history... quarterbacks tom brady and drew brees.

The lead justled back and forth.

However, saints with the play of the day.

Quarterback jameis winston showing he's still relevant.

Receiver tre'quan smith wide open for the 56 yard touchdown.

=== however, saints turned the ball over four times.

Can't win like that.

Bucs advance 30-20 in kansas city, chiefs up by nine in the 3rd when this happens.

Uh oh, not an easy hit there.

Last year's super bowl mvp entered concussion protocol and did not return.

=== nothing back up chad henne can't handle.

Heads up play by receiver tyreek hill on fourth and inches.

Stays inbounds to seal the game, 22-17.

So how do the matchups look for next sunday?

Bills vs chiefs 6:40 cbs bucs vs packs 3:05 fox the lady vols third quarter collapse against georgia thursday put tennessee back to the defensive drawing board.

Tennessee was outscored 29-9 in that third quarter, leaving coach kellie harper frustrated.

However, that frustration turned into motivation down in sweet home alabama this afternoon.

Rennia davis gets things started with a top of the key three.

Tied at 3.

=== 1 winding down, tide by 3.

Until jordan horsten gets left open.


All tied after 1.

=== lady vol offense broke wide open in the second quarter.

Horston's drive can't be stopped.

Tennessee by two.

=== tamari key adding to the massive 19-point run with that bucket and one.

Lady vols by 19 with 2 to go in the first half.

=== horsten adds one on for good measure before the break.

26 points in the second for the lady vols!!

12 points for horston in the first half.

=== everything else just seemed easy from there.

Davis finished with a team best double double, 21 points, 10 rebounds.

=== tennessee scored 28!!!

Points in the third to really hammer in the win, 82-56 the final.

Rennia davis: "it was huge for us to get this win, just getting our momentum back and confidence back up.

I mean, we know we can play with anybody in the country.

Uconn is going to be a big game, but it's not the end of the world.

We're going to prepare for them and suit up like they're any other team."

Lady vols host uconn thursday at 7 chattanooga women's basketball had their first taste of the new covid conference schedule today -- playing the same team twice in three days.

As if beating the same team two times a year wasn't already hard enough!

Mocs trying to do just that -- after demolishing furman friday.

Mocs come out hot.

Abbey cornelius drains a three from the wing to start the big run from chattanooga.

=== she finishes it off with this.

Little dump in for an 11-4 lead in the first.

=== the mocs defense fell apart in the second.

Tate walters puts a three in on the way to a 10-0 run to start the quarter.

=== chatt now playing catch up.

Sigrun olafsdottir steals the inbound, and tees up eboni williams for the lay in.

12 points for williams today.

That cut the paladins lead to 7.

=== the three point machine bria dial only getting one of five to drop today.

Trying to help a fourth quarter comeback.

However, coach katie burrows says the mocs just dug too big of a hole.

Furman snaps chattanooga's 5-game win streak, 52-46 the final.

Once again, the pga is enjoying much warmer temperatures due west in hawaii this weekend.

Former baylor red raider keith mitchell also enjoying being two shots back from the lead coming into the final round at the sony open.

Mitchell one over through six.

Then he puts on a show.

7 foot birdie on the par 3 seven.

=== followed by a five footer for birdie on the par 4 eighth.

=== how about one more.

Three straight birdies into the turn.

=== how about one more.

Three straight birdies into the turn.

Even on the back to finish 16 under for the tournament.

=== no one could catch this man's hot streak.

Kevin na four under on the last six holes --- including that deal sealer there on 18.

21 under for his the last six holes --- including that deal sealer there on 18.

21 under for his fifth pga tour win.

We'll be right back with a final look at the forecast!

Last weather under for the tournament.

=== no one could catch this man's hot streak.

Kevin na four under on the last six holes --- including that deal sealer there on 18.

21 under for his fifth pga tour win.

We'll be right back with a final look at the forecast!

Last weather thank you for joining wdef news 12 at 11 this evening.

Goodnight everyone.

Lisa robertson has something to help you relax.

And it's not your "normal" heating pad.

Automatic return is for the siz and he safety because the fact it's a great size when you put it over your shoulder is your shoulder to put on your back is a liar back at the down by letting watching tv it covers a lot of space so this does things that can just be calming ... and soothing at the end of a long day or just because it@moments when it's cold outside inured student more than the size in five ... is coming even sharper image i love the concept and by the way ... 20% on google skills and ... i want a very long day ... yeah i've read ...

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