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Tuesday, 2 March 2021


Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Tonight on prime news at 7.... we'll tell you what led to an officer-involved shooting in chattanooga.

And, we talk to an expert on how social media can spread misinformation and cause violence.

What chattanooga's mayor says he' doing to keep the scenic city safe, following last week's riots in washington.

"prime news at 7.

Your news starts now."

Good evening, i'm andrew harrison.

And i'm emily cassulo.

Welcome to prime news at 7.

Federal law enforcement agencies say the cost of securing next week's inauguration is close 35-million-dollars.

Nearly 20-thousand national guard members are expected to be on the ground the day of the ceremony.

Skyler henry is on capitol hill, where the house speaker has announced new investigation efforts.

The nation's capitol is in lockdown..

Five days ahead of the inauguration of president-elect joe biden and vice president-elect kamala harris.

President-elect) "do you feel safe about wednesday, based on the intelligence that you've seen?"


"we cannot allow a recurrence of the chaos and illegal activity that the united states and the world witnessed last week."

The justice department reported on a friday conference call -- the bulk of 98 criminal cases filed -- so far -- in connection to last week's capitol assault are federal felony cases.

Dc's acting u-s attorney michael sherwin added that -- right now -- there is no direct evidence teams of rioters were looking to capture or kill during the assault -- but investigations are ongoing.

"that is a tier one top priority for both the u.s. attorney's office and our federal law enforcement partners to see, again, whether there was this overarching command and control and whether there were these organized teams that were organized to breach the capitol and then perhaps try to accomplish some type of a mission inside the capitol."

"house speaker nancy pelosi has authorized her own review of capitol security -- in light of last week's assault."

House speaker) "i have asked retired lieutenant general russell honore to lead an immediate review of security infrastructure, interagency processes, and command and control.

" a source close to vice president mike pence confirms a washington post report that he was rushed away from the senate chamber just one minute before rioters reached nearby halls.

In a statement to cbs news, the u-s secret service said: "vice president pence was secure at all times on jan.


Skyler henry, cbs news, capitol hill.

Because of those capitol riots, social media companies and law enforcement have been on high alert in recent weeks.

News 12's danielle moss talked to officials today about how they plan on keeping chattanooga safe.

Social media posts, text messages and other forms of communication have been circulating about the inauguration nationwide.

Terms like martial law and the stafford act have been used frequently.

Chattanooga mayor andy berke says that he and c-p-d have been working closely together to ensure the safety of chattanoogans.

Berke says that they have not had a credible threat yet.

Andy berke/chattanoog a mayor-"i hope that we never get any but if we do, we will take appropriate action."

C-p-d and the mayor say that they are fully prepared for anything that may arise in the coming week.

Andy berke/chattanoog a mayor-"if we get any credible, specific intelligence, we act on that.

We don't ignore it and we will again over the course of the next few days."

Dan stand-" but, how do these get started and why have we been seeing more issues with social media in recent weeks?

We talked to teri market, a social media expert."

Teri market/social media expert- "there's a lot of things that people are mad about politically.

It only takes a small group of people to get other people riled up, that are already on edge or have been isolated for a certain amount of time that can kind of jade your way of thinking."

And if you find yourself scrolling through social media and see a post that is questionable, market says that it is very imperative that you find a reputable source or contact the proper authorities.

Teri market/social media expert-"it's like when we are doing research for a science paper, right?

We are not looking for the information that we are hoping to find.

We are looking for the information that is actually correct."

In chattanooga danielle moss news 12 now.

Chattanooga police say what started as a stabbing on lee highway ended with an officer involved shooting.

Authorities say a female suspect repeatedly stabbed an adult woman while holding her against her will in a locked room.

Officers heard the screams and forced their way in.

Investigatos say officers shot at the suspect.

He injuries were not life threatening.

Neighbors are speaking out, after a 12-year-old girl was stabbed to death on eastwood drive last night.

Police say she was stabbed multiple times.

A 12-year-old boy was detained.

One neighbor tells news 12, while she wasn't close with the family, she saw plenty of warning signs.

"what we've noticed over here at the house in the front yard is that the kids are always by themselves and what we think is the father - he's always coming outside either screaming or yelling."

Anyone with information is asked to call chattanooga police.

The city of dalton and whitfield county are teaming up to open a covid-19 vaccination site.

It will open this monday morning at 10, for georgia residents 65 and up.

All 600 slots have already filled up, but a second drive- thru clinic is planned for next wednesday, as well.

The vaccination site will be at the dalton convention center.

Local paramedics and volunteers will give the shots.

"dalton police department has done an excellent job of putting together a traffic flow process where people will go to a lower parking lot where medical personnel will be on site.

If there were to be any reaction there will be immediate medical attention available."

City officials say they do plan on opening up more appointments whenever more vaccines become available.

Kroger pharmacies in georgia will also be offering the vaccine.

According to the grocery store, they will be distributing the shot to healthcare workers, first responders, individuals 65 and older, their caregivers, and residents and staff of long-term care facilities.

The free vaccines will be available by appointment only.

In tennessee, the hamilton county health department is now taklng appointments for those who need the second dose of the vaccine.

Just go to vaccine dot hamilton t-n dot gov, and put in your information.

If you do not have internet access, you can the hamilton county emergency management call center, but there's a good chance you'll get a busy signal.

You should have a vaccination record card that tells you if you got the moderna or pfizer vaccine the first time.

As covid-19 and unemployment cases rise, president-elect joe biden unveiled his $1 point 9 trillion dollar economic relief bill.

Despite president trump's request for a two- thousand dollar stimulus, 600 dollars was included in the second covid relief bill.

Now, biden's plan is calling for the rest of that 14-hundred dollars to be paid to those eligible.

Another focus on biden's proposal puts 400 billion dollars into boosting vaccine distribution.

There will be more financial aid to state and local governments to help roll out the vaccine.

To get more shots in more arms. it's very important we can't really fully heal the economy until we get the virus in the rearview mirror.

Another part of the proposal is raising the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour.

Hopkins says that's likely to become a sticking point.

People aren't sure if that will be included in a passed version of a relief bill.

As temperatures begin to drop, the concern for the homeless community increases.

Some homeless people may not make it to a shelter which means they need clothes and other items to keep warm.

The chattanooga rescue mission says they are looking for layered clothing items such as long johns, body warmers and even comfortable boots.

The rescue mission says that they have seen an increase in monetary donations and they think that that is due to the stimulus checks.

"anytime you face something like this, you know often times, we are one of the first to go, you know as far as support is concerned.

So, it is a big deal, it is a blessing that chattanooga and the greater chattanooga area stepped up to help us."

The chattanooga rescue mission says that you can drop off items any day while they are open.

You can find a list of items that they need on their website.

==== speaking of cold wea and speaking of gold and sterling silver to be drawn to the birds all the person or care yes they were called for and did push off earlier today and if you've been out hiding you've definitely felt those breezy ways even up words of ernie 5 miles per hour now taking a look on the current tight greater just all over the southeast region nicole finnega asked him behind that is a strong low-pressure system that it would be bringing us chances snow ... starting just after midnight as specially for higher elevations of we do have a winter weather advisory for areas in purple and putting a cherokee county eastern parts of monroe and blooming grundy county as well artie think some areas of light rain even ... flurries right now into the eastern part of been of been rd, county again wins are breezy out there right now ... 15 to 20 miles ... bargain earlier even upwards of 35 building 43 through 43 in chattanooga 41 in blair's ... and 39 over and merv ... heading into your evening around 10 pm to be plunging into the upper ... 30s and by tomorrow morning ... mergers do have a chance ... to be right near freezing and a chance for some flurries will with saving a child from an abusive situation.

She managed to secretly communicate with the 10- year-old after his caregivers refused to order him food.

A warning -- some details of this story are difficult to hear.

Michelle meredith reports.

Nats flavaine knew the boy at her table needed help... but she had no clue that in essence...she was about to save his life... flavaine carvalho, waitress: "i start thinking what can i do and what i should do."

It was new year's day... the 11 year old came into a restaurant with a four year old girl... and this couple...kristen swann and timothy wilson...the restaurant... mrs. potato in orlando... is a popular foodie spot.

Michelle meredith, reporting: "the owner says the boy sat here up against the wall... back to door.

There were two children... but the couple only ordered one kids meal... does he need one... no they said he's going to eat at home... does he want was the answer."

Flavaine looked closer...and could see bruises on the boys face...arms. she made this sign..."do you need help"..

Stood behind the couple so they could not see her.

Flavaine carvalho, waitress: "that's when he nodded yes."

She called police: detectives say what they learned about the boy's life... could only be described as torture.

Police say timothy wilson tied the boys ankles and wrists with strips... hung him upside down from a door... and for christmas.


Erin lawler, orlando police: "santa suggested he be punished ...he was handcuffed to a furniture dolly with his hands behind his back."

Both timothy wilson and kristen swann are facing charges.

Swann... with two counts of child neglect.

Wilson with aggravated child abuse.

Flavaine says she's not the hero... the boy is.

Flavaine carvalho, waitress: "i would like to give him a big hug and tell him i am so proud of him."

Coming up next on prime news at seven... the pandemic has caused a lot of stress and anxiety for many folks.

In tonight's health watch, experts look at how mindfulness classes can help improve your mental health.

But an so little looking for care alive look outside right now over our news 12 studios temperatures will be rapidly dropping right now 470 wins are beginning to calm down but still got think around 15 to 20 mph and we can take these colder temperatures to come this weekend as this cold front passes in behind the cold front is going to be a lot of moisture said you have a chance to see some flurries as well as ... in areas of sleep tomorrow morning a big picture that a light greater you can see this now of low pressure system causing snow showers all over the eyes central us and will get a limit of a taste of that tomorrow morning right now current or current temperatures across the region we are 44 right now in knoxville ... 40 right now in london kentucky and 34 over in union city as we head into your future cast because of flurries pop up as early as tan close to midnight and asked temperatures plunge down your freezing could use some white ... bread flurries again this is mainly going to be a mountain event but we will have another look at ... snow totals coming up later in courses can improve mental health - but may not be for everyone.

Tina kraus has the details, in tonight's health watch.

Nats up... "keeping your breath natural" the popular form of mediation known as mindfulness is practiced around the world.

For most people in most settings it will improve depression, anxiety stress and well-being.

A university of cambridge study looked at data from 29 countries and found while community mindfulness courses can improve mental health - in at least 1 in 20 trial settings, it did not improve anxiety and depression.

In some cases, a few cases, it may not be beneficial - it may just not have an effect.

Researchers followed almost 12-thousand participants, including in the us.

Most were women who took part in classes at work or college.

They found mindfulness, compared with doing nothing, boosted mental health.

Tina: so things like exercise may work just as well?

We did find a slight advantage in the mindfulness courses that have an element of physical activity in them.

Nats up...joe wicks workout british body coach joe wicks says fitness and mindfulness work hand in hand.

Don't exercise to look good this year - you know, exercise to feel good.

Nats up..... when the pandemic hit - wicks became the world's p-e teacher...launchin g live workouts on youtube to give people a lift during lockdown.

Ultimately you walk away from that workout whether you're an adult or a kid being a little bit happier and that's the main aim of it.

Nats up..."come back to natural breathing" cambridge researchers say the number of mindfulness classes has jumped significantly during covid - and they'll continue to study its effect on mental health.

Tina kraus, cbs news, london.

Researchers say the effectiveness of online courses for mindfulness has yet to be determined, but preliminary studies suggest they work - despite the lack of direct contact.

==== here's bekah with another check on your weather.

Here's a live look from our c-h-i memorial camera at co the day can always send us your favorite outside picture of the email mobilized facebook and twitter with the hashemite hoka window is actually producing sums no flurries tomorrow today's submission is from darlene rochelle thursday night ... unset from my evil tennis ... the absolutely beautiful picture darlene wants to know lies this is gonna be the most likely in areas in one to 2 inches of snow mainly for all to mine counties in grundy as well as near blue ridge lj 1 inch likely one to areas of ... 3 inches ... towards murphy and that's going to be including the eastern parts of monroe county as well as charity all the way up into the monkey now and i regardless if we do need some flurries tomorrow it is going to be cold and breezy ... tomorrow morning to be feeling like the low to mid 20s across the valley towards 5 pm when we retire is a low ... 40s could be feeling like freezing temperatures and going to be another chilly morning heading into sunday like the with actual temperatures near freezing but ... as you can see were to be feeling like to meet wendy so that they want to bundle up thi weekend and they were dealing with some frost in the morning possibly some patching log but towards the afternoon will a break in the clouds and sunshine and highs right your 470 so looking at in this work as we d have a chance for lorries for saturday in this mainly going to be a mountain event and it as w going to make it to be looking at the clouds and some fog in the morning but ... turning pleasant towards the afternoon with ... them sunshine in the end of next week does look like it is going to be a wet one starting ... three chances from wednesday all the way to the weekend stay wit us will have another look at whether coming up after this ... drawing on but here into some boiling hot water this is 2120 of subzero dry ice is -1090 zero dry ice doesn't melt it doesn't come from a solid to liquid that goes from a solid t a gas because it's frozen carbon dioxide gas watch what happened ... we have a cold and cloudy weekend i had again with a chance for some snow showers is ashley towards the mountaintop tomorrow morning so just the last look at our tight greater we are eating right now if you flurries in the east parts of monroe county as well as the northern part of cherokee county now the snow chances are going to be picking up as ... ashley after midnight tonight but we do again have a winter weather advisory for areas and putting cherokee east part ... monroe as well as grundy county over to the northwest not really getting much of a valley event help you to be watching ... for anything tomorrow so for any watches or warnings in place deftly want you download our ... free news 12 now apple you have to do is search it in the app store this morning was ... 390 towards the afternoons on nice sunshine clear skies 500 and we did see lots of ... an increase in cloud cover because our ... old friend to ... bring us a little bit of moisture on awaken to have that chance for some snow tomorrow morning ... five days average for this time of year is about 500 tomorrow i going to be a hold one near 400 the ... sunday we will be things ... sunshine towards the later afternoon highs right near them into a ... 40s and that can be also continuing into your martin luther king day highs will be returning once again back into the ... 50s for tuesday and wednesday for taking a look at our super guys do have a very ... small chance for flurries especially near grundy county ... for monday morning on this is to be clearing out quickly will see some partly sunny skies for the resting of your afternoon it was will also be dry as wasabi continuing into your tuesday to see if you light showers into early ... wednesday but ... our next big rainmaker comes ... wednesday afternoon all the way into our thursday this wasabi continuing into our friday as well some temperatures are goin to be a bit ... chilly into tomorrow deftly want to bundle up it will be breezy as ... well but will be back into the 50s by tuesday and some rain showers returning one again for ... wednesday and lean and well at

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