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Sunday, 7 March 2021


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And i'm chip chapman..

Welcome to let's chatt the tn valley's premiere show focusing on lifestyle and entertainment.

With jess raby and chip chapman bringing you smart shopping tips, community events and the newest trends.

Now let's chatt!

Ar murder, he actively clerks 2000 murder, he actively clerks 2003 and his catholic mission on the edge of angeles ... crescenta charlie 2009.

He was to 19 years on july on july 4 ... on the core spectra been held i the 60 is visionary but like you said creating the walls down numbers spirit vocal harmonies with lavish orchestral arrangement to produce pop mone as daddy run run be my baby ( andy's next time you have the beatles cranked up anything from the b album turned up a little bit louder ... you'll hear the wall of sound ... .

Bill spectra were so famous for writing so ... he produced the record, elton john, called in by ordway the best ... rock producer ever ... walked the course influencing several people.

I mean even i think into today's pop music by david turner.

The music you have no doubt about it, and the ... essence private life stored spiraling downward.

Got a bad reputation in the folks stop ... working with them ... in different music styles also passed by ... elton john.

Even better, you attribute to ... bill spector of the song benny and the jets ... got a have electric music ... solid walls even though i don't think ... that ... spector produced during out bil speck are dead ... at the age of 80 ... .

Well, right onto somewhat brighter news now this is your new job.

How would you like to drive a gigantic wiener to write ... .

We've had this beer wiener mobile right here in our parkin lot ... several craft times of looking for a team of so-called hotdog or that should title to dry the 27th, but ordered yellow vehicl across the country.

The lucky dogs to get hired to stop at more than two stop at more than 200 and ... they create this media content in these interviews recently like a brand ambassador representation.

The committee says for outgoing college graduate with her left chair and the company founder carl meyer created the very first wiener mobile back in my ... teen ... i used to know a guy that was a hot doctor and he loved that ... nice expense account.

Everybody looks at you and see you ... and it's pretty much traveled the entire country ... a pretty fascinating job.

Finally this morning.

For those of us who have had sets of comi books.

The relevance of thrown away and things like that ... .

There's a lesson for you anymore.

The most expensive batman comic book ... ever to be sold at auction happened just a couple of days ago, somebody bought a near min condition of the very first batman comic book for ... 2.22.2 million dollars.

I cannot believe it.

She $.2 million to stuff that we start later years wonder if we've lost out $.2 million between comic books and the baseball cards i have throw away a minute, literally, this particular vintage issue published back in 1940 and was last sold ... 1979 for ... $2000.

You are so you sent the original comic book features th first appearances at the iconic village joker, and of course we all know and love to catwoman a well and it is in the hands of one collector now.

A little mor than years ... on right coach.

More recently, of all the way and come and appear just a moment to pay tribute to the legacy of dr. it's just that everyone share from the were learning more about the three community neuronal project and join us no to tell us all about it is elizabeth hammett from pb.

I ... hi, thanks for joining us about this mural and wind all decided to shorten much for having me.

I decided i and read addition to the market neighborhood area and we were planning to on the changes to our sense i when we decided to put in a new fence around the subs nation, our ceo thought well fence could be a candidate.

And so we got to work at figuring out how to add to the growth of the siding ... that are happening in neighborhood ... more and balance in the concept.

There are number one artist tha are actually dissipating in the ... same overall same but different forms of artwork ... you and that's been so fascinating and the team this year has and it was chosen by ... stakeholder committee and community members on the team is the soul of an okay how are you visualize the heartbeat and all of an okay and art, music and culture to highlight the history, heritage and significant ... of the downtown chattanooga bar ... area on until given dr. king's legacy and history of the neighborhood.

We felt this was such a significant theme to choose and cheerfully on and so interesting to me how are different on artist in our community have taken that team and really run with that and shared not only their talent but their vision on what they would like to see as a on the market.

The history in the neighbor ... design which artist would be involved in this project ... that is a great question.

So, we are so fortunate to have engaged several committee members from different area organizations most of which were located and that mlk neighborhood area on and we had to ask for the art like i think some art held on ava are on and several others.

And then we als invited from the bastille and the urgently greater chattanoog iud and together these folks on how is artist true completely blind.

It was another thing is really interesting all the committee members had to go on was art and from the ended up choosing 100% women or minority are and all of whom are local and some of them.

This is their very first neural so were so excited to facilitate division voices of these local art and we are so excited to see some of the work with ... the sale, we believe that work will begin at this spring in 2020 tendon on whether i'm hopeful that will get the work started in the rain and that it'll all be wrapped up in the summer ... and what is your overall goal for this project for our community ... even i question you know katie' mission is to increase the value of light to the people we serve and you we believe that are in place making a you only have the opportunity that's one way that we can do that.

Our goal is to contribute something meaningful on and beautiful ... very important neighborhood ... and not in our city ... and absolutely yes elizabeth hammett.

Thank you so much for joining us from pb and updating us on this mural project can be a wonderful thing.

Why is there any ... gas thank you so much for having me absolutely offensive like more information just technical@yes that's right yes please visit at pat guide, or follow us on social software to grandpa that retelling there as well for this interview and more.

The second which just not for kings like us.

He has a very first for former new orleans mayor and current urban league president mark morreale ... i ... i'm here to tell you about a different ... king when the early 1950s and boston university befriended my mother, sybil hi bill morreale ... martin was very had a wonderful ... outgoing personality that he had something that ... during the time he had a car your car in cf suite so when ever he asked for an day ... you see about getting it has a lien he was smart to me.

The smart until he died after graduate school mom move back home to new orleans where she and my father dutch morreale, who both active in the civil rights movement.

Dad would get elected to the louisiana state house and eventually become the first black mayor of new orleans growing up my parents made sure my siblings and i all about dr. king found this is th reality.

This is what i are of this i is our children.

We felt strongly that we wanted you to be steeped in ... what was happening ... by the late 1960s dr. king's message was evolving beyond race evolving with new ideas.

Marijuana ran in the regarding the antiwoman, guaranteed minimum income.

All all all that he is broke with pres.

Johnson and some of his closest advisors ... condemning the we continue to b known out in my mind ... and in the mind of the world ... we have no honorable intentions in vietnam.

I would've been about eight and i think this was the last picture that we took ... martin luther king, the third remembers his father's declinin public for because of his campaigns against both vietnam and poverty.

In many cases he was hated and despised by 1968.

I remember distinctly him comin up stairs at our home ... and being exhausted.

He also felt that, upon the most dangerous moment in his life because nothing is done up unti then troubles ... a the system ... reno harry belafonte is a music legend.

You may not recall that he was a friend, confidant, and longtime supporter of dr. king ... did martin luther king fear for his life ... .heading he developed the ... pick ... he is also going to ... cups abed i noticed sometime after the first discussion what the problem was that it got rid of it.

I said to him what happened.

I do get the soda of his death.

I said i'm along to distract by bevis to be the price he was quite open to pay ... leading the march rev.

Luther king who flew in this morning ... .

That price was exacted in the spring of stated dr. king, a joint sanitation workers striking for better wages and working conditions ... it's here he delivered his final prophetic service ... got some difficult days ahead.

The mountaintop see ... the promise with ... i ... admin dr. more than king.

Also lemond boylan to mr. wright's husband shot the stone is ... it was early evening, april 4, 1968 ... martin luther king, junior, that fateful step onto the balcony of the lorraine motel ... i ... with ... heartbroken at his place it inside that his voice that could corral ... thousands of people ... to use nonviolent to not be afraid to step out his voice ... with ... shot you angry.

I was angry ... and i say in a five-day sleep is this just be on the civil rights ... i said that very thing teeth ... with lost on the risk become sick.

He's said it will go on.

He said it very deliberately when i think of, from whence we came, kidnapped from africa and brought to this country and enslaved a couple a centuries and then moving on to become citizens equal citizens through the laws.

Yes, i'm optimistic, but i know that we have to struggle.

I know that we can't ... it's just as we do each and every monday we like to spend a moment few minutes having a chat with her friend coach maurice saliba and my best coach maurice good morning good morning, you told us a lot of things over the past several weeks ago we can d to stay healthy.

One thing that's on the list you're avoiding kinds of plastics.

This kind of opened my eyes up.

I think it'll open yours as well ... exploit yes the first of all this, describe what the epa sav you if you world of wellness organization is concerned that were overlooking something very very important in this plastic cannot meet plastic innocence of just water bottles but i mean it's in our ocean.

It's in the seafood.

It's plastic that we use every day whether we put in the microwave in the open.

The concern is the plastic is disrupting the document system of our bodies and that regulate our hormone to the more plastic were exposed should live in an old house that had copper.

I pv pipes that's chemicals coming into the water to put up we heat up something in the microwave in a plastic container that's chemicals entering the body tha is affecting our hormone some of the side effects are pipe, diabetes, obesity, depression almost every symptoms that were struggling with on a daily basis may have to do really with plastic all around us, especially when we consume the products well and are doing some research on this.

We found out that there's more than one thousand check it out.

Of thousand chemicals that can disrupt the person's endocrine system, which ... winds up doing a lot for your body, even though it was you ha to see a politician ... absolutely.

And that's what we will no longer but in today's present when used a microwave using more plastic use class to dishes instead of using the plastic wrap around dishes in the microwave put a paper towel is the same bottle throughout the day that you drink water ou of once you finish with thrown away.

Don't use it the next day.

Don't leave it in the garments are outside so whatever you can do to prevent plastic being exposed he would have to consum some of the food that could be the reason why weight loss is not really happening, or leveled away.

We hope that there's more to it than just diet and exercise.

This all these chemicals in our bodies is preventing us from losing weight to give us an example of how other plastics may be affecting her bodies indirectly ... well, indirectly, would be for example the fish do not suggest that everybody download an app called seafood watch seafood watch is a free app but it tell you what you want fish that's coming out of the asian water because there's no regulations to pollutants in the water in the love the plastics and fish not all come to fish that we eat.

You need to know what were the fish comes from unit to kno what this is the healthiest that's one of the big one that is over what were trying to teach people and push people ea more fish because it's healthy you know where the fish comes from other was because of more damage ... to your help in helping yourself ... coach maurice thank you so much as always good ... 30 seconds left tells about your classes, yet this and we got two more weeks left to go jump in and get 26 weeks of coaching with me one hour a week for 26 weeks for just $50 and if you want to get 50% off of that goal by blood assures donate blood t give you a code you can go to bridge the number two health an wellness and register and get it for $25 an hour.

We do have a coach that will help you with your health and nutrition questions and the challenges of being a coach.

More recently, but thank you so much.

We will see you next week you get a in touch with coach.

More recently about it any time i get his website bridge number two healt and wellness and link to them through our website which is my best me chat my best me chat ... knowing the biggest trends righ now is really finding ways to make a difference in your beaut, retain, and your sense of well- being at home.

One of the line.

Does that better than anything else is wrinkle; today, something brand-new and outline the heating pad are actually going to get to meet the inventor of reality, so i is something that not a day will be business to test and the black month and then intending to arrange a number one, they prevent lines by feeding towards me.

They create hydration and moisture to stimulate collagen pricing can be made to improve security in the us and proud patients and their customers.

Pointing out charlie, how can patent that we need to see we decided to so much for joining us.

Now we had the fabulous leading keel pan one for the neck and dicolletage.

One for the state.

The perfect amount easy to use you can use it as often as you want and make all of your skincare work better right now

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