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Tuesday, 2 March 2021


Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Your storm team 12 right now forecast.

"news 12 at 11.

Your news starts now."

Good evening.

I'm andrew harrison.

Move on in from the west to continue as we had through the overnight the boys gotten cold in a hurry our murphy 260 29 around the high yc back into a tellico lower 30s across much o the valleys of temperatures close to freezing if not below freezing will drop off a few more degrees than once as clouds move on and i do put a halt of those lows as most of us will settle into the lower 30s by and i'm emily cassulo.

Thanks for joining us for news 12 now at 11.

Investigators are working a heartbreaking animal hoarding case in grundy county.

They came across hundreds of dogs in horrific conditions.

We want to want you that some of these images may be graphic.

Several organizaions including the sheriff's office have removed more than 200 dogs from the property.

Many of the dogs were said to be neglected, pregnant and received no medical care before being rescued.

Because of legal issues, it took years for organizations to rescue these animals.

Sadly, cases like this happen more often than you think, "i think it's fairly common all across the state and actually in the south in general.

I know for grundy county specifically we do not have animal control or a shelter.

Dogs of borrowed time is the only rescue based in grundy and were a very small one.

So there's only so much we can do in cases like this where it's a massive amount of dogs."

The dogs are being transferred to shelters across the country where they are receiving medical care.

Chattanooga police have responded to multiple "shots fired" calls tonight.

Two victims went to the hospital for treatment of gunshot wounds, but they don't seem to be connected.

Investigators tell us neither seems to be life threatening.

Police are now trying to identify the shooting scenes.

This follows a shooting last night on clio avenue where a 27 year old man was seriously hurt.

A woman is killed when a ford f-350 pulling a utility trailer collides head on with her car.

Cleveland police say it happened late this morning spring place road.

Investigators think the pickup driver was trying avoid another collision when he hit a buick lesabre.

The crash knocked the car into a ditch.

55 year old dawn schoate died at the scene.

A chattanooga man is being remembered as community champion.

Chris ramsey recently died after contracting covid.

He was a big part in the minority health fair.

Over the summer, he was giving covid testing for black and brown communities.

Mt canaan baptist church pastor dr. ternae jordan knew him for over 30 years.

He says ramsey was a mentor, leader and had been a great athlete.

"there is no question that chris ramsey had left a tremendous legacy here in the city of chattanooga.

He has touched so many lives yet mentored so many people and i'm just praying that he has touched, impact would take up the tourch, take up the mantle that chris has left us all."

John p.

Franklin funeral home is handing funeral arrangements.

One of the effects of covid-19 is a covid version of pneumonia.

Researchers say this version is more deadly than typical pneumonia.

Experts say it spreads like"wildfire" throughout the lungs.

Covid pneumonia is viral, not bacterial, so antibiotics don't help.

Viruses do their damage by taking over normal human cells apparatus or operations and produce more virus with your own cells.

It's very hard to eliminate that or attack your own selves when they've already been taken over.

The hamilton county health department has announced that all covid-19 first time vaccine appointments have been filled.

But if you need your second dose, some spots are still available.

The health department says more appointments will become available when more vaccines get here.

The covid-19 hotline will open at their normal hours starting tomorrow morning at 8.

We'll have to wait a while longer for this year's national cornbread fesitval in south pittsburg.

It was originally scheduled for the end of april, but the pandemic is pushing it back.

No official word yet how long it will be postponed.

Organizers are closely monitoring the situation.

Until then, they urge you to keep dreaming of all things cornbread.

Social media giant, twitter, has caused controversy after banning president trump and several of his allies from the platform.

The site says his tweets were inciting violence.

The washington post reports that online misinformation fell 73 percent, after the president's ban from twitter and other social media sites, citing data from research firm zignal labs.

Some chattanoogans say the move was justified to prevent more violence.

"when speech becomes dangerous, we have to do something about it.

You can't yell fire in a crowded theater, as commonly said.

So i think it is within their rights, if they deem it to be dangerous speech."

And while representative marjorie taylor green's twitter account has been unlocked following a 12-hour ban, she is now slamming the social media outlet for what she says are unfair practices in regulating speech.

The second annual mlk march in cleveland, tennessee was made possible thanks to partners like cleveland state community college, the city of cleveland, the n double a- c- p and 100 black men of bradley county.

Organizers are proud of the unity displayed during the march, especially considering the adversity the country has faced over the past year with covid-19 and political division.

A diverse group of people marched, including students, seniors, people of different races and socio economic backgrounds.

This morning's demonstration paid respect to dr. king because without his courage and leadership, events like it would not be possible.

Since i've been here in bradley county, i've watched us establish and acknowledge this day as a local holiday, especially for our local school districts.

Once upon a time we didn't honor that or recognize that and that's within my lifetime.

So i can say that's one of the major accomplishments, just getting the community to accept and respect this holiday.

There are plans to contiue the m-l-k march each year in bradley county.

Chattanooga is still providing the community a chance to honor doctor king despite covid-19.

Offices of multicultural affaits from chattanooga and u-t-c held their annual martin luther king jr. day of service, virtually.

The berke administration launched the event in 2014 to encourage residents to come together and work on community-centric projects.

Day of service looks and feels quite a bit different than previous years.

Ordinarily right now i'll be out with you in the chilly weather, cleaning up an empty lot, doing repairs to a childcare center, feeding members of our community who are experiencing homelessness, or doing an art project to beautify one of our neighborhoods.

Projects have included clean up at the historic beck knob cemetery, and painting local childcare centers.

Now, from the epb fiberoptics w as the all is why weatherwise out there the 11 like ours kaiser where we see it more clouds roll in but as we take a look at our epb fibrotic is whether cam network shot from downtown assume er neutral studios are bailey's heating an air cam pretty quiet folks the above i guess the kind of sleeping in for the night aroun st.

Elmo right now were 36 relative humidity of 73% the wind is calm there easy to pressure 30.20 inches of mercury a quick look at our future cash is more clouds rolling in once again it's really chilly out to the use of i 75 some areas into the upper 20s in your 30 but tomorrow will see more clouds they see a brief shower pass on through but not expecting a whole lot after that cool star highs later on back into the lower 50 ... thank you patrick still had on this for about a level should help our schools across the was benefiting students there is every nice day out there after frosty are good but the sunshine got us into the lower 50s 33 and 54 normally was be 31 and 50 always a way from that the record low back in 1977 but only pointed 153 around the airport in good shape and boy that sunshine felt good through this evening and dies it the i went over the eastern brown lookout mountain just to shave before 6 o'clock and a nice evening out there right now satellite radar still pretty fair cross of the deep south from the gym of the gulf coast to this by the appellation seeing a few more clouds a cutting through a part of the ohio valley just a coupl of stray showers not a whole lo of precipitation a moisture wit this next cool front is a continues to move into the red river valley back into the ozarks high-pressure still protecting us here but that will we can allow this front to move on through so we'll see increasing clouds tomorrow but any stray showers few and far between macy a couple sprinkles that may be about it amateurs once again cold east of i 75 and then these clouds will kind of put a lid on these temperatures more allows to fall anymore and then the by the afternoon tomorrow will sneak into the lower 50s i see here an immediate valley some upper 40s to near 50 around the edges so as we take a look at your tuesday not a bad day will see more clouds but the really the barco be worse in the bite i temperatures in the lower 50s here in the scenic city the res of our regional future cast joseph clouds a scooting onto the south and east to left over tomorrow night otherwise a chilly start to your wednesday but will have lots of sunshine should be another great-looking date notice temperatures a little bit cooler as will approach 50 as i temperatures over the next several days will be near if not a little bit of normal so were the shift weathe patterns of the next four normal so were the shift weather patterns of the next 47 to 14 days the rest of our long-range forecast clouds with some showers rolling through on thursday to be a close call looks like the majority that maybe to our south for your weekend were to be a pretty goo shape with some sunshine back i the lower 50s right now though beginning of next week monday and tuesday could be quite unsettled and wet the we'll see how that worked out as our extended future cash is mostly clear skies wednesday night to thursday morning lower 30s is part you off and then we'll see more clouds along with some scattered showers try to get back into the picture being see that on our super cast and then most of this may stay probably south to say i 20 from birmingham atlanta south were that probably will be the lion share of where that rain will b as when he had to the weekend looking pretty good boy next week could be quite unsettled big storm system may come out into three pieces of first on monday and then again on tuesda so want to keep her nile that but at least temperatures will be getting a little bit warmer as we had to the next 7 to 14 days i'll detail some of that is whether center hears that seven-day forecast lots of clouds tomorrow but only a few spotty showers at worst lower 50s lots of sunshine wednesday and then thursday showers a bit more likely weekend looking goo andrew though looks like you have to keep the rain your hand you start out next week with more shower hold your wednesday looks like the bigger litter thank you so much that patrick boyd comes to uniquely american sports and nothing's been aroun longer than the cross when played right to build steve work talk that's it it's great exercise we take the pill to howard hustling tigers of the knights ... what's right for ... today were actually doing a second part to all of our training which is the fueled experience will be like to do is we take him into the classroom first and give them opportunity to see terminology paper that would like to apply what we've learned on the view one of the biggest things especially when we practice no matter what team i've been on this is always been the biggest thing that put you ahead of everybody else that i think i think it's important to practice the more you get more experience will think you and i and over again a lot of times you can see it right off a lot of times they may give it looking first site and then maurizio was to find this is the first season ever to build the plan so it was important that we got started early so we could know that would play at first i didn't know what the cross was in sixth grade but my sister played goalie night that i trie out so i start off as defense identity and injury in those i was volunteered to pop in and w also had to think that today maybe you forgot the word that incapacities ... cortical you like ... were still looking for funding to buy some more equipment and so what i have to do is make sure that the drills that we do our very enough doing that without putting them in harm's way met with got to the need to do because now we need to click xo go to go to our donors choose that their city of and again: the school asked for dea jones or ricky jones that right there would be in direct contact with you are and how you can best benefit us in to see how w can do for you as well because of sure within your support and want to come see what your support and ... that you have an idea for a story go to our website the for the icon that says what's right with our schools provide a link 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mom is back in england during the second inning when your daughter and your son is a college campus he works salaries going back and forth along the car he likes to run this is a personal safety alarm that everyone can use i love it comes in five colors although again i now that's not the point i do love you can get it for 20% off right now a local steel step it's a crazy crazy time we coul all use of the peace of mind presidential inauguration unlike any other.

Thousands of federal troops have descended upon the nation's capital with a mission to ensure an orderly transfer of power this week.

Natalie brand is on capital hill as we... cover the nation.

The nation's capital is on high alert ahead of wednesday's inauguration of president-elect joe biden.

More than 20-thousand members of the national guard from across the country have been deployed to help... up to 5-thousand more are expected in the city by tuesday.

Officials hope the show of force will help serve as a deterrent to another attack.

The f-b-i is screening all troops working at the inauguration.

Agents are looking for anyone with ties to extremist groups that could pose an internal threat.

"to all the people of this country: you will be in my heart forever."

First lady melania trump released a farewell video monday - another sign her husband's administration is coming to a close.

The president is expected to spend much of his last full day in office issuing pardons and commuting sentences.

One official told cbs news that as many as 100 are planned.

Here on capitol hill, the senate will begin confirmation hearings for several of president-elect biden's cabinet picks, including treasury nominee janet yellen, secretary of state nominee antony blinken, and secretary of defense nominee lloyd austin.

<noise and music as he prepares to head to washington, president-elect biden observed the martin luther king, junior holiday in philadelphia, packing boxes at a food bank.

Vice president -elect kamala harris volunteered at one in washington.

"i am very much looking forward to be sworn in as the next vice president of the united states..."

Harris officially stepped down as california's junior senator on monday.

Natalie brand, cbs news, washington.> the jeremy pruitt era is over at tennessee.

Here's rick nyman from the gatorade sports desk.

Plus, mccallie's eric rivers shoots for a milestone against boyd buchanan.

And we'll recap the crazy day on rocky top as u-t fires jeremy pruitt.

"now from the news 12 sports desk."

A recruiting scandal has brought down vols coach jeremy pruitt.

He was fired monday after the university learned of major infractions from their internal investigation into recruiting practices.

So pruitt is out after going 16-19 in three years.

Plowman:"while the investigation is continuing, the information presented to us indicates serious violations of ncaa rules."

Serious enough that the university fired head coach jeremy pruitt.

Along with assistants brian neydermeyer and shelton felton, along with seven other football staffers.

Plowman:"coach jeremy pruitt is the leader of the football program.

He is repsonsible for hiring assistant coaches and staff and making sure that those who report to him comply with the ncaa rules.

This is written into his employment contract.

What is so disturbing demonstrated by the scope of employment actions we are announcing today is the number of violations and the number of people involved."

Reporter:"do you intend to have a negotiated buy-out with coach pruitt?

Do you intend to not pay him anything?"

Plowman:"his termination was for cause, whick means no buy-out."

Fulmer:"none of use are obviously pleased to be here under these circumstances."

And athletic director phil fulmer will not be around to hire pruitt's replacement.

Fulmer announced he was retiring, adding he felt it was important for a new athletic director to hire the new head football coach.

Fulmer:"my thoughts are i am 70 years-old.

I'm not going to be the athletic director at age 80.

It only makes sense that i make that move this semester, so that a new coach with a new athletic director can implement their vision together."

For now, kevin steele is the active head coach.

The former auburn defensive coordinator and u-t grad was just hired last week as a defensive assistant.

Reporter:"when kevin steele was hired last week, was he kind of given privvy to this investigation, and did he know there was a chance that he may be serving as the active head coach?"

Fulmer:"he did not know that he might be serving as the active head coach.

He did know that there was an investigation going on."

So here's tennessee once again looking for a new head coach to try and resurrect a program that hasn't enjoyed a ten win season since 2007.

Boyd:"if you can't win the right way, you don't belong here.

If there is anyone in our athletics department in knoxville or elsewhere, who hasn't heard that message yet.

You're hearing it now."

In high school hoops, mccallie entertained boyd buchanan.

Blue tornado senior eric rivers needed just two points to reach 1,000 career points.

Needed two, but rivers says how' bout three.

That first quarter three- pointer gave him the milestone.

Rivers finished with 25 points.

Boyd's jacob shockley scores over mccallie seven footer david craig.

Shockley had ten points.

Too much rivers and big blue.

Rivers the drive and dish to boon elliott.


The bucket and foul.

Mccallie wins 55-37.

That's it for sports.

The next seven to out i could walk the greenway about cleverly

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