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Monday, 8 March 2021


Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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As for much of the day not bad out there 3656 that's about five or six above normal so will tak that no rain today couple sprinkles that is about it as i want to show you a view from walden's ridge was a beautiful shot had enough sunshine the squeeze out a nice sunset there thresher pike looking over the ridge and back into the sequatchie valley plainview outdoor camera give us a treat there satellite radar shows most of the shower activity to our south and out west over parts o mrs. debbie to shower trying to move into tuscaloosa that will slip onto the south and south east so the system is making some progress as this is going to be a cool front really not a cold front the only real difference the air behind its coming and other pacific and not the northern plains in canada so it can be modified an not nearly as chilly so current surface map shows high pressure off to the north and that will move in for tomorrow kind of pushing those clouds out of the way by morning as will start out in the lower middle 30s so not too bad once again bundle up would be able to take a few wit the layers off by the afternoon high temperatures though more seasonable closer to 50 and a few spots so every go getting up and over the hump i think will be able to do that lots of sunshine that'll feel good will breeze out the northwest around 50 for your height rest of our regional future castrol shows more changes starting tomorrow evening and tomorrow night clouds of thickened and there you see an area of rain that will march on in late tomorrow night through the first half of thursday high temperatures around 50 to 52 was the showers you push off the south the need for the second half of the day but long-range core casts still unsettled but i we may be able dodge a bullet on friday most o that actual state to our south and in a good for the weekend were to be okay as well specially saturday lives and shot and then as we head into a late sunday showers will push back in and that will last monday and won't move out until about tuesday morning of next week so were to get into more of a progressive lemoore unsettled weather pattern over the next 7 to 14 days so here we go there's an extended future caste notice showers back toward birmingham in atlanta for your friday but i think were gonna dodge them her i temperatures what's again 50 to 52 from there lots of sunshine media: frosty start to saturday the quickly that that flow out of southwest picks up under you see some showers late in the weekend looks like this will hang on and the big storm system will move out probably b monday evening and monday night with some areas of rain hopefully that will scoot onto the east later tuesday in the middle of next week i think will cool down a little bit and dry out but that once again, the theme of our weather over the next couple of weeks is at is can be a bit milder but i think dracula wetter to from time to time without detail more than your seven-day forecast coming from the pb 5 rocket weather ctr.

Here's a seven-day forecas amar should be good one around 54 high clouds morning showers on thursday that may see a fairly pretty good window dry weather from friday into the middle of the weekend and showers move back in late sunda and right now is looking wet the start next ... all i think you better come up on fridays and run virus pandemic is hurting the foster care system will show you what you look a lot robert is doing to help get me and my rain] is not happening he and i will joi school, children were left with some very grown up questions.

Ms. kaley carpenter helped them understand and cope.

One parent describes her as an 'angel in disguise'.

Ms. carpenter is more than deserving of tonight's.... golden apple award.

Natural sound: miss kaley on behalf of food city and news channel .12 i would like to present you with this weeks golden apple award.

Thank you kaley: i'm a teacher here at meigs south.

I go to church.

I am a wife, recently.

I have lots of different roles so just as myself i am very ambitious.

I like to take charge and do all those different roles while also being down home.

Just being a person you can connect to and really get to know.

Braille: we learn a lot and plus she is one of the nicest teachers i have had.

Tripp: she is fun.

She lets us do stuff.

She is nice and sweet.

Kaley: i am a kid at heart.

I love to play and i love to be with kids.

I connect with them.

I can talk to them and they can come right up to me.

Natural sound: it's not all about how fast you can read but how fast you can read correctly.

Rachel: what kaylee endured the first semester of her teaching from covid to the bus accident most teachers never endure anything like that in their entire career.

And for her to and for her to go through that within the first few months of her teaching career, and for her to be so strong for kids in our school and our community again it's such a testament to the person she is, her faith.

Kaley: as a person i've always thought so low of myself and i guess that's just something lots of people do.

They have these big goals and dreams but they never think it could happen.

It was very very challenging to get through this last semester.

But i knew i needed to be here for my kids.

It was hard for me to come in during those last several months and just come in, and come in with a smile on my face.

But that is what my kids needed.

And so to hear those words it means a whole lot to know that not only do other people see me working and trying to be here for these kids.

But they also know i'm doing the work too.

If you'd like to nominate a special teacher for the golden apple award, go to our web site, wdef dot com, look for the golden apple section, and fill out the form.

Tiger woods golf career is once again on hold.

And an s-e-c football coach is not surprised by what happened on rocky top.

Here's rick nyman from the gatorade sports desk.

Plus, former dalton state basketball coach tony ingle has passed away.

And the mocs are looking to improve their defense.

"now from the news 12 sports desk."

If the mocs are going to make a run at the socon title, they need to pick it up on defense.

In their last two conference losses, chattanooga has seen their opponent light'em up, especially in the second half.

Chattanooga enjoyed a 13 point halftime lead against wofford on saturday when the defense collapsed right out of the gate in the second half.

Paris:"so i thought our defense at the point of attack.

Right from the get go.

The very first possession.

You had a blatant defesive error on the very first defensive possession."

When you play bad on defense, the other team usually starts playing good offense.

Wofford scored 55 points in teh second half to rally for the win.

Paris:"if my math is right.

55 in the second half.

What are we doing.

We're not serious about winning."

The mocs are 2-3 in the socon, and they're at the bottom of many defensive stats in the league.

They're last in field goal percentage defense and blocked shots.

And perhaps most troubling, they're last in rebounding margin.

The lack of boards was killer in the loss to wofford.

Smith:"you look at the rebounds.

That out-rebounded us by 21 in the second half.

So that's just competing and playing harder."

More hustle may not be the answer on the boards, but it wouldn't hurt.

Paris:"one team is really aggressie and one team was passive.

And aggressie wins.

There's being good at basketball, and there's being good at competing.

Being good at competing is better."

Missing front line players to injury like k-c hankton doesn't help the defensive effort either.

Paris:"where depth really hurts you is that if a guy is not playing well or a guy can't get a stop, you have a difficult time subbing out.

All right.

You have a difficult time subbing out.

That's where the lack of depth gets you more than anything."

Sad news from dalton.

Former dalton state head basketball coach tony ingle has died.

According to his son, he passed away at the age of 68 from complications due to covid.

Ingle helped resurrect the road runners basketball program in 20-13 after the program was dormant for 35 years.

And in his second season, ingle led dalton state to the n-a-i-a national title.

Ingle also won a national championship in 2004 as the head coach at kennessaw state.

It's also a sad day for braves fans as don sutton has died.

Sutton was a hall of fame pitcher, who joined the atlanta braves broadcasting crew in 1989.

Sutton was 75 years old.

Jeremy pruitt's firing at tennessee resonated across the s-e-c yesterday, but it didn's surprise kentucky coach mark stoops.

He said on rado tuesday, "i gotta be careful in my response here," did i see it coming?

Yes, i'm grateful it came.

Does it surprise me?

Not one bit."

Surprising news from tiger woods today.

His golf career is on pause again after another back surgery.

Woods recently underwent his 5th surgery on his back.

He hopes he might be able to return for the masters in april.

Here's a final look at our forecast... thanks for joining us... and we'll see you in type of weather temperatures 50 to 53 as well a good day tomorrow so if you want check i out you can but after that was showers thursday and then maybe the end of the weekend beginnin next week some more rain reno screen ...

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