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Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Play-by-play announcer talks about first Super Bowl

Credit: 41 Action News
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Play-by-play announcer talks about first Super Bowl
Play-by-play announcer talks about first Super Bowl
Former Chiefs broadcaster reflects on Super Bowl I

41 ACTION NEWSREPORTER JORDAN BETTSIS LIVE AT K-C-I.YOU SPOKE TO ANOTHERBIG BROADCASTER - TOMHEDRICK.Let's talk about the very firstSuper Bowl.The Chiefs took on the GreenBay Packers, sadly we lost.At that game was RadioBroadcaster, former voice ofthe Chiefs and KansasJayhawks Tom Hedrick.He was told he would bedoing Super Bowl number 1'sradio broadcast just daysbefore the big game.The broadcaster says healways had done play by playbut never color commentary.So you could say the pressurewas on.Must have went well becauseHedrick went on to call Supertwo and four.He says he believed afterseeing the Chiefs go to veryfirst Super Bowl, that theywould go back again.Tom Hedrick, Former Voice ofthe Kansas City Chiefs &Kansas Jayhawks:04:23 "I thought they would Iin fact I was so arrogant, Ithought the chase to be therefor three or four years I didn'tdream big 50 years to gobetween winning and thenwinning again and reviewremember super bowl 54 withseven minutes 36 seconds togo the chaser down 20 to 10.I'm saying to myself and tellingmy wife is that you know whatI said, you have to experiencethe pressure that game firstand then you can win it.I had to ask him hispredictions for tomorrow'sgame.He says 31-28.

He's says it'sgoing to be tight and it will bethe turnovers, the offensiveline and Patrick Mahomes aregoing to be the difference.In KC Jordan Betts 41 Action

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