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Thursday, 15 April 2021

‘Musical Storefronts’ give NY musicians new stage

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‘Musical Storefronts’ give NY musicians new stage
‘Musical Storefronts’ give NY musicians new stage

Live musicians performed from an empty storefront window in Manhattan as part of a new pedestrian pop-up concert series.

Gavino Garay has the story.

MUSICIAN ELEONORE OPPENHEIM: "Do I remember how to do this?

Is this like riding a bicycle?

I really hope so, because otherwise we're in trouble." New York classical duo Big Dog Little Dog is taking to a new stage: An empty storefront.

Their performance is part of a new free public concert series put on by Kaufman Music Center in Manhattan, a nod to these unusual times.

"It feels like I'm in a pet shop, a little bit, but like, in a not unpleasant way." In the city where concert halls have been silenced, bassist Eleonore Oppenheim is finally able to make music again.

"It's a whole different experience because normally we feed off the energy of the people.

But there's a window.

So it's kind of like, I think you're out there, I know you're out there, but it also feels like we're in our living room.

So that's interesting.

I think it's like the closest that we're going to get to something real right now." The duo is among the more than 100 chamber musicians and Broadway stars who will perform some 60 pop-up shows for pedestrians -- the music pumped out to the street.

"It's refreshing.

It's really great.

Just being out here and hearing it, it reminds me of the magic of New York that you know is always there, but this is sort of like, lighting it up again." Violinist Jessie Montgomery hopes the performances are more than just entertainment.

"I hope they feel soothed and can just take a moment to reflect and continue this collective reflection that we're all going through and that they just feel like a break in the day." To ensure social distancing and avoid overcrowding, shows are announced same day only.

Performances will continue through mid-March.

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