World's First 3D-Printed Ribeye Steak Is Unveiled
World's First 3D-Printed Ribeye Steak Is Unveiled

This is the world's first laboratory grown rib-eye steak.

Created by Israeli company Aleph Farms, the 3D bioprinted ribeye is apparently as 'tender and juicy' as the real thing.

The steak is created with real cow cells, meaning it is completely cruelty and slaughter-free.

Scientists took swabs from two cows, cultivated them in a lab and pieced them all together to form a replica steak.

Aleph claims the lab-grown meat offers the same delicious and juicy attributes as an authentic ribeye bought from a butcher.

The company believes its new method is a major leap forward towards its dream of creating 'a more sustainable, equitable and secure world'.

No price has yet been announced for the ribeye steak and Aleph envisions it will be two to three years before the technology evolves to a point where the product is available commercially.