India's week at UN: 'Committed to cause of global food security'
India's week at UN: 'Committed to cause of global food security'

At UNSC debate on conflict and food security, India underlined its commitment to the cause of global food security.

India's PR to UN, T S Tirumurti informed the members, India had sent thousands of metric tonnes of wheat, rice, pulses and lentils to Myanmar, Maldives, Afghanistan, Djibouti, Eritrea, Lebanon, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Sudan, South Sudan and several others to strengthen their food security in challenging times of the pandemic Covid-19.

Last month, India gifted 2000 metric tonnes of rice to strengthen food security in Syria.

India also participated in the Arria Formula meeting organized by Estonia on Ukraine.

India also acknowledged the steps taken by Sudan in recent times.

While speaking at United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan, Tirumurti said the Sudanese government had been taking corrective measures to improve overall situation at ground in Sudan.

India reiterated equality and need for an improved participation of women in all spheres.

It also welcomed the recently launched 'Uniformed Gender Parity Strategy'.

India has called it a collective commitment towards implementing A4P in peacekeeping.

Dr Hansa Mehta memorial dialogue was held on 8th march to celebrate the achievements, role and importance of women.