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Thursday, 24 June 2021

Ensuring student safety

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Ensuring student safety
Ensuring student safety
RPS discusses plans

Melting weather in the thank you for joining us for kimt news 3 at 10?

"* i'm katie lange.

And i'm george mallet.

First tonight ?

"* rochester public schools is detailing its plan to keep secondary students safe as they return to in?

"*person learning.

Kimt news three's anthony monzon joins us live with the steps the school district is taking to stop the spread.


Well katie and george... in just under three weeks... many secondary students will be making their way back to classrooms like those behind me here at john marshall for their first in?

"* person learning experiences of the year.

Tonight we heard from r?*- p?

"*s and a number of high school principals about their plans to reduce coronavirus?

"* related risks in the school buildings.

Some of their preparations include installing plexiglass... removing unnecessary furniture... and increase fresh air levels to buildings.

The district also detailed guidance on mitigation strategies like social distancing ?

"* face coverings*- and handling suspected cases of covid?

"* 19.

Additionally... r?


"*s students will have check into mealtimes like lunch using a q?

"*r code for contact tracing purposes.

But the planning isn't all about academics activities.

Staff say they're also getting ready for special "we are planning for social emotional supports for students and activities such as prom, graduation, senior party kind of things.

In fact, we'll be meeting this week with high school principals to just take a pulse on where we're at."

And during this meeting we also heard from middle school staff on how their return to in?

"* person learning is going.

Principal mark randall of gibbs elementary says there have been more triumphs than challenges... but some of the biggest challenges have come with maintaining distance in the lunchroom... and managing pick ups and drop offs with more families choosing to drive their students to and from school.

Live in rochester... anthony monzon... kimt news three./// thank you anthony.



"*s between 29?

"* and?

"*38 percen high school students have requested to remain in distance learning for


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