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Saturday, 24 July 2021


Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Seperate shootings over the weekend.

We have the latest on their condition.

Plus the 63rd annual grammy's took place last night in los angeles.

We'll look at who dominated the show and made grammy history straight ahead.

"news 12 now this morning.

Your women made history and social change took the chip chapman news 12 now.

This morning i'm i can enjoy my michael was chapman layoffs he doesn't he would like.

I'm here with us as we are given this friendly weeks can become unsettled from the first part showers popping up later on today.

Tomorrow, really nice st.

Patrick's day wednesday wet thinking we could see some pretty intense rainfall amounts, especially on wednesday don't have a lot going on right now.

Couple books maybe single, very brief shower that's going to be out of the area nearly quickly later on today is you're ready for the afternoon rush hour.

That's when things start popping 55 at scotts world 58 here downtown you're going to see this unsettled stretch could and would probably through thursday.

Temperatures are going to be a little closer to normal as we have through a good part of the ... this afternoon 66 or so early morning tomorrow more scattered showers popping up single temperatures on sound tuesday until the mid-50s tomorrow afternoon right around 670 gathers also what's today.

The heavier rainfall behalf or tomorrow, wednesday, however's would be a different story.

We'll get some more about seven- day forecast coming up after today's top story 19 chipspotliy awards -- marking the first time music's most coveted awards were handed out during a global pandemic.

Chris martinez has more from los angeles in our entertainment news.

Nats.."breaking the all-time record for the most grammy wins ever by any female artist or any singer male or female...the grammy goes to...beyonce!"

Beyonce reigned supreme at the 63rd grammy awards - adding four more statues to her collection, bringing her total to 28.

Among the wins: best r and b performance for her album "black parade."

"i believe it's my job and all of our jobs to reflect the times.

And it's been such a difficult time."

Taylor swift became the first woman to win album of the year three times...for "folklore."

"we just want to thank our fans."

19-year-old billie eilish won record of the year for the second year in a row for "all i ever wanted" but said megan the stallion should have won.

"you had a year that i think was unstoppable."

Megan thee stallion won three grammys of her own, including best new artist and best rap song for "savage," featuring beyonce.

"it's been a hell of a year, but we made it!" you can see here, we are outside.

Host trevor noah called it a night to celebrate the music that has touched our lives and saved our souls over an unprecedented year.

And it was an unprecedented show.

Nats..."this is not a zoom background.

This is real."

The awards were handed out amid background.

This is real."

The awards were handed out amid social distancing and mask-wearing protocols.

And for most of the artists...the grammys marked their first public performance in a year.

Artists performed without an audience except for their fellow artists on four stages inside the los angeles convention center.

Nats... and for the first time --employees from hard hit smaller music venues across the nation presented awards.

Chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles.

This year marked the first time in grammy history four different women won the top four awards.

In a crime alert - two people are recovering after being shot sunday night in two separate locations in chattanooga.

The first shooting happened in the 12-hundred block of grove street court.

According to c-p-d, a man was shot and is suffering from non-life threatening injuries.

The victim was transported to the hospital by hamilton county e-m-s.

The second shooting happened near dodds avenue on 15th avenue.

C-p-d says that this victim is also suffering from non-life threatening injuries.

Police and the k-9 unit were on the scene.

Police say that they do not know if the two shootings are related.

We'll keep you updated as we learn more about both of these incidents.

A home in red bank was saved thanks to red bank fire department.

The fire started sunday afternoon in the 4-hundred block of tiktin drive.

According to the red bank fire department, a car that was under a shed caught on fire.

Both the car and the shed sustained heavy damage.

However, the fire department was able to save the home that was near by.

"this is what we train for.

We have a new driver.

We were literally just doing this scenario wednesday and friday.

We have had a dry spell.

We haven't had any rain in a while.

So, the leaves are dry.

So, we tried to keep it as close to the initial point of fire as we could."

No injuries were reported.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Voting rights advocate stacey abrams talked about the restrictions to voting access being proposed by georgia and many other states on cnn's "state of the union" sunday.

Abrams says that republicans are trying to eliminate access to voting.

We know that voter fraud did not happen.

But we know that voter participation did increase.

And we should all be small-d democratic in the sense that we should want as many people as possible who are eligible to have a voice in the direction of our nation.

If we are willing to invest our dollars, we should be allowed to have a voice in our system.

That was the fundamental premise of this nation."

Early voting for chattanooga's runoff election begins next week.

It will start next wednesday march 24th.

There are 3 locations where you can vote early: the brainered rec center, election comission, and hixson community center.

Brainerd rec and hixson community center will be open 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening monday through friday.

The election commission will be open from 8 in the morning till 6 in the evening.

All locations are open from 10 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon on saturday.

The runoff election features tim kelly vs kim white for chattanooga mayor.

Jenny hill and thomas lee are in a runoff for district 2 while dennis clark and isaiah hester are in a runoff for district 5.

The chattanooga fire department hopes that you are keeping up with the batteries in your smoke detectors.

The fire department says that smoke alarms that are properly installed and maintained play a vital role in reducing fire deaths and injuries.

They suggest that you test your smoke alarms regularly as well as make a fire escape plan for your home.

"you push this button and you do not hear a response, more than likely, that means that the device is either malfunctioning or it has a dead battery which is an easy replacement.

These things usually operate off of a 9 volt battery.

You should replace those batteries about every 6 months."

If your smoke alarm malfunctions--chattanooga fire will come out and replace your batteries or the detector.

Now for a check on the forecast, and now tom or check on the forecast minutes.

All things over at seven.

We got some rain in the forecast writes in certainly do.

Isaiah thomas the first half of the day, but as w get into bf or noon for the rest of the week you will need to keep the rain your handy probably all the way through thursday.

Clouds big story this morning.

Couple folks.

Maybe seeing a little bit of fall but that's about it.

Otherwise we are going to look at temperatures getting a little closer to normal for this time of year, several days we've been 7070+ that substantially above our typical high which is 63 that substantially above our typical high which is 6386 righ now in nashville 63 and jackson back towards the east are looking at upper 40s into the tri-cities area.

As we have a look at what's happening outsid right now part of the epb fiberoptics weather cam network 580 humidity at 39%, so we stil have a ways to go before will get even close to saturation on the big travel map chattanooga the second warmest out of all the major travel city exhibit patch of this colder air from chicago down to dallas on up towards the pacific northwest.

28 in new york city 28 as well.

Rapid city and denver very cold 40 cold 42 is a little bit warmer here in and around the metro area is host where we were, this time on sunday little bit cooler in nashville as well as knoxville as well as asheville frontal boundaries, economy, and are back in with your this warmer air will continue to live up when i got to be looking at temperatures close to 70 today but we will agree deal either.

Probably this afternoon around 66 vegas will be closer to the afternoon rush hour before we see any sort of serious rainfall popping up 54 tomorrow morning tomorrow afternoon probably go see a few sprinkles but that we get into wednesday and this when things really start to get a little bit on the wetter side will be looking at a probably a pretty good amount of rainfall training over the same areas we have through wednesday morning wednesday afternoon and into wednesday night is really good healthy amounts of those regulators continue to rack up little colder as we head toward the tail end of the week, especially during the early morning hours early next week.

It looks like another pretty substantial system starts to developed out of the gulf by late next week i'll be heading in our direction.

How much rainfall could we realistically be looking at probably between now and tomorrow afternoon, a third to a half a match we go a little bit beyond that illusory full eventually start to rack u on wednesday and getting into early morning on thursday to 2 1/2 inches of rain.

Some folks could be picking up a little bit.

So again, the first have the day dry afternoon showers and a high of 67 will have moral met seven-day forecast coming from the epb fiberoptics weathe center 67 today lower for these tonight.

Not as much rainfall tomorrow, but wednesday and thursday evening to early friday start to see that rainfall continuing in them are gonna be looking at saturday dryer, but cooler you're watching is 12 dallas morning today is monday you're watching is 12 dallas morning today is monday, march "you're watching news 12 now this morning.

Your news now."

In consumer news - bitcoin reaches a new all time high.

-- and facebook starts a new program to help get more people vaccinated against covid.

Diane king hall has those stories in this morning's moneywatch report.

Investors are hoping wall street's winning streak continues today.

The dow gained 293 points friday, its sixth straight session in positive territory.

The nasdaq dropped 78 but was still up more than 3- percent for the week.

The s&p 500 rose four points to extend its all-time high.

Bitcoin reached a new high-water mark of its own over the weekend.

The world's leading cryptocurrency shot up to more than 61-thousand- dollars on saturday.

Some analysts believe the recent rally is tied to the arrival of new stimulus checks after a similar jump last year.

Facebook wants to use its unrivaled reach to help get more people vaccinated against covid-19.

This morning, the social media giant launched a new campaign to help users learn about the new vaccines.

That includes information about eligibility and how to register for them.

Facebook says the links will show up directly in people's news feeds.

That's your cbs moneywatch report.

For more head to cbs

Roadcast c at the cvs broadcast center and diane king hall at the legitimate consumer news events often go visit a look at work a been to be what the next couple days to certainly will.

Isaiah probably scissors to write good news is that ray will start to later on this afternoon here us as we check out what's happenin outside right now.

580 is prett low 39% so i got a while before the rail pop-up 30.08 on the barometer clouds will continue to see plenty of those.

As we have throughout the rest of the day ... what's the timing on this rainfall looking like could be as late as the afternoon rush hour before resourcing this pop scottsboro with 55 the indicator we have got 52 in murphy.

As we look further down the road has very wet start for the week, rain, and a couple storms popping up, especially on wednesday.

Now today were probably looking at mid 60s for the afternoon high to get a few scattered showers popping up, they become more numerous.

As w have through the evening and overnight tonight early morning tomorrow mid fifth, these again tomorrow afternoon.

Highs aroun 67 will have more on that seven- day forecast.

Following this 10 from the epb fiberoptics weathe center word to the upper 60s from now through wednesday little bit warmer on thursday will be cooler.

On friday, so cisco temperatures sort of all over the board really unsettled for mel.

Towards the end of the week, you will need the rain gear and watching news 12 now.

This morning we're back to the i from one time and more in right or no celebration either he will write any to any and applet from nashville today and get ready for it.

Third, straight and aa it urine, then pain involved will faith that pack 12 winners oregon they ride in the midwest region one against the beavers, however, that you haven't in over 30 years ride only get her moving forward with the big 10 winter illinois as the number one need patrick barnes said they had the opportunity to meet one.

Howeve, the first round be easy ... norton state is strongly leading to even a good reader, maybe wanted or you know ucla in colorado.

I think in order whic it does, you how well the plan of dripping team is been coache well and on the got better and said that when her best bet will ... this had your starter john fulkerson back in the arsenal friday off and will not health any morning to have dr. work on his facial fracture.

He is now back with the team and barn will travel to amy today, however, telephony year, he will be evaluated daily.

The rest of the bracket.

As i mentioned illinois number one need along with i get baylor and michigan about virginia not traveling until late unico the ninth problem.

The first four sat in the harbor, making it first turn an appearance going up again baylor on friday.

Laura and arkansas also playing the region nine is an year going to bother them, they lack the rambling wreck.

Nor did plaintiff layla chicago jacket, fresh off an atp title and serves as the number 28 after demolishing weekend so can't you mpg patent lord at at number or team and now a the will play.

I on saturday.

Quarterback rating is officially retiring from the now safe records that are in backer years and we need in new orleans.

Breathe in the nfl all- time leading path of the yard and we are 500 have any like sampath is a second 42-year-old dwelling planning and where one or read.

Also his name off your flight and won't ... another one tired joint man, eli manning and hiram and the love and angela breathe in the end.

Now that the percent rise forth tr the creditor are matters for the price better sleep and better life and elected by large as we get things going on this monday march 15.

Yet somehow we make u a air left lane 75 outbound.

I just path east brainerd root before the 7524 interchange, but will like traffic volume right now that is not causing any issues to the family.

Classes help you stay focused and motivated.

Whether you are a fitting school into that busy life are catching up a couple o classes and estate that we clap term begins march 15.

That is today but i'm more excited, you state that you do you feel need 12 now morning i think very much similar moral timesaver.

Traffi all throughout the morning clou cover.

The rule legacy.

Sometimes a leader into the on the other hand, even the river.

We look your rainfall today.

Tomorrow should be basically dr, wednesday is going definitely force the temperatures are considered fda degrees right now downtown were looking for a high day, probably around 67.

Again, cloudy but dry tomorrow potential for some heavier rain especially late wednesday heading in the thursday is like a flood a few lingering showers into friday as well.

It is now 26 minutes after 5 o'clock you're watching news 12 now, weekend.

How it will help boost the community is coming up.

The u-s is moving in the right direction with covid-19 pandemic.

We'll look at how much the different variants could play a role straight ahead.

"news 12 now this morning.

Your news starts now."

Your new morning welcoming the monday additional news 12 out o 20.

A mother can enjoy by chip chapman a blevins has the day off?

Acetylene is tomorrow becoming ugly after morning.

Not so bad today cloud will be the rule for most of the week captures little cooler compared what we have seen for the past several days, back towards west tennessee.

This rainfall is now moving into meth is not ahead o this, i see little bit of thunderstorm video over towards the city will have any of that short-term prospect later on this afternoon.

That will be changing temperatures around the area right now 54 in cleveland, 58, here downtown winchester leads the pack at 63 at ellijay also at 60, let's start for the week, rain and storms likely, especially on wednesday and again, even though will see highs in the 60s is a lot close to where we should be for this time of year.

Getting into the afternoon today highs around 66 here in town on eagle will stay just under 60 early morning tomorrow.

Not a huge drop off flows into the mid-50s and tomorrow and looks like will see a lot of clouds with should sta mainly dry tuesday.

Some of you will pick up a little bit of showers.

Highs around 67.

Heavy rain developing on wednesday and in the early thursday for the most part probably will have to leave feedback, backlash hours in the forecast on friday cooler to the week as well.

Muscular latest check of timesaver traffic.

Here's you and i'll see you and you will all around the valley from the doctors for the price better sleep in better life.

It is first rush-hour drawback to the time change can be a troublesome lot of drowsy drivers that you are right now we are in good shape.

75 outbound between the sprint rul out 75 outbound between the sprint rule out 75.4 interchang i would got a lovely blot with howie maintenance and construction of morning but the news is they are barrel there can be a wet afternoon commute want to be my flow that allow for extra trouble contract is broken by docs, mildew, mold, smoke, water rhododendrons conduct the complete trust for years and the experts for indoo air only called dogs that they 76, 907 matfield's new 12 now this morningturning a corner on coronavirus?

But how much of a threat do the new variations pose?

Naomi ruchim reports from new york.

As we cover the nation.

) more than 2-million covid-19 vaccine doses are being administered every day in the u-s... 107-million and counting pandemic hit the united states and forced all businesses to close their doors to the public since then, it's been a bumpy road for businesses as they respond to guideline changes, mask mandates, and limited store capacities.

Most businesses say they have had to depend more on online sales, delivery services and rearranging how they do business.

" i haven't had the people connection that normally have when i am in the store.

That's the joyous part of it.

It really makes you put your nose to the grindstone and dig deep into what's important to you.

What do you want to represent.

I have always thought you have to be unique or you wont make it."

Though this year has been challenging, local businesses say they are finally seeing an uptick in sales and are hopeful for the future.

Covid-19 has also pushed many parents into pursing homeschooling as an option.

Homeschool inspire founder was founded by a chattanooga mom of nine homeschooled children.

Joyce mcpherson helps parents that are new to homeschooling their children.

She created this group last year in order to relieve stress from families by offering a mentor program.

"we realized that there was a need for support for parents.

We also wanted to help parents create their own approach and so we tried to match people with experienced homeschoolers who use the same approach to home school and there are many approaches."

If you would like to be a mentee or a mentor send them an email at inspire 2 educate us at gmail dot com as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, most sports, school, and academic events had to be put on hold this year.

50 teams of middle & high schools students from all over the united states were finally able to put their hard work and robotic skills to the test on saturday.

This competition was the largest in-person robotics event this year in tennessee.

Officials say seeing these students adapt and overcome so much will only better prepare them for the future.

We talk about workplace/ soft skills all the time and how robotics can help students for future careers.

The key things are these 21st century skills: can students communicate well, can they collaborate with others , can they think creatively , can they think critically about what they are doing and think hey what do we need to do differently."

The event was held at the first tennessee pavilion which offers a large open air space to gather safely.

There are new developments in the case of missing 17 year old daphne westbrook from chattanooga.

The search for westbrook and her non-custodial father john---- likely places them in fort walton beach, florida as recently as one week ago.

They may be driving a 19-71 volkswagen beetle.

It's red with no plate or windshield.

Authorities believe john westbrook kidnapped his daughter, daphne in october 2019.

They think daphne is being held against her will and unable to communicate with the outside world.

If you see them, call the tbi in community news - a chattanooga beautification project officially broke ground over the weekend.

This project will help benefit alton park and one block of hughes avenue in south chattanooga.

Volunteers planted several trees to help kick start the project.

The new space will include a community garden--- meditation area---and a stage.

The project is estimated to cost around 52 thousand dollars.

All of the ideas for the project came from within the community.

"the point is to begin revitalization of south chattanooga.

When you do projects like beautification projects or curb appeal projects that will bring in more attention and investment into the community which is something south chattanooga definitely wants."

The hughes project would like some people to sponsor community benches.

If you are interested go to our website wdef dot com now for a check on the forecast.

Rights is what several lose it.

Isaiah today, especially later tomorrow about so much for the wrongful backup cloud cover will stay with us for a good part of the week, roderick.

We have st.

Patrick's day this week and spring officially arrives, we go a lot of clouds operated towards the end of the.

Some cooler temperature.

Not much going on this morning as far as any sort of rainfall is concerned, we are looking at this so coming up from parts of louisiana and arkansas now crossing over into part of memphis 4611 kentucky 47 bristol while lower 50s in knoxville, crossville and bowling green chattanooga right now is we have a look at lee point at highway 153 at 580 humidity at 39% little bit of a breeze out of the north east 30.08 lebron you see this big pocket of cold air coming in from canada all the way down th coast all the way down the west coast and the backup from dallas heading into chicago 38, the windy city 28 new york city, so it makes our 58 reading seem pretty called bike errors little warmer right now than it was just 24 hours ago, but not by a great ... frontal boundaries, stationary write to herself.

We ergo see some warmer air trying to lift up in this colder here is going to be heading to the north and east for us and this could spar off a couple of showers here an there early.

Things will be much later into the afternoon when w see the rainfall beginning this will continue overnight tonight the heaviest of this weight shaping up now should stay just to herself and east in the earl morning tomorrow clouds tomorrow afternoon about 670 and heading into wednesday was clouds will remain temperatures into the wednesday though again looks like this would be the wettest day out of the bunch were going to look at a lot of this moisture discontinue to train over the same geographic area for all day wednesday wednesday night.

Probably in the early morning thursday can't rule out a few isolated left door shower on friday either.

The weekends would be a little bit cool.

Nothing horrible, but we will see these temperatures dropping to a little bit below normal rainfall amounts just from righ now through tomorrow afternoon.

Third, maybe half match them as we get into wednesday.

Those numbers will really start to rack up c1 to 2 inches of rain just on wednesday.

Low so there you have it, you'll definitely need to keep the rain gear hand downtown this afternoon.

67 periods of rain but not until later in the day will have more about seven-day forecast after 67.

Today, maybe a couple degrees warmer tomorrow.

67 on wednesday and thursday will hit 70?coolers we get into the weekend ahead both in the early morning and late afternoon watching news 12 now, this morning is 21 minutes away from what exactly is it?

And what's so great about it?

Let's take a look at some of the benefits of 5g.

I'm emily cassulo, and this is tech byte.

The benefits of 5g nathan roach / best buy smartphone users have a lot to look forward to.

Best buy's nathan roach says 5g gives you the speed to do anything you want.

Roach : "5g internet is actually going to be about 10 times faster than the current 4g that the majority of people are using.

It's going to be a huge advantage.

It allows for a really seamless transfer of data, and it's going to make really just a much, much quicker, easier user experience on the end."

Roach says it'll be a huge benefit once it's everywhere.

Roach : "if your internet at home was 10 times faster, would it make a difference for you?

Absolutely it would.

You think about the speed of not only being able to communicate with friends, family, relatives, and especially if they're overseas, 5g enables really that instantaneous communication that really allows things to go flawlessly."

It's not in many cities right now, but that will change.

Roach : "5g is ever evolving, so they're always adding more towers.

It's a rollout.

They start obviously with major metropolitan cities, and then roll out from there to highways and other areas, but you're going to see every day you have 5g towers going up, so every day it's an improvement over yesterday."

As 5g coverage continues to expand over the next few months, roach expects it to be just about everywhere within a year.

So how do you prepare for it now if you're in the market for a new phone?

You want the right tech that's compatible.

Especially if you're spending a lot of money.

Roach : "so when you're looking at a new cell phone, whether it be an apple, samsung, anything like that, make sure that you're looking at the 5g technology.

Not only will you be able to take some advantage of it now, it really sets you up in the future when the technology is really fully in place to be able to take advantage of it, so i think it's a great thing to go ahead and do, and it prevents you from being behind when everything's fully rolled out."

Roach says all new iphones are fully 5g, but with some unlocked phones, you'll still see 4g capabilities.

Roach : "if you get a 5g phone, it is backwards compatible with all of the other carriers, so you're not losing anything, you're really just making sure that you are set up for the future."

Emily cassulo / tech byte even though 5g technology isn't widespread just yet, apple is already working on 6g tech!

We likely won't see that though for about another 10 years.

I'm emily cassulo, and that's this week's tech byte.

And now... your time saver traffic report... price better sleep and better life and not how we made it up, so we are in good shape.

The average travel times speed limi is worth now and was released without being away from 6 o'clock drop in multibyte chattanooga state that we classes which help you stay focused and motivated.

Whether you are a fitting school into that is a lie for catching up on a couple of classes jenning estate seven week class term begins today in a more telling you state that you feel need 12 now this morning.

It's the ... were dominated by women!

Meg the stallion kicked off the night winning the first award which was for best new artist.

Beyonce and taylor swift both made grammy history.

Beyonce won best r and b performance for "black parade."

That was her 28th grammy win, pushing her past allison krauss for most grammy wins by a female artist.

Taylor swift won album of the year for "folklore."

She became the first female artist to win that award 3 times.

Congratulations to all of last nights winners.

=== the world's mightiest heroes just aren't quite enough to overcome "avatar."

The james cameron film has reclaimed the title of highest grossing movie of all time.

It passed marvel studios' avengers: endgame after being re-released in china over the weekend.

Avatar was a box office success when it came out.

It became the highest grossing film just 41 days after it's release in 2009.

It held that record until 20- 19 when avengers: endgame just barely edged them out.

The re-release of the film put them back ahead.

Avatar has now grossed over 2 point 8 billion dollars.

A sequel to the hit film is expected in 20-22.

=== one new orleans saint goes marching out.

Drew brees has announced that his career is coming to an end.

He made the announcement sunday on instagram.

Brees is one of the most prolific quarterbacks to ever play the game.

During his 20 year career, brees has put up some very impressive numbers.

He's currently the n-f-l's all time leader in passing yards and completions, and is 2nd in touchdown passes and completion percentage.

In 20-10, brees drove the once lowly new orleans saints to victory in super bowl 44 and was named the game's most valuable player.

Tom brady congratulated brees on an incredible career, thanking him for being an inspiration both on and off the field.

=== talk about planning for the future --- n-f-l football star patrick mahomes' daughter isn't even a month old --- but she already has a promising future as a soccer player.

That is -- if she eventually decides to pick up the sport.

Mahomes alma mater texas tech - announced that his mahomes' daughter sterling will receive a scholarship in the year 20-39.

Sterling got a national letter of intent just 2 days after she was born!

She's still not even a month old.

Sterling's mother played collegiate soccer -- so athletics are certainly in the d-n-a.

=== have you ever seen a stack of pancakes more than 11 feet tall?

Well you're about to.

On sunday, people in russia put together this stack of pancakes.

It stands approximately 11 and a half feet tall.

It took more than 15-hundred pancakes to make this stack.

They did this to celebrate a holiday that marks the beginning of srping.

Pancakes are an essential part of this holiday's festivities.

Coming up next, krispy kreme is preparing for the st patrick's holiday.

And lisa robertson has some gift ideas for your loved ones.

Consumer news is coming up next.

As we head to the break... morning.

Your news now."

Krispy kreme is going green through saint patrick's day.

It's offering these holiday doughnuts: the lucky unicorn, leprechaun, gold coins and sprinkles.

Most are original glazed doughnuts dipped in white frosting -- and then decorated.

The lucky leprechaun is filled with cookies and kreme -- and dipped in green icing.

On march 16th and 17th ... participating locations will offer a free doughnut to people who are wearing green.

With the battle against the coronaviirus still going, it's important to breath in clean air.